Written by Milly Sanders; Directed by: Matt Thiesen & Justin Lee; Produced by Milly Sanders, Bebe Sanders, Justin Lee, Matt Thiesen, & Jesse Foudray.

A moody goth girl (Scarlet) deep in the throes of artistic creation is interrupted by her neighbor’s incessant Christmas music. When Scarlet confronts her cheery, pressed and perfect neighbor (Betty) she finds out looks can be deceiving, and to never underestimate the power of Christmas cheer.

7 minutes


Written by Kyle Daly; Directed by Kyle Daly & Taylor J Martin; Produced by Taylor J Martin & Kyle Daly

Hidden in the shadows, monsters lurk just out of sight. We flip on the bedside lamp to cast them away. But if we fear the dark, how do we know they don’t fear the light? What makes our fears more legitimate than their own? In Nightlight the viewer is forced to see another perspective, realizing that what is comforting to us may be terrifying to another.

4 minutes

Special Agent

Written by Geon Kim, SeulKi Choi, JaeGwang Kim, & Andy Yoon; Directed by Geon Kim; Produced by Andy Yoon

In Korea, occupied by mysterious monsters, special agents are fighting back the dangerous creatures with all they’ve got, risking their life and limb! Special Agent is an action-packed SF blockbuster, filled with thrilling chases.

36 minutes

Time To Eat

Written/Directed by Luke Asa Guidici; Produced by Johny Wynn

After being sent to timeout, a mischievous boy’s trip to the basement leads to a monstrous revelation.

I’ve always been fascinated by the blurring of reality and fantasy and I wanted to explore that in Time To Eat. I started with the classic childhood fear of the “creepy basement” and then asked the question, “what if there really was a monster?” Then, I put my twist on it. Even though this is a horror film, it’s important that my protagonists are never victims. I like to empower my characters so they can rise above their struggles. Just like the main character—we’ve all got monsters in our basements we need to overcome.

4 minutes