Savant: Kali 47


Written by Michael Dahlquist, Maxwell James, Jan-Michael Losada; Directed by Michael Dahlquist aka Mike Diva; Produced by Josh Shadid, Maxwell Reisberg, Maxwell James

Undead dark riders invade a wild west saloon, blasting away everyone in sight–now only a bad-ass Native American warrior can save the town. A steampunk, supernatural, wild west, epic action-thriller with killer special effects. A thrill ride from music mastermind Savant and director/vfx artist Mike Diva.

3 minutes

The Shaman


Written/Directed/Produced by Marco Kalantari

The dark year 2204, in a world that has seen 73 years of continuous war. Mankind has re-discovered the arts of Magic and Shamanism. This world believes that every being and every object has a soul. When crossing the border to the Netherworld, the Shaman can find this soul and interact with it. That is what makes him such a deadly, highly effective weapon. They track and convert the souls of their enemies’ giant battle machines in a psychological soul-to-soul confrontation.
Shaman Joshua Van Kern and his squire Lene embark on a mission to convert a giant battle colossus and succeed where troops have failed.

17 minutes



Written/Directed by Spencer Estabrooks; Produced by Spencer Estabrooks, Greg Jeffs, Emily Renner Wallace

Tremors meets Jaws. A new scientific discovery leads to the unearthing of a monster. Can a palaeontologist and a creationist overcome the ideological differences and defeat an ancient evil? Or will the terror below consume them all?

8 minutes

The Skyship Chronicles


Written by Jeff Zampino; Directed by Christian Cashmir; Produced by Jeff Zampino, Christian Cashmir

Set in Ireland, 1895 in a steampunk fantasy world. When Molly Madigan’s grandfather is killed by his partner, Gustav and his inventions stolen, Molly begins a quest to take back what is rightfully hers.

Twenty years later, in Wichita, Kansas, an unwitting postal clerk discovers a mysterious box containing the Potestatum, Molly’s grandfather’s most powerful invention. But, after many long years of hunting for the Potestatum, Gustav is hot on the trail. He tracks down Molly, and a battle for the ultimate weapon ensues.

17 minutes



Written/Directed by Chloe Okuno; Produced by Lisa Gollobin

A dark, coming of age thriller about a 16-year-old misfit named Maddy who lives alone with her grandmother in a small town in Texas. When Maddy crosses paths with an older, charismatic Stranger–a fellow misfit who’s passing through town–her quiet, monotonous life takes a dangerous turn.

21 minutes



Written/Directed/Produced by Fred Olen Ray

After receiving a series of anonymous Shakespearean sonnets, Spidora (Megan Sheehan), a Side Show performer who plays the ‘Girl with the Body of a Hideous Spider’ at Dr. Grave’s (Jerry Lacy) Museum of the Weird, finally agrees to meet her secret admirer (Bobby Quinn Rice) at the urging of her fellow workers. In the dark dressing room after the last show, her true self is revealed.

While Spidora may look very strange on the surface, it is at its very heart, an eight-legged love story. A collaboration between the 1960s Dark Shadows TV star, Jerry Lacy, and cult film director, Fred Olen Ray, it’s an affectionate nod to the carnival freak shows of days gone, by where being different and finding love didn’t often go hand in hand.

15 minutes

Stories of Alyx and Anton


Written/Directed by Calum Smith, Produced by Calum Smith, Melinda See

When daydreaming computer nerd Anton meets beautiful, quadriplegic Alyx, the two depart their bleak real worlds for a lively one of fantasy and adventure. But can two people lost in a fairy tale ever make it in reality? A menagerie of charming mythical characters and settings makes a visually imaginative spectacle of this heartwarming romantic comedy.

15 minutes



Written/Directed/Produced by Alvaro Garcia

For unknown reasons, the Earth’s ionosphere has weakened dramatically during the course of the last century.
All animal and plant species perished decades ago. All that remains is one small group of humans who attempt to resist the hostility and hardness of the external environment from SumerR, the last hive city in the world.
A young boy, Hermes, lives alone close to the wall that delimits the city, an area that is highly guarded by the SSW (Sumer Security Watchers).
While observing the desert from the roof of a building, Hermes suddenly sees something that looks a lot like a blue feather floating in the air

10 minutes

The Sun Devil and the Princess


Written/Directed by Steven Ayromlooi; Produced by Steven Ayromlooi, Alex Villa-Real, Mathew Grey

The realm is embroiled in war between the two Goddesses. The Evil Queen, Goddess of the Moon, has captured Princess Kyoko-–a devout follower and one of the last in the realm pure enough to hold counsel with the Sun Goddess. Without her, defeat is inevitable. But a mysterious warrior, of the fabled Ashikage clan, has miraculously rescued the Princess from the Queen’s impenetrable fortress.

The warrior with no name, a frightening horned beast, seems hell bent on returning the Princess to her father even though he claims to have no stake or interest in the war. His sole intention: to repay a cryptic long-standing debt, for he no longer seeks honor or glory.

At first, Princess Kyoko is untrusting of her rough-mannered savior. But as their odyssey unfolds, she discovers that there is more to this warrior than he lets on. Could the Sun Devil be enlisted to fight for her people and turn the tide of the war?

But first, they must survive their journey home through the dark enchanted forest of Karazaya. For if the Princess is recaptured, the realm may be lost forever.

29 minutes



Written/Directed by Matt Inns; Produced by Matt Inns & Melissa Dodds

When a mysterious girl falls into the sights of a violent stalker, she is left with only one means of survival.

4 minutes



Written by Emily Blake, Michael Patrick Sullivan; Directed by Patrick Meaney; Produced by Patrick Meaney, Emily Blake, Marisa Stotter, Jordan Rennert

At last year’s Doctor Who convention, cosplayer Angel found and lost her perfect Ten, a man with encyclopedic knowledge of the show and an impeccable Tenth Doctor cosplay. This year, Angel’s friend Tamara is on a mission to help Angel hunt down her perfect Ten in a sea of Doctors. It’s a heart-warming romantic comedy that’s a love letter to fandom and con culture-–and, of course, to Doctor Who.

14 minutes



Written by Michael Dahlquist, Jan-Michael Losada, Sam Shapson, George Oz, Collin Kelly; Directed by Michael Dahlquist aka Mike Diva; Produced by Maxwell James, Trip Hope

A man locked in a room faces inter-dimensional terror.
Thresher was a finalist in the Guillermo Del Toro & Legendary pictures “House of Horrors” competition.

8 minutes



Written by Owen Rixon, Callum Barton; Directed by Owen Rixon; Produced by Siggy Stone, Callum Barton

Toonocalypse follows John (David Kaye) and Michael (Matt Martin) two students living in Edinburgh, as they document the arrival on Earth of a species of small, cute, cartoon alien, known as “Toons”. Over time the Toons become integrated into society and into John and Michael’s lives, but after a year on Earth, without warning, some of the Toons start to change into something far larger and scarier. As John and Michael try to survive in the streets of Edinburgh they start to learn the grim reality of the Toons’ true intentions.

18 minutes

A Tricky Treat


Written Kamal John Iskander; Directed by Patricia Chica; Produced by Patricia Chica, Grace Santos, Byron A. Martin

A Tricky Treat presents a shocking tale of the unexpected with a twist.

Director Statement: I wanted to create an interesting metaphor, using role reversal, about how humans become voraciously consumptive for the sake of ceremonial tradition—slaughtering masses of turkeys for Thanksgiving, leveling vast acres of trees for Christmas, and harvesting fields of pumpkins for Halloween.

The film is very short, approximately 3 minutes long. However, don’t let that fool you. This one packs a punch, and if you stick around till the end, you’ll be in for a truly tricky little treat!

3 minutes



Written by Wes Campbell, Walt Guthrie; Directed by Matt Green; Produced by Matthew McGahren, Richard Rosenthal, Herschel Horton, Robin Hall & Walt Guthrie

A woman with a terrifying secret is questioned about the events of a night that ended in murder.

6 minutes

While You Were in a Coma


Written by The McManus Bros with input from the TentSquare Community; Directed by Jean Paul Labbe; Produced by Andrew van den Houten, Zach Passero, Seth Webster, Ashleigh Snead

As the first film ever created using Crowd Powered Entertainment™, While You Were in a Coma was voted on every step of the way, from the title to plot points, to the director and lead actor. It follows the story of Otis Reeves, a man who wakes from a coma 30 years after his prom night to find the world in shambles and the girl of his dreams still out there waiting for him.

10 minutes



Written by Rev. Dr. Lord Samuel Rudolph, Jeff Beauvoir; Directed by Stuart Baker; Produced by Jeff Beauvoir

In the not-too-distant future, Elroy’s deli hosts a weekly poker night with one simple rule: all players must act their age and stick to grownup topics of conversation. But these old-timers know that Star Wars will be the topic du jour. Settling this conflict could mean a turn to the dark side. Director Stuart Baker, Writer/Producer and contributor Jeff Beauvoir, and a wizened ensemble deliver 21st century word jousting in the style of a classic Twilight Zone episode. Produced in Seattle, Younglings is a fanboy noir that portrays today’s pop culture aficionados as geriatric nerds of the future.

10 minutes