Girl #2

Written by Kari Wahlgren; Directed by David H. Jeffery; Produced by David H. Jeffery, Kari Wahlgren, Mark Relyea, Meta Valentic & Ian B. Williams

One night Jenn and Stacey find themselves trapped in their pledge house as a deranged murderer goes on a killing spree. The girls barricade themselves in an upstairs bedroom as the assailant closes in. Knowing they are doomed, the girls formulate a desperate plan.

9 minutes


Written/Directed by Brian White; Produced by Shaun Wells

A balloon goes on a murderous rampage–for love. Helium is a short film about a small town policeman who must solve a bizarre crime and search for a killer on the loose.

13 minutes


Written/Directed/Produced by Greg Kovacs

A little boy named Jason gleefully and poetically hacks and slashes his way into darkness only to discover his true calling in this short animated adventure.

1 minutes

Mad Scientists Consortium

Written/Directed by Harry Bauer; Produced by Harry Bauer & Joe Cuomo

Mad Scientists Consortium is a semi-dark and quirky comedy about five mad scientists hell-bent on world domination. They all failed miserably.

Now, they have united forces in hopes of taking over Illinois, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. On the path to their re-calibrated goal, they sell their services as the Mad Scientists Consortium to anyone willing to pay. “Complex Solutions to Complex Problems.” However, they tend to get hired for mundane tasks and find insane ways to deal with them.

22 minutes

Mrs. Rafferty’s Red Red Roses

Written/Directed by Greg Kovacs; Produced by Greg Kovacs, Darren Hutchings, Brad McMillan, Nathan Hawkins, & Stephanie Christiaens

Mrs. Rafferty has a problem with her roses and her solution just might come from Mr. White, a very unusual door-to-door salesman.

6 minutes