2018 Film Festival Awards

The Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival Awards Ceremony took place on Monday, September 3rd. Clips were shown from each of three finalists in the categories of Animated Comedy, Animated Drama, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Fan Film, Fantasy, Horror, Horror Comedy, Science Fiction. The finalists, as well as the winners, are listed below. Best Animated Short and Best Short Film were chosen from the 1st place winners in the genre shorts categories. An Honorable Mention was given to a film that, due to particularly intense competition, did not place first in its category. This was a juried competition. The Spirit of Dragon Con was awarded to a filmmaker(s) for a film that embodied the overall essence of both the film festival and the convention.

Best Short Film: Baghead
Best Animated Film: The Legend of Rasputin
Honorable Mention: Sound From the Deep
Spirit of Dragon Con: The Bucketheads – A Star Wars Story team

Animated Comedy

1st Place: The Legend of Rasputin
Finalist: Bluehilda
Finalist: Sea-Tectives

Animated Drama

1st Place: Pour 585
Finalist: Crossing
Finalist: Winston


1st Place: Voyage Trekkers
Finalist: Hope in a Box
Finalist: Kitchen Sink Classic

Dark Comedy

1st Place: Tuesday Crowd
Finalist: The Infamous Guy Christman
Finalist: Multikill

Fan Film

1st Place: Jason’s Nightmare
Finalist: Bucketheads – A Star Wars Story
Finalist: Star Wars: Dresca




1st Place: Past and Future Kings
Finalist: Page-Jumper
Finalist: T is for Tada


1st Place: Baghead
Finalist: Keep the Gaslight Burning
Finalist: Sound From the Deep

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Lunch Ladies
Finalist: The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds
Finalist: We Summoned A Demon

Science Fiction

1st Place: The Replacement
Finalist: The Boogeys
Finalist: Connect