A Purgatory Story

Directed and Written by Tom Albanese; Produced by Tom Albanese and Joey Long; Co-Produced by Mary Rachael Gardner

Life isn’t easy for Gerald. He’s dead, he’s a demon, and he’s been stuck in Purgatory for 48,113 days. Every morning, Monday through Sunday, he spills his coffee, fruitlessly rubs Horngaine on his tiny horns in the hopes he’ll get noticed over the cocky, big-horned demon he shares his daily elevator ride with, and sits at his desk on spirit board duty where he’s forced to chat with drunk girls at slumber parties and eerie, hooded cult members–until Claire. Now, Gerald wakes up on his grungy cot not dreading the day ahead, but looking forward to it! But as his spirits lift, Claire begins to wonder how a relationship like theirs could ever go anywhere. After all, he’s dead, and she’s alive. How could something like that possibly work out?

17 minutes


Directed and Written by Ryan Patch; Produced by Joanne Vo

In the near future, Mia, a young social worker, travels to a small community to administer behavior-modifying “patches” that guarantee happiness. Her convictions are questioned when Kaleigh, a precocious 10-year old girl, refuses to accept the patch.

12 minutes


Directed by Kevin Barwick and Carlos Mejia; Written by Kevin Barwick, Carlos Mejia, Christina Christie, Adriana Aguilar, Nathanael Berrian, Eileen Cinerar, Niara Clay, Kyle Climaco, Angelica Duvic, Matthew Graham, Ivan Olortegui, Lauren Posner, Sarah Rahman and Brandon Schaal; Produced by Matthew Graham and The University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Art and Design

Gordon, nervous about his dinner date, has a secret – he has snakes for hair, and a bad habit of turning people into stone. Will he find love, or is this a date with disaster?

7 minutes


Directed, Written, and Produced by Pawel P. Achtelik

World War II is over. In the Polish People’s Republic, nothing is more valuable than a constant supply of food — not even Silesia’s booming mining economy.

When one of the miners disappears without a trace from the local mines, The foreman pays local whisperer Sidonia in food rations for help solving this mystery. The depths of the mine reveal supernatural involvement in the incident.

20 minutes

Sounds of the Forest

Directed, Written, and Produced by Zachary Stephens

Amber drives herself to a spot in the woods to enjoy a relaxing day in the forest. She arrives at the edge of the treeline, locks her car, and ventures into the woods. After taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the forest, she returns to the parking lot to find that her car isn’t where she thought it was. Using her key fob, she tries to locate her car with the “dook dook” sound of the lock. This leads her back into the woods where she ultimately discovers that she, and her car, are not alone.

3 minutes

Spice Frontier

Directed by Jalil Sadool and Adam Meyer; Written by Jalil Sadool; Produced by Keith Lackey

Over a century has passed since the destruction of Earth. Without a home planet, humans now live among the thirty-eight known alien species. Kent Williams, a struggling chef, leads a disparate band of adventurers aboard their ship, The Serrano. Eager to discover the culinary secrets of his ancestors, Kent and his cyborg companion, C-LA, traverse the cosmos in search of rare Earth spices.

8 minutes

Star Wars: The Toys Awaken

Directed, Written, and Produced by Raymond Montemayor

On the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a seven-year-old girl’s Star Wars toys come to life. They learn who they are and set off on an adventure to help their young companion as she heads out to watch The Force Awakens.

7 minutes


Directed by Marten Carlson; Written by Marten Carlson; Produced by Hunter Wayne

The Lentz Triplets are the biggest movie stars in the world. When it’s time to renegotiate their contract, it’s up to Biggs Tomlinson to get that ink on paper. He ventures to the mysterious Lentz household with his trusty briefcase in hand. There he meets Milly, aging film star and mother of the triplets. What follows is a game of cat and mouse as Biggs must solve the mystery of the Lentz family before it’s too late.

13 minutes

Third Kind

Directed by Yorgos Zois; Produced by Antigoni Rota and Squared Square; Co-produced by Stelios Kotionis and Sinisa Juricic

The human race has long abandoned Earth and found refuge in space. Three archaeologists return to the abandoned planet to investigate the source of a mysterious, five-toned signal.

33 minutes


Directed by Christina Christie; Written by Christina Christie, Savannah Berry, Megan Burbach, Kylie Campbell, Taylor Estape, Lauren Gisewhite, Christopher Gomes, Genesis Laboy, Peter Lupton, Austin Royall, Sofia Santos, Beryl Van Ness, Desiree Vargas and Sara Villa; Produced by Lauren Gisewhite and The University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Art and Design

While packing away her deceased grandmother’s affairs, Pauline discovers that one of their stained glass sculptures has come to life. As the lights in the house go out and their memories together begin to dim, Pauline realizes there is joy in celebrating the legacy of those who have been lost.

6 minutes

Troll Bridge

Directed by Daniel Knight; Original story adapted for the screen by Daniel Knight; Produced by Ahren Morris

Troll Bridge is a live-action / hand animated hybrid, lovingly crafted from the Discworld fairy-tale by Sir Terry Pratchett.

Cohen the Barbarian was angry. Angry that he never died in battle, angry that the world had forgotten him, and angry that his knees were starting to play up in the cold.

He was also angry that his faithful mount had been gifted the ability of magical speech. The horse was insisting that they had made a wrong turn back at Slice. He was also angry that the horse was probably right. This was not how it was supposed to end for the barbarian. This was not how the Discworld’s greatest hero imagined it at all.

16 minutes


Directed by Charlie Stauffer; Written by Charlie Stauffer; Produced by Megan Messmer, Autumn Bailey, and Camara Davis

Ben needs to finish his work early so that he can apologize to his girlfriend. But a strange virus spreads through his office – a virus that makes coworkers sing and dance uncontrollably, with deadly results. Can Ben survive long enough to connect to his girlfriend in this new, musical way?

12 minutes

Tutorial > SKIP?

Directed, Written, and Produced by Thy Vo, Ryan Imm, and Sydney Seekford

You know that feeling? The one where all you want to do is jump right into a new game and kill some stuff, but that damned NPC just won’t stop talking? Well, this is that feeling, animated. New player BigD1999 rushes head first into a video game, sword a-swinging. Will a well-meaning (if a little annoying) tutorial guide be able to slow him down long enough to avoid certain doom?

4 minutes

We Are The Prototypes

Directed by Ayesha Adamo; Written by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla; Produced by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla

Hans von Kleinenberg and Hans Gambino are The Prototypes: the trailblazing founders of I.F.E (Intelligent Feline Electronica). But they weren’t always on top of the world, bringing cat music to the masses. In fact, they used to be in a metal band, didn’t speak with German accents, and lost a band member to spontaneous combustion. We Are The Prototypes is a deeper look at the band that rose from the rubble of the twenty-first century music industry to achieve cat video fame.

14 minutes