Written by Andrew Kemp; Directed by Michel Monty; Produced by Samantha Osburn

A little girl named Alice spends her family get-together avoiding her creepy Auntie. Is Auntie harmless, or is Alice right to keep her distance?

8 minutes


Written by Dave Pileggi; Directed by Eaddy Mays; Produced by Eaddy Mays, & Dave Pileggi

The youngest son becomes the new head of the largest organized crime family in New York and deals with his first case of dishonesty in the family, leaving an unforgettable impression with his surprising leadership and judgment style.

9 minutes

The Fainting Room

Written by Jaime Schirmer & Max Walker; Directed by Max Walker; Produced by Fugo Studios

As young Nye and his father attempt to repair their shattered relationship, his father’s unorthodox methods of coping with grief appear to be taking their toll. Why does Nye’s father lock himself away every night? What is going on behind the locked door? What are Nye’s dreams trying to tell him?

7 minutes

Girls Against Humanity

Written/Directed/Produced by Joseph Lavender

There’s nothing left in sister’s Alexandra and Kara’s world except for death and a rare, crimson colored gem that is extremely valuable. When Kara finds one of the gems left on a dead body, she is kidnapped by a group of hunters bent on retrieving the gem. Alexandra, assuming her sister is dead, tracks down the hunters to unleash her own brand of vengeance against what’s left of humanity.

8 minutes