2011 Dragon*Con award winner The Millennium Bug is finally available to own

We’re always thrilled when one of the films in the festival gets distribution and this film was a lot of fun.  So, pick up a copy, or three.

In their words:

2011 Dragon*Con award winner The Millennium Bug is finally available to own in the US and Canada!

To get the official DVD release (autographed by director Ken Cran) for ONLY $19.98 INCLUDING SHIPPING, use coupon code FESTIVAL at: https://MBugMovie.com/store1

If you order by 12/17, they promise to get it to you before Christmas Day.

While you’re waiting for your DVD to arrive, feast your eyes on the killer new trailer from their distributor:

Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival Announces its 2012 Selections

We are proud to announce the films selected for the 2012 Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival. Detailed descriptions coming soon.

2009: A Spacebat Odyssey (dir:  Barry Munden )

88:88 (dir: Joey Ciccoline )

A Deed Without A Name (dir: Martin Vavra )

A Life (dir: Justin  Colautti )

A Light In The Darkness (dir: Fed Wetherbee )

Baby-Sitting (dir: Lucas Masson )

Blood On The Game Dice (dir: Daniel Knight )

Caterpillar (dir:  David Field )

Cats In Space (dir: Robert Dastoli, James Dastoli )

Cedric & Hope (dir: Pierce Davison )

Chosen (dir: Aaron Pagniano )

D.N.E.:  Do Not Erase (dir: Matthew Campagna )

Dark Vessel (dir: Rocky Curby )

Dead Lions (dir: Michael Bennett Smith )

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday (dir:  Keith Brooks )

Devil Board (dir: William Bazyl Dripps )

Devoted To The Dark Side (dir: Adam Ruckersfeldt )

Divination (dir: JT Seaton )

Doctor Glamour (dir: Andrew Jones )

Elfquest: A Fan Imagining (dir: Stephanie Thorpe, Paula Rhodes )

Eva Of The Succubi (dir: Brian Love )

Felix Graves (dir:  Jeff Meyers, Keith Jefferies )

Fisher (dir: Yoram Benz )

Flight Of The Melvin (dir: Paul Denigris )

Giant Mushrooms (dir: Michael O’donnell )

Harvey (dir: Drew Giles )

How To Get To Candybar (dir: Matt August )

How To Kill Your Clone (dir: Jack Mcwilliams )

Imminent Danger! (dir:  Alana Mcnair )

Inner City (dir: Alain Fournier )

Jess Archer Vs. The Ex (dir: Amy Taylor )

Killer Sperm From Deep Space (dir: Michael Moseley )

Life After Death (dir: Patrick Peacock )

Life Life In In Space Space (dir: Tyson Persall )

Long Days (dir: Adam  Keleman )

Lookout, Science (dir:  David Frame, Matt Bockelman )

Madly In Love (dir: Yfke Van Berckelaer )

Mr. Foley (dir: Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman  )

Nailbiter (dir: Patrick Rea )

Ninja Sex Party – Dinosaur Laser Fight (dir: Jim Turner )

No Rest For The Wicked (dir: Ryan Schifrin )

Old Man Cabbage (dir: Raymond Carr )

Opening Day (dir:  Caitlin Shirts )

Owen’s Hobby (dir: Zachary Burke )

Pac-Man (dir: Brad Cannady )

Perceptio (dir: Brendan Gabriel Murphy )

Pillow Fight (dir: Chris Wilson )

Psycho Therapy (dir: Lucas Cody Garcia )

Re:Play-Girls (dir: Yuki Saito )

Remote Control (dir:  Matthew Mcgahren )

Reverse Parthenogenesis (dir: Javier Grillo-Marxuach )

Scrap Metal (dir: Anthony Straus )

Secret Life Of Objects – Outhouse (dir: Nathan Jones )

Serene Valley (dir: Justin Lewis )

Shoreditch Slayer (dir: Simon Levene )

Skyrim: To Lydia With Love (dir: Kristen Nedopak, Dane Storrusten )

Souvenir (dir:  Rachel Morgan )

Strange Frame: Love & Sax (dir: G.B. Hajim )

Stuffed (dir: Gabby Egito )

Swoosh! (dir: Sabina Sattar )

Taste (dir: Sydney Raye Smith )

Tennis (dir: Darren Herczeg )

The Field Of Vision (dir: Siri Rodnes )

The Guided Tour (dir:  Martine Asselin )

The Keeper (dir: Chris St.Croix )

The Narrative Of Victor Karloch (dir: Kevin Mcturk )

The Old Man And The Old Woman (dir: Basia Goszczynska )

The Passage (dir: Fabien Montagner )

The Post-Lifers (dir: Greg Kovacs )

The Price (dir: James St. Vincent, Zeke Pinheiro )

The Quiz (dir:  Daryl A. Moon )

The Stolen (dir: Karen Lam )

Think For Yourself (dir: Joseph Nanni )

Til Death (dir: Philip Chidel )

Tilting At Skyscrapers (dir: Benjamin Pitts )

To Catch A Predator (dir: Wes Eastin )

Transfers (dir: Chuck Hartsell )

Trysts (dir:  Stephen Sherwood )

Twisted (dir: Norbert Keil )

Voodoo Sex Talk: The Wang (dir: Norm Fassbender )

Voodoo Sex Talk: The Costumes (dir: Norm Fassbender )

Vivienne Again (dir: Kim Garland )

Voyage Trekkers (dir: Nathan Blackwell )

Werewolf In A Girls Sorority (dir: Andy Mogren )

When The Zombies Come (dir: Jonathan Hurst )

White Room: 02b3 (dir: Greg Aronowitz )

Whom God Helps (dir: Louis Mansfield )

Wilt (dir: Daniel Vogelmann )

Wish (dir: Norman Tumolva )

Zero Killed (dir: Michal Kosakowski )

Zing (dir: Kyra Buschor & Cynthia Collins )


My Dog Ate My Email

My apologies to whoever sent an email yesterday asking about notifications. I saw the note, but then it was eaten by our server, so, a bit hard to answer. The ways of servers are a mystery to me.

Notifications are Being Sent

We’ve sent out 90% of our notifications. For filmmakers still waiting to hear if you’ve made it into the 2012 fest, we should have all decisions made by the end of the weekend and you should hear from us then.
We will inform everyone one way or the other.

My Computer Died–A Tale of Woe

There is much sadness as my computer died a sudden and tragic death (not the festival’s, but my personal one). How does this effect the noble filmmakers who have sent or are about to send submissions in for 2012? Well, for the most part it does not. It is however playing holy havoc with my communications. Have you ever tried to make a WordPress post with a phone? Or retrieve an old e-mail from an Outlook database when you don’t actually have Outlook running?
All this means is it takes me four or five extra steps to figure out who you are at 2 AM. So until my new one arrives please be patient with e-mails and other online communications.

Matthew M. Foster