All The Single Ladies!

Written/Directed by Yfke van Berckelaer; Produced by Jennifer van der Toorn

When her friend unpleasantly surprise her with a singles party, Tiek (Lisa Smit) feels like she just landed in her own personal hell. But when she meets the mysterious hobo Jip (Tomer Pawlicki) the night suddenly takes a very unexpected turn. All The Singles Ladies! is a Disneyesque rom-com that will make you want to fall in love, even if that’s the last thing you want!

15 minutes

Another Girl

Written/Directed by Austin Kase; Produced by Becky Morrison

Sam’s ex-lovers aren’t so “ex” to him. In fact, they always seem to re-appear at the worst possible moment, sabotaging his hopes of finding new love. Can Sam banish them from his life before they ruin his chances with the newfound girl of his dreams?

Swaying delicately between dry wit and wistful vulnerability, “Another Girl” playfully explores the way our relationships shape who we are, and offers a fresh perspective on sex, love, and self-acceptance.

22 minutes

Open Concept

Written/Directed by Benjamin Sagaser; Produced by Dave Patten & James Rustin

When newlyweds Mary and Todd discover something out of the ordinary in the back of their trunk while on the way to their honeymoon, they quickly learn that marriage is going to be anything, but a bed of roses.

12 minutes


Written/Directed by Jacqueline Xerri; Produced by Millicent Jenkins

Mara, a quirky specimen, has an odd hobby: spying on her high school crush, Tyler. Mara watches Tyler on her computer nightly, documenting his life via tape recorder. One night, she sees Tyler might be in danger. Mara now must decide what she should do in order to be his savior.

5 minutes