Directed by Andreas Feix; Produced by Francesco Faranna

A small dinosaur called Citipati falls prey to a global extinction event caused by a meteorite impact. The fearful dinosaur fights against the traumatic experience, nearly being trapped in its own nightmare. But after overcoming its instincts and regaining control of its dreamscape, it decides to face its fears head-on, literally confronting the impact.

7 minutes

Convenience Store Diet

Written/Directed by Andrew Racho

Hope you’re saddled up for this ride, cowpoke!

Three friends (Kelly, Craig, and Andrew) discover they’ve fallen behind the times by never getting smart phones. This prompts Andrew to make a pact: don’t upgrade phones, don’t upgrade life, don’t become douchebags. One by one, the group joins the 21st century, leaving Andrew to question whether he’s being a stodgy luddite or if he’s just afraid to change with the rest of the world. And at some point an animal may get decapitated. Just sayin’!

15 minutes


Written by Ty Primosch & Karen Mathieson; Directed by Ty Primosch; Produced by Karen Mathieson

A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.

Currently an artist at Blue Sky Studios, Ty Primosch is credited on Ice Age, EPIC, RIO2, Peanuts & upcoming movies. Corky is Ty’s debut independent short animation. It was animated out of his apartment, over a 6 year period.

While the short was generated with a computer, every object, sound, and surface was carefully created with imperfections to achieve a handcrafted style for a magical storybook feel. This handcrafted style was also woven into the original score where composer Tyler Durham incorporated kitchen items as instruments.

6 minutes

Creatures of Whitechapel

Written/Produced by Rebecca Martin; Directed by Jonathan Martin

A brand new vision that brings together some of horror’s most iconic characters, Creatures of Whitechapel reveals the monster inside us all in this gothic love story of creation and madness.

Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London, searching for the perfect victims to help Dr. Frankenstein, her master, bring his Creation to life. However, rumors of Frankenstein’s nighttime activities are brewing, and Jack, revealed to be Igor, is tasked with one last foray into the bowels of Victorian London to find the last piece needed to bring Frankenstein’s mad vision to life.

25 minutes

Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse

Written/Directed/Produced by Etta Devine, Gabriel Diani

Two Comedians. One Apocalypse.

Real life comedy duo and couple, Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine, play themselves as a modern day “Burns and Allen” struggling to make it in show business.

When all power and communication systems mysteriously shut off, they pack up their troubles and hit the road with their trusty dog, Watson, and their miserable cat Mrs. Peel in search of a safe haven to wait out the possible extinction event.

It’s like one of those old Bob Hope and Bing Crosby “Road to…” movies meets Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” But funnier.

Featuring appearances by Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra), Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s), Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds), Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: Deep Space 9), Harry Groener (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and many more!

90 minutes

Ding Dong

Written/Directed/Produced by Timothy Troy

Alexis goes to bed, her husband out having a drink with the guys. The doorbell keeps ringing, but each time there’s no one there. Someone, or something, is playing a terrifying game of Ding Dong Ditch…

4 minutes


Written/Directed by Tommaso Frangini; Produced by Tommaso Frangini & Sebastiano Totta

A Knight, with a shadowy past, is lost in a dense and murky forest.
He is found by a Lady who takes care of him, but who also hides a mystery. Two wandering souls in the middle of the forest. A journey through the mists of memories and conscience. Based on John Keats’ ballad La belle dame sans merci.

15 minutes

Escape Pod

Written/Directed by Wesley Jamal Fleming; Produced by Kaleigh Spencer

A young astronaut, Jadi, finds herself in the ruins of a space station after a horrific battle. Her only way to safety is the Escape Pod. An Alien Menace, who’s been slaughtering the last survivors, is the only thing standing between Jadi and her salvation. Jadi will have to make her way though the smoldering remains of her ship and face a monster from another world if she is to survive, but will she make it?

4 minutes


Written/Directed by Brett Foxwell; Produced by John France

Ten years in the making, Fabricated is a stop-motion animated miniature epic. It is the story of the machines left behind by a dying industrialized society. From a pile of bones and scrap metal, a creature named Oto is assembled and sent off. As he makes his way through an old world that is dying and a new world struggling to be born, Oto begins to sense that he may have a part to play in the evolution of his imperfect kind.

19 minutes

The Factory

Written/Directed by Margareta F. A. Orkan; Produced by Tonje Ness Meinhardt

In a soda factory, a man and a robot work under the supervision of their foreman. The man is bored by the routine of it all until something new happens. This brake inspires change.

8 minutes

The Fainting Room

Written by Jaime Schirmer & Max Walker; Directed by Max Walker; Produced by Fugo Studios

As young Nye and his father attempt to repair their shattered relationship, his father’s unorthodox methods of coping with grief appear to be taking their toll. Why does Nye’s father lock himself away every night? What is going on behind the locked door? What are Nye’s dreams trying to tell him?

7 minutes


Written/Directed by Adam Stern; Produced by Todd Giroux, Sara Irvine-Erickson, & Adam Stern

Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission…testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.

16 minutes


Written/Directed by Greg Kovacs; Produced by Greg Kovacs, Darren Hutchings, Brad McMillan, Nathan Hawkins, & Stephanie Christiaens

In this messed up children’s television show, Anna (the show’s host) and Ellery (her puppet pal) discover different interpretations of the word “fun”.

3 minutes

Future Flu

Written by Ahimsa Kerp, Seon Mi Yi (Translator); Directed/Produced by Rebecca Isbill Davis

In a near-future Seoul, a virus has wiped out a huge percentage of the population. While the danger has passed, not everyone is comfortable going outside. Ms. Kim, a middle-aged woman, hasn’t left her apartment since the virus killed her husband 12 years ago. She uses her service android to run all errands. But soon she’ll have to face her worst fears when her android itself is the one that becomes infected.

16 minutes

Girl #2

Written by Kari Wahlgren; Directed by David H. Jeffery; Produced by David H. Jeffery, Kari Wahlgren, Mark Relyea, Meta Valentic & Ian B. Williams

One night Jenn and Stacey find themselves trapped in their pledge house as a deranged murderer goes on a killing spree. The girls barricade themselves in an upstairs bedroom as the assailant closes in. Knowing they are doomed, the girls formulate a desperate plan.

9 minutes

Girls Against Humanity

Written/Directed/Produced by Joseph Lavender

There’s nothing left in sister’s Alexandra and Kara’s world except for death and a rare, crimson colored gem that is extremely valuable. When Kara finds one of the gems left on a dead body, she is kidnapped by a group of hunters bent on retrieving the gem. Alexandra, assuming her sister is dead, tracks down the hunters to unleash her own brand of vengeance against what’s left of humanity.

8 minutes

Hard Times

Written/Directed by Ibba Armancas; Produced by Aidan Vitti & Lionel Flynn

Shay, the happy-go-lucky last woman on earth, thinks the end of the world is great; she can do, eat, and wear whatever she wants. In fact, the only downside she’s noticed is that the apocalypse makes it pretty hard to get laid. So when she stumbles upon a zombie-infested sex shop, she’s willing to do whatever it takes, including facing down its Mean Girls-esque undead horde, to get her satisfaction.

11 minutes

Hard Way – The Action Musical

Written/Directed by Daniel Vogelmann; Produced by Fireapple Bandel Gengnagel GbR

Hard Way combines action and musical. A story of hard men with hard feelings. Jake loses his best friend Zach in a S.W.A.T. operation near Detroit. Eight months later Jake and his team are trying to get “The Mother” – the terrorist responsible for Zach’s death. While singing and dancing they fight their way through their enemies. But then Jake’s blind thirst for revenge leads them into the deadly hands of a sniper.

30 minutes


Written by Fernando Huerto & David Armstrong; Directed by Fernando Huerto; Produced by Fernando Huerto, David Armstrong, & Jacqui Verdura

Harley Quinn breaks out of prison with outside help from Joker. The first thing she does after her escape is to form her own gang for future raids and battles with Batman.

7 minutes


Written/Directed by Brian White; Produced by Shaun Wells

A balloon goes on a murderous rampage–for love. Helium is a short film about a small town policeman who must solve a bizarre crime and search for a killer on the loose.

13 minutes