One Per Person

Written/Directed by Jacquelyn “Jac” Piette & Nasheet Zaman; Produced by Melissa Nemcek & Brian L. Tan “BLT”

Chuck and Nancy are two fast-food employees who compete for customers by handing out free chicken samples. Their vastly different styles of salesmanship results in an amusing duel and an unexpected story of self-discovery. The film is a fresh take on the disappointing first job that many of us had to endure, and how staying positive can turn a dead-end situation into a new lease on life.

11 minutes

Open Concept

Written/Directed by Benjamin Sagaser; Produced by Dave Patten & James Rustin

When newlyweds Mary and Todd discover something out of the ordinary in the back of their trunk while on the way to their honeymoon, they quickly learn that marriage is going to be anything, but a bed of roses.

12 minutes


Written by C.K. McKenzie; Directed by John Danvoye; Produced by Christian Parton

A darkly funny story about one girl’s efforts to find a place to call home, but house hunting is deadly serious business.

10 minutes

Revelation – the City of Haze

Written/Directed by Mao Qichao; Produced by Zhu Tinghua

In a dystopian future a dark age has occurred. In the city, inequality and misery prevail, and insurgents are thrown down by storm troops in medieval patrols. In the midst of misery there is a child who must fight for his life before hope can sprout. Epic sci-fi steampunk in micro format.

14 minutes

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story

Written/Directed/Producer by Raymond Montemayor

This award-winning, 2-minute Star Wars fan film was produced for Lucasfilm’s #GoRogue contest shortly before the theatrical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in December 2016. It takes the premise of Pixar’s Toy Story and places it in a live-action setting with stop-motion animated Star Wars toys to tell a touching story between a father and daughter.

2 minutes


Written/Directed by Michael Bartolomeo; Produced by Stephen West-Rogers

A lonely young man dreams of one day becoming a Rubik’s Cube master, but his obsession soon turns deadly. This horror-fantasy is entirely comprised of over 11,000 still photographs played back at 30 frames per second.

8 minutes

Special Agent

Written by Geon Kim, SeulKi Choi, JaeGwang Kim, & Andy Yoon; Directed by Geon Kim; Produced by Andy Yoon

In Korea, occupied by mysterious monsters, special agents are fighting back the dangerous creatures with all they’ve got, risking their life and limb! Special Agent is an action-packed SF blockbuster, filled with thrilling chases.

36 minutes

Star Wars: Trials

Written/Directed by Jeremy Garcia; Produced by Stephen Gilliam & Dan Beck

Rowan awakes in the unknown depths of a cave with nothing but her lightsaber. As she navigates the darkness, she learns she may not be alone.

5 minutes

The Suitor

Written by Samuel Laskey; Directed by Alvaro Congosto; Produced by Michael Callahan, Alvaro Congosto, & Patric J Arnold

October 30th, 1938. During Orson Welles’ infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, a lonely man tries to bond with a panicked young woman as they fearfully wait for the end of the world together.

12 minutes

Till Death

Written/Directed by Molly Roland; Produced by Yu Ying Chien

After tripping and falling in a haunted house, a loner teen, Nick, has the ability to see and talk to, Ruth, a lonely ghost. The two bond over mutual head injuries and mutual loneliness. However, Ruth worries the friendship may be short lived.

6 minutes

Time To Eat

Written/Directed by Luke Asa Guidici; Produced by Johny Wynn

After being sent to timeout, a mischievous boy’s trip to the basement leads to a monstrous revelation.

I’ve always been fascinated by the blurring of reality and fantasy and I wanted to explore that in Time To Eat. I started with the classic childhood fear of the “creepy basement” and then asked the question, “what if there really was a monster?” Then, I put my twist on it. Even though this is a horror film, it’s important that my protagonists are never victims. I like to empower my characters so they can rise above their struggles. Just like the main character—we’ve all got monsters in our basements we need to overcome.

4 minutes

The Tinwife

Written/Directed/Produced by Travis Neufeld

In a 1950’s future-world, a human woman finds herself mistakenly arrested and imprisoned in an internment facility for defective and unwanted android housewives. Inside one of the holding cells, she meets a group of “Tinwives” and sees for herself the horrific nature of the society in which she lives.

27 minutes


Written/Directed by Jacqueline Xerri; Produced by Millicent Jenkins

Mara, a quirky specimen, has an odd hobby: spying on her high school crush, Tyler. Mara watches Tyler on her computer nightly, documenting his life via tape recorder. One night, she sees Tyler might be in danger. Mara now must decide what she should do in order to be his savior.

5 minutes


Written/Produced by Jennifer Trudrung; Directed by Aidan Weaver

Lindsay is asked to babysit for an older couple’s 6 month old baby. The couple leave Lindsay with a video baby monitor and request that she just let their baby sleep. While Lindsay is working on her homework the baby monitor starts to glitch and Lindsay must decide if she should check on the baby or follow the parent’s instructions.

10 minutes

When Pigs Fly

Produced by Kaveh Veyssi

At his brother’s funeral, Al, a washed up, perpetually tipsy man, comforts his mourning niece with a story of how he once found a magic tree that could bring all his drawings to life. Through telling her the story, Al rediscovers the wondrous spark that gave him hope in a time when he thought all was lost.

16 minutes

Your Date Is Here

Written/Directed/Produced by Todd Spence & Zak White

After dusting off an old Mystery Date-style board game, a mother and daughter realize the game holds more evil than amusement.

6 minutes


Written/Directed by Richard Kodai; Produced by Amy Brice, Kevin Burroughs, & Richard Kodai

Zaw is a bloodthirsty, child-eating monster, and Samantha just happens to know where he lives. In a cabin in the woods, where else? She talks some local kids into a game of dare. They sneak up on Zaw’s front porch, knock and whoever stays the longest without running away, will win the game. But what happens when Zaw actually shows up?

7 minutes