At the End of the World

Directed by Fon Davis; Written by Fernando Perez and Suzy Stein; Produced by Arielle Bachfeld and Taylor Bibat; Co-Produced by Renando Perez and Suzy Stein

In an apocalyptic future, a lonely government worker finds solace in a hopeful soldier during the very last World War. But their future together is threatened when the soldier is sent back into battle.

13 minutes


Directed by Jackie Perez; Written by Jackie Perez, based on a work by Stephen King; Produced by Brian Campeau

Federation Officer Shapiro crash-lands on a desert planet with no sign of water, life, or escape. Her crewmate Rand is no help, and resigns to his fate on the hypnotic alien dunes. Locating the ship’s emergency beacon is their only hope, but when a salvage crew answers their distress signal, it’s already too late.

14 minutes


Directed, Written, and Produced by Kieran Moreira

In the not-so-distant future, a headstrong scientist, Gill, test pilots a prototype teleportation suit in the middle of the desert. Over the radio, her overbearing partner and engineer argues with Gill about unauthorized software changes. Eager to prove herself right and him wrong, Gill missteps, and the suit malfunctions. Now fighting with her only lifeline, Gill must avoid disaster and fix the suit as it teleports her at random across the globe.

9 minutes