Batman: Patient Zero

Written/Directed by Andrew Akler; Produced by Andrew Akler & Celia Werner

Arkham Asylum is under new management! The Joker has escaped and let some friends out to play–until The Dark Knight steps in. Journey into Arkham Asylum and the dark psyche of Batman as he takes on some of his most famous rogues like Scarecrow, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, and The Joker. Batman: Patient Zero is an original and compelling story the ends with a shocking twist–one that even the world’s greatest detective couldn’t see coming!

9 minutes


Written by Fernando Huerto & David Armstrong; Directed by Fernando Huerto; Produced by Fernando Huerto, David Armstrong, & Jacqui Verdura

Harley Quinn breaks out of prison with outside help from Joker. The first thing she does after her escape is to form her own gang for future raids and battles with Batman.

7 minutes

Jedi Club

Written by Trey Albright; Directed by Trey Albright & Casey Webb; Produced by Trey Albright, Casey Webb, Andrew Jenkins, Preston Miller, & Raymond Webb

Jedi Club is the sequel to the Comic-Con Award Winning Short Comedy, Solo Forever. The sequel puts the Star Wars fanboy back in another imaginative David Finch film. This time with some help from other fanboys he creates a club. A Jedi Club!!!

9 minutes

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story

Written/Directed/Producer by Raymond Montemayor

This award-winning, 2-minute Star Wars fan film was produced for Lucasfilm’s #GoRogue contest shortly before the theatrical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in December 2016. It takes the premise of Pixar’s Toy Story and places it in a live-action setting with stop-motion animated Star Wars toys to tell a touching story between a father and daughter.

2 minutes

Star Wars: Trials

Written/Directed by Jeremy Garcia; Produced by Stephen Gilliam & Dan Beck

Rowan awakes in the unknown depths of a cave with nothing but her lightsaber. As she navigates the darkness, she learns she may not be alone.

5 minutes