Written/Directed by Elizabeth Fletcher; Produced by Jessica Swalchick

An ambitious fledgling reporter dons traditional garb and ventures deep into Amish country to scoop their outlandish secret, only to find herself even more alienated. Her undercover mission reveals laser blasters and suspicious silos, but after befriending an Amish boy, it’s her own humanity she must examine.

13 min.

Aliens Stole My Boyfriend


Written by Al Hess; Directed by Ricky Hess; Produced by Debbie Hess

Two cute alien chicks come to planet Earth in search of new boyfriends when all the boys on their home planet Moe are wiped out by testosterone fever. They crash land their space buggy at a seedy Motor Court Motel where they are immediately smitten by local resident Roger in the process of being thrown out by his girlfriend, Cindy. With new attention and interest in her boyfriend, Cindy decides she wants Roger back and plots a plan to derail the aliens affection.

19 minutes



Written by Jason Gallaty, Michael Grier, Josh Grier; Directed by Michael Grier; Produced by Josh Grier

Dust is a story of loss and redemption in a time where humanity has become immutable and the world is changing at breakneck speed. In this harsh and unpredictable environment, where people have isolated themselves behind massive city walls, a socially marginalized tracker teams up with a black-market merchant to save the industrial society that has rejected his way of life.

27 minutes



Written/Directed by David Coyle; Produced by Lewis Costin, David Coyle, Henry Fagg

A man awakens in a white room with two doors. Each door loops into the other. The only objects within the room are a red ball and a revolver containing a single bullet. How do you escape a loop?

10 minutes



Written/Directed by Teddy Cecil; Produced by Brett Miller, Teddy Cecil

Helio is a short, visceral film centered on a post-apocalyptic underground society where miners work for light to survive. But when a dying rebel thrusts the unexpected onto an unassuming worker’s lap, all hell breaks loose. What begins as one man’s race to escape the hostile government quickly escalates into a city-wide uprising of the people.

20 minutes

The Shaman


Written/Directed/Produced by Marco Kalantari

The dark year 2204, in a world that has seen 73 years of continuous war. Mankind has re-discovered the arts of Magic and Shamanism. This world believes that every being and every object has a soul. When crossing the border to the Netherworld, the Shaman can find this soul and interact with it. That is what makes him such a deadly, highly effective weapon. They track and convert the souls of their enemies’ giant battle machines in a psychological soul-to-soul confrontation.
Shaman Joshua Van Kern and his squire Lene embark on a mission to convert a giant battle colossus and succeed where troops have failed.

17 minutes