The Factory

Written/Directed by Margareta F. A. Orkan; Produced by Tonje Ness Meinhardt

In a soda factory, a man and a robot work under the supervision of their foreman. The man is bored by the routine of it all until something new happens. This brake inspires change.

8 minutes

Future Flu

Written by Ahimsa Kerp, Seon Mi Yi (Translator); Directed/Produced by Rebecca Isbill Davis

In a near-future Seoul, a virus has wiped out a huge percentage of the population. While the danger has passed, not everyone is comfortable going outside. Ms. Kim, a middle-aged woman, hasn’t left her apartment since the virus killed her husband 12 years ago. She uses her service android to run all errands. But soon she’ll have to face her worst fears when her android itself is the one that becomes infected.

16 minutes

The Tinwife

Written/Directed/Produced by Travis Neufeld

In a 1950’s future-world, a human woman finds herself mistakenly arrested and imprisoned in an internment facility for defective and unwanted android housewives. Inside one of the holding cells, she meets a group of “Tinwives” and sees for herself the horrific nature of the society in which she lives.

27 minutes