A huge thank you to all the members of the Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival staff.  You did a great job and I would have drowned without any one of you.

Now a nice 12 to 14 hour nap, then we’ll have the awards posted.

–Matthew M. Foster–Festival Director

Ralph Bakshi to Give Awards at Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival

We are happy to announce that Ralph Bakshi will be giving out awards for the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival 2011.

Ralph Bakshi is both an animation and live-action film director. He has created controversy in all his films while continuously breaking new ground in his art form. He has encouraged the public to look at animation in a new way by creating worlds that are sometimes familiar an sometimes we are strangers in yet completely enveloped by their power and strangeness. He pioneered animation with adult themes using political commentary and satire.

Castle Going to Forbidden Planet. So Should You.

In the recent (repeat) of Castle, the episode ends with our two heroes going off together to see “Forbidden Planet” on the big screen.  Now you can to.

Come join us at The Dragon*con Film Festival & Studio Movie Grill special pre-convention screening of FORBIDDEN PLANET,
Aug 18th at 7:30pm SMG HOLCOMB BRIDGE

And I bet Castle had to pay more than the single dollar it will cost you.

Don’t Miss Robin Dunne at Dragon*Con!

Robin Dunne is currently starring in the immensely popular Syfy program Sanctuary as Dr. Will Zimmerman and was just nominated for a 2009 Gemini for Best Performance by an Actor. He has also appeared in Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood Forest, where he plays Robin Hood. Dunne got his first major role in 1994 and had been a working actor ever since. He has been seen on such shows and movies as, The Mia Farrow Story, Mark Twain’s Roughing It, The Skulls 2, Dead like Me, Dawson’s Creek, Species 3, and the ever popular Cruel Intentions 2.
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Pre-Festival Screening of Forbidden Planet (Aug 18).

The Dragon*con Film Festival & Studio Movie Grill invite you to a special pre-convention screening of FORBIDDEN PLANET,
Aug 18th at 7:30pm SMG HOLCOMB BRIDGE

Forbidden Planet is the granddaddy of tomorrow, a pioneering work whose ideas and style would be reverse-engineered into many cinematic space voyages to come. Leslie Nielsen plays the commander who brings his space cruiser crew to Planet Altair-4, home to Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), his daughter (Anne Francis), a dutiful robot named Robby…and to a mysterious terror.

Yes–Forbidden Planet on the big screen for $1. And SMG serves food and DRINKS. Yes, a Dragon*Con party!!

Don’t Miss Trace Beaulieu at Dragon*Con!

Trace Beaulieu was a founding writer/performer on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) , playing Dr. Forrester and Crow for the show’s first seven seasons as well as the feature film version of MST. Trace continues to work as both a performer and writer. As an actor, he has appeared on Freaks and Geeks, The West Wing and several independent features. He was also the host of People Traps on Animal Planet. Trace’s writing credits include ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos, Fast Food Films on FX, and authoring the popular comic book Here Come the Big People!. Trace is also a dedicated visual artist with pieces in many collections.

Don’t miss CARRIE FISHER at this year’s Dragon*Con!

Carrie Fisher has been a compelling force in the film industry since her feature film debut opposite Warren Beatty in the 1975 hit Shampoo. The daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, she became a cultural icon when she played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. Her star-studded career includes roles in countless films such as Austin Powers, The Blues Brothers, The Burbs, Charlie’s Angels, Garbo Talks, Hannah and her Sisters, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Man with One Red Shoe, Scream 3, This is My Life, When Harry Met Sally, and Wonderland.
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2011 Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival Selections

We are proud to announce the films selected for the 2011 Dragon*Con IndependentFilm Festival. More information about the films will be released soon. Congrats to the filmmakers!

5 Minutes Each (dir: Vojin Vasovic)
A Cup of Tea (dir: Barrett Amato)
Abra Cadaver (dir: Jay  McBeth)
Ambition Of Love (dir: Christopher Zatta)
Animation’s Graveyard (dir: Mark  Smith, Emilie Cailleux)
Apocalypse Twins: Fast Zombies (sort of) (dir: Andrew Lee)
Bad Moon Rising (dir: Scott Hamilton)
Balls (dir: Jeremy Smith)
Bear Force One (dir: Andy Mogren)
Bear-Horse (dir: Steve  Stark)
Beautiful As You Are (dir: Doug Mallette)
Bedtime for Timmy (dir: Thomas Nicol, Becky Griesheimer)
Bethany (dir: Andrea Giomaro)
Blunderkind (dir: Zak Mechanic)
Campfire (dir: Dan MacKenzie)
Caution: May Contain Nuts (dir: Dana Anderson & Bruce Pirrie)
Certified (dir: Luke Guidici)
Cleaning House (dir: Jaime Byrd)
Cockpit:  The Rule of Engagement (dir: Jesse Griffith)
Dead Union (dir: Drew Nielsen)
Deadbeat (dir: Brenda Lee Lau)
Dirty Silverware (dir: Steve Daniels)
Disabled but Able to Rock! (dir: Blake Myers)
Djinn (dir: Matt Dallmann)
DreamGiver (dir: Tyler Carter)
Early Birds (dir: Paul Cheung)
Earthship (dir: David Wilson )
Easier Ways To Make A Living (dir: Adam Randall)
Enter The Dark (dir: Todd Miro)
Flower (dir: Raziq Brown)
Followed (dir: James Kicklighter)
Frowning (dir: Molly Coffee)
Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury (dir: Paul Briganti)
Furry Chuck (dir: Jacob Jester)
G33k & G4m3r Girls (dir: David Yarovesky)
Get Off My Porch (dir: Patrick Rea)
Ghost Perv (dir: Tyson Persall)
Gilded Age Gladiator (dir: Brad Lambert, Rob Benica)
Incubator (dir: Jimmy Weber)
Insomniac (dir: Tarek Sursock)
Invasion from Planet Schrump (dir: Nadine Keil)
James Vs Reality (dir: Chris R Wilson)
Junk Palace (dir: Lyon Hill)
Lamaze of the Dead (dir: Shawn Lewallen)
Last Seen on Dolores Street (dir: Devi Snively)
Loop-da-Loop and Giuseppe (dir: Jason R. Jaworski)
Lost and Found (dir: Lee Crowe)
Magic Kisa (dir: Saliva Mathieu)
Making Friends (dir: Marvin Suarez)
Masks (dir: Patrick Smith)
Milo (dir: Patrick Lafrance, Corinne Gibeault)
Moonfishing (dir: David Michael Friend)
My Good Fortune (dir: David Silverman)
My Mom and Other Monsters (dir: Kate Tsang)
NASTY STUFF (dir: Isaac  Ezban)
Night of the Living Spuds (dir: Timothy Richardson)
Ninja Sex Party – I Just Want To (Dance) (dir: Jim Turner)
Ninja Sex Party – If We Were Gay (dir: Jim Turner)
Ninja Sex Party – The Decision (dir: Jim Turner)
Oliver’s Treasure (dir: Chuck Grieb)
Once Upon a Time in 1972 (dir: Chris Lukeman)
Passengers of 7D (dir: Sharifa Williams)
Playing for Keeps (dir: Dylan Hayes)
Plush (dir: Ryan Denmark)
Prom King (dir: Taylor Cohan)
Rantdog’s Top Ten Zombies – EVER! (dir: Norm Fassbender)
Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story (dir: Dave Dewes, Ted Campbell)
Savasana (dir: Gerry Curtis)
Shadow Puppets (dir: Sam Carter )
Some Guy Who Kills People (dir: Jack Perez)
Space: The Bunny Frontier (dir: Jerry Fuchs)
Spoiled Rotten (dir: J. Alan Peeples)
Star Wars: Blasted Behavior (dir: Alexander Galant)
Sudden Death! (dir: Adam  Hall)
Suffer (dir: Kimani Ray Smith)
TeppanDead (dir: Hillary Lavin)
The Absence (dir: Alex DeMille)
The Candy Shop (dir: Brandon McCormick)
The Dungeon Master (dir: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong)
The Furred Man (dir: Paul Williams)
The Lady Paranorma (dir: Vincent  Marcone)
The Lone Warrior (dir: Stephen Griffin)
The Lost Explorer (dir: Tim Walker)
The Man Who Moved Manhattan (dir: Rob Ludacer)
The Millennium Bug (dir: Kenneth Cran)
The NInjews: ‘Goy-L’ Trouble (dir: Josh Bass)
Thijs and the ladies: Barbara (dir: Camiel  Zwart, Joris  van den Berg)
Thijs and the ladies: Eveline (dir: Camiel  Zwart, Joris  van den Berg)
Thijs and the ladies: Stefanie (dir: Camiel  Zwart, Joris  van den Berg)
Time’s Up, Eve (dir: Patrick Rea)
Triplets (dir: Tomoya Sato)
You Should Meet My Son! (dir: Keith Hartman)

Don’t Miss Christopher Lloyd at Dragon*Con 2011!

Christopher Lloyd began his career in theatre.  He has appeared in over two hundred plays including on and off Broadway, regional and summer stock productions.  For his title role inKaspar he took home an Obie and Drama Desk award.  Christopher starred in the Tony Award winning Broadway production of Mornings at Seven, directed Dan Sullivan, as well as Twelfth Night  in NY Festival’s Shakespeare in the Park and Center Stage’s Waiting for Godot, and as Dalton Trumbo in the New York production of Trumbo.
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Don’t Miss William Shatner at Dragon*Con 2011!

William Alan Shatner is an actor and novelist who gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk, captain of the starship USS Enterprise, in the television series Star Trek from 1966 to 1969, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and in seven of the subsequent Star Trek feature films. He has written a series of books chronicling his experiences playing Captain Kirk and being a part of Star Trek as well as several co-written novels set in the Star Trek universe. He has also authored a series of science fiction novels called TekWar that were adapted for television. His distinctive voice and cadence have been the subject of many imitations, spoofs, and parodies—all contributing to his status as a pop icon. In addition to being an Emmy Award-winning actor, he has also written numerous books, directed several projects, and even recorded a few albums. Continue reading

We are proud that Ernest Borgnine will be attending Dragon*Con 2011!

Ernest Borgnine is an American actor of television and film. His career has spanned more than six decades. He was an unconventional lead in many films of the 1950s, including his Academy Award-winning turn in the 1955 film Marty. On television, he played Quinton McHale in the 1962-66 series McHale’s Navy and costarred in the mid-1980s action series Airwolf, in addition to a wide variety of other roles. Borgnine is also well known for his role as Mermaid Man in the animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Borgnine earned an Emmy Award nomination at age 92 for his work on the series ER. Continue reading

All Decissions Made

All submitting filmmakers have been notified.  We’ll wait till we’re sure most of the filmmakers have read their notifications, and then we’ll announce our 2011 slate of films here.

Don’t Miss RALPH BAKSHI at This Year’s Dragon*Con!

Bakshi was born in October 1938 in Haifa, Israel. In 1939 his family came to New York escaping the war. He grew up in Brooklyn and went to the High School of Industrial Arts now called High School of Art & Design. Bakshi ended up graduating with an award in cartooning in 1957, Bakshi went to work for Terrytoons Animation Studio in New Rochelle as a cell polisher, graduating to cell painting. Practicing nights and weekends he quickly became an inker, and then directly to animator (by claiming an empty desk on the animators floor and, claiming that he was promoted to animator, asked for scenes to animate for characters such as Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Deputy Dawg, Foofle & Lariat Sam). By 25 he was directing these shows as well as Sad Cat,James Hound and others. At 28 he created and directed The Mighty Heroes and was made Creative Director of the studio. Continue reading