Drew: The Man Behind The Poster

Directed by Eirk P. Sharkey; Produced by Charles Ricciardi, Greg Boas; Written by Eirk P. Sharkey, Charles Ricciardi, Greg Boas, Jeff Yorkes

Directed by Eirk P. Sharkey; Produced by Charles Ricciardi, Greg Boas; Written by Eirk P. Sharkey, Charles Ricciardi, Greg Boas, Jeff Yorkes

You may not be readily aware of it, but it is very likely that Drew Struzan is an artist whose work you are intimately familiar with, as his portfolio contains some of the most iconic album and movie poster paintings of all time. Drew: The Man Behind The Poster is a story told by some of the most respected artists, actors, and filmmakers, about this unknown’s journey and craft, in creating some of the most well-known works throughout the world.

Overcoming the odds of his unsupported family and impoverished beginnings, Drew meets his future wife early on and dedicates himself to both his passion for art and his love for his wife and newborn son. After starving and scratching his way through art school, Drew began his career with Pacific Eye and Ear studios. After amassing an amazing collection of commercial art, including several memorable album covers, such as Black Sabbath’s Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath and Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare, Drew’s talent was spotted by Tony Seiniger, who pursued him to create movie posters. As one movie campaign followed another, a new chapter of Drew’s life had begun. And the effectiveness of those posters did not go unnoticed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood; George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Jim Henson, and later Frank Darabont and Guillermo del Toro-just to name a few.

Drew’s work became known world-wide, and his style in great demand. As there always are, there were pitfalls along the way; a thieving business manager, the trending toward computer art and structural changes within studios themselves have all contributed to pushing traditional artists, like Drew, out of the business. Despite these obstacles, the artist continues to create in hope of finding meaning and personal fulfillment in a life and career, like any other, filled with peaks and valleys. And through this tale, the audience can discover why this artist may in fact be one of the most recognizable and influential of our time.

1 hour 31 minutes

Of Dice and Men

Directed by Kelley Slagle; Produced by Kelley Slagle

“Directed by Kelley Slagle; Produced by Kelley Slagle

Few dungeon masters can make the game come to life better than John Francis. Dwarves, Mages, and Barbarians jump right off of their character sheets whenever he sits down at the gaming table of frisky suburbanite parents, Linda and Brandon. John Francis’ best friends, sailor-mouthed John Alex and thoughtful jock Jason, bring roguish swagger and knightly nobility to the game. And the object of John Francis’ affection, the feisty Tara, provides all the Half Elven Double Princess backstory they could ever need. But when Jason enlists to go to Iraq and with the relationship with Tara going nowhere, it may be time for John Francis to hang up his twenty-sided dice and take a job on the other side of the country. However, John Francis is about to discover that leaving will prove tougher than the Tomb of Horrors. Of Dice and Men is a blisteringly funny and deeply affecting look at the things that truly matter in life.

1 hour 14 minutes

OF DICE AND MEN – Official Main Trailer from Kelley Slagle on Vimeo.

Time Lapse

Directed by Bradley King; Produced by BP Cooper, Rick Montgomery; Written by BP Cooper, Bradley King

Directed by Bradley King; Produced by BP Cooper, Rick Montgomery; Written by BP Cooper, Bradley King

In a sleepy apartment building, three twenty-somethings live and love. Callie plays den mother to her two wayward roommates. Finn, apartment manager and struggling painter, is dragging his feet on proposing to her after years of dating. Jasper, refusing to grow out of his college party mentality, tends bar and compulsively gambles. Their quiet world is shaken when they find their elderly scientist neighbor dead. In his apartment he has left a mysterious camera that takes pictures of the future. Aimed into the roommates’ apartment, it shows regular glimpses of their life 24 hours in advance. Their initial plan is to leave the body hidden and exploit the machine. Jasper utilizes it to foresee race results each day, racking up winnings. With the cash windfall, Callie is able to quit her waitress job and focus on writing. Finn’s creative block is lifted through seeing his artwork ahead of time, and becomes prolific. It doesn’t take long before disturbing images of the future begin to arrive. A tense love-triangle emerges between the three, and Jasper’s bookie begins sniffing around at all the successful betting. When a picture shows what looks like a warning from the future, they are forced to prepare for the worst. Jasper hides weapons around the house and the deaths start happening. As the bodies pile up, Jasper becomes more paranoid and unhinged, a wedge gets driven between Callie and Finn. By obsessing on the future and their seemingly innocent hopes and dreams, the relationships unravel, and the trio descends into a dark future where none of them may survive unscathed.

1 hour 43 minutes