Disabled But Able To Rock!

Directed by Blake Myers; Produced by Blake Myers, Mark Wynns, & Takuro Masuda

Meet Danger Woman, the Songbird of Justice that fights against the Tri-Phobes: Homophobia, Race-ophobia, and Disable-phobia. Her Karaoke singing destroys her enemies while delighting fans and a curious public. This character study follows her over a 13-year period and reveals a single woman’s struggle with autism, a tragic family history, and societal stigmas both real and imagined that paint the picture of a person that just wants to be perceived as normal.

80 min

The Millennium Bug

Written/Directed by Kenneth Cran; Produced by James Cran & Kenneth Cran

On New Year’s Eve 1999, Byron Haskin takes his new wife and teenage daughter camping in the mountains, hoping to escape any Y2K madness. But madness finds them in the form of the inbred hillbilly Crawford clan, who abduct the Haskins to refresh their stagnant gene pool. Bloody carnage between the families ensues, but no one is expecting the monstrous horror hibernating beneath the forest floor. Unseen for 1,000 years, this Millennium Bug is hungry… and December 31st just happens to be its birthday.

88 min

Some Guy Who Kills People

Written/Produced by Ryan Levin; Directed by Jack Perez

Ken Boyd, fresh out of the loony bin, has returned to his small town, where he lives with his mother (Karen Black) and works at the ice cream parlor. When not scooping ice cream or dealing with his mom’s insults, he’s out seeking revenge on those he deems responsible for his miserable life. However, carrying out his plan becomes more difficult when his estranged daughter shows up, eager to get to know her father. Further complicating matters is the Town Sheriff (Barry Bostwick), who is hot on Ken’s trail, and sleeping with Ken’s mom. Executive produced by John Landis.

97 min