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Well, it is Dragon*Con related…
Your humble festival director is in a picture surrounded by more important people in this month’s Asimov’s (seen here). My much cuter wife is the reason for my appearance. The shot is from the Nebula award ceremony (actually at the shuttle launch which we attended as part of the festivities) where Eugie Foster (that much cuter wife I mentioned) won the 2009 Nebula Award for Best Novelette for Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast.

2010 Film Festival Awards

And the award goes to…

Each film was placed into a judging category.  Three films were then chosen by the judges as the finalists in each category, with one going on to be given 1st place.  Below is listed the three finalists and the first place films.

Animated Comedy
1st Place The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas
The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger
Animated Fantasy
1st Place Yamasong
Bygone Behemoth
Animated Science Fiction
1st Place Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks
One Small Step
Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey
Animated Short-Short
1st Place The Sacrifice
DemiUrge Emesis
1st Place Whaling and the Inherent Dangers Therein
Chase Thompson, a film by Chase Thompson
The Tedious Existence of Terrell B. Howell
Dark Comedy
1st Place Self-Inflicted
Elusive Man
1st Place The Pledge
Conventional Wisdom
1st Place The Tea Master
The Hatter’s Apprentice
Nothin’ Noble
1st Place Sunday Punch
One Night
Taylors Trophy
Magic Realism
1st Place Lorelei
Desert of the Real
1st Place Bottles
The Horseman
1st Place Alice Jacobs is Dead
8 Butterflies
Horror Comedy
1st Place The Necronomicon
Night of the Punks
Written By
Science Fiction
1st Place Mnemosyne Rising
Mister Green
The 3rd Letter
1st Place Doctor ‘S’ Battles the Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie
Born of Hope
Pushin’ Up Daisies

A Best Animated Film was chosen from the 1st place winners in the animated categories, and a Best Short Film was chosen from the winners in the live-action short film categories.

Best Animated Film: Yamasong

Best Short Film: Sunday Punch

Finally, four additional awards were presented for films/filmmakers that deserved additional recognition.

Cult Film
Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer
Honorable Mention
Elusive Man
Spirit of Dragon*Con Comcast Award
Mike Salva/Death Row Diet

The D*CIS Film Festival is over

2010 Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival is officially over, and what a wild ride it was.  So many wonderful films brought to us by skilled filmmakers, informational and entertaining panels, and very little sleep.

I want to thank everyone involved: My staff, the larger Dragon*Con volunteers, and all of our guests, panelists, and filmmakers.  My staff and I will be taking a long nap.  I’ll have all the awards and festival info posted after I wake up–which may be a few days.

Tom Savini, from Machete to Dragon*Con

Last night I was fortunate enough to see the pre-screening of Roberto Rodriguez’s Machete, which was created from the the fake trailer featured in Rodriguez’s and Tarantino’s 2007, Grindhouse. Recurring in Roberto’s movies is actor and special effects master, Tom Savini. I was excited to see him playing Osiris Ampanpour, a bounty hunter, in this over the top gore-fest of a movie because I will see him in person this weekend at Dragon*Con.

We at the Dragon*Con Film festival are pleased to once again present him as a panelist at the year’s 2010 Dragon*Con Film Festival. A longtime guest and trouble maker at Dragon*Con, Mr. Savini will be joining us at the film Festival this Saturday September 4th at 2:30pm, with “An Hour with Tom Savini”. This panel has proven nothing but exciting in the past years at our festival.

Check out the rest of our Panel and Film School Seminars at the Dragon*Con Film Festival.

We’ll see you all starting tomorrow!

Four Days at Dragon*Con Documentary Screening in the Film Festival

Did you miss seeing the PBS documentary, Four Days at Dragon*Con, when it aired on WPBA? Did you love it so much that you wish you could watch it again? Well you can see it again or for the first time at Dragon*Con!

We’re screening it in the Documentary block on Sunday at 11:30AM in the Learning Center (Hyatt) along with another Dragon*Con documentary, Conventional Wisdom.

    New Animation Film Block Added

    We have just added a block of animated short films to screen in the Animation Track Room.  This “Con Block” will feature:

    Saturday, 11:30 AM

    Check out our Film Blocks page to see when you can catch all of the Festival films.

    Show your local Georgia love at the 2010 Dragon*Con Indie Film Fest

    Dragon*Con draws people from all over the world, and it also brings films. Our line up this year includes an array of shorts, comedies, animations, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror madness for the pass holders of Dragon*Con 2010.

    We Atlantans are proud to feature the Georgian filmmakers who are representing at the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival: Continue reading

    Film School at Dragon*Con

    Artistry may come naturally, but skill you need to learn, and the D*CIS Film Festival’s Film School is here to teach film making skill. The seven sessions will cover various technical topics of filmmaking and are listed on our schedule here.

    Visa Keeps Filmmaker Away

    I’m sorry to say that Iranian filmmaker Afsaneh Zamani will not be able to attend the screening of his film, “The Infinite” at the Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival as his VISA request was denied. Luckily, her film is well able to represent itself.

    It is screening Friday and Saturday, both times in the 11:30 am block.

    Only at Dragon*Con!

    With only 11 days to go and the schedule announced, lets peek at what you’ll see at this year’s Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival.

    The documentary about Dragon*Con, screening at Dragon*Con.
    Oh Dragon*Con, you so crazy!

    The Twenty Ten Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival Lineup Announced!

    The announcement you have all been waiting for, this year’s lineup for the 2010 Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival!

    Of the hundreds submitted, we have chosen the following amazing, shocking, funny, odd, curious, and unforgettable films. Congratulations to all of our filmmakers.

    We’ll see you in just a few short weeks, so it’s time to get your Googling on!


    A Complex Villainelle by Nathan Billington, Rebecca Forth, Bart Ovaitt, Ryan Porter – USA

    Bygone Behemoth by Harry Chaskin – USA

    Charlie the Breast Fed Hamster by Jeremy Rubin – USA

    Cornerboys by Jamieson Ridenhour – USA

    Death Row Diet by Mike Salva, Tom Snyder – USA

    DemiUrge Emesis by Aurelio Voltaire – USA

    Help! Tangent Man! by Mark Smith – USA

    One Small Step by Damien Slevin, Australia

    Quantum Quest by Harry Kloor, Dan St. Piere – USA

    Shocking, Bloody Robot News! by Mike Fisher – USA

    Sketchi by Lily Sun – Canada

    Skylight by David Baas – Canada

    Steeples by Bryan Papciak – USA

    Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks by David T. Krupicz – Canada

    The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas by John Wardlaw – USA

    The Breakup by Elizabeth Dashiell – USA

    The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger by Bill Plympton – USA

    The Lighthouse Girl by Ryan Miller, Jenna Smith – USA

    The Painter Of Skies by Jorge Morais Valle – Spain

    The Sacrifice by Stephen Jennings – USA

    Tobacco Man Andrew Racho – USA

    Window Pains by Paul A Tillery IV – USA

    Yamasong by Sam K. Hale – USA

    ZTS #1 The Quackening – Redux by Norm Fassbender – Canada

    ZTS #2 The Return of the Ducks of Death by Norm Fassbender – Canada

    ZTS #3 Outhouse of a 1000 Zombies by Norm Fassbender – Canada

    ZTS #4 The Begunning by Norm Fassbender – Canada
    Continue reading

    Dragon*Con Presents

    Dragon*Con Film Festival Presents
    Pushin’ Up Daisies
    Thursday, July 22, 7:00 PM in Marietta, GA.

    A fledgling filmmaker returns to his small, rural hometown to make a documentary about flowers and their significance at the major stages of human life: birth, death, marriage, etc. Hopelessly obsessed with capturing truth and reality, the filmmaker is none too pleased when a sudden, inexplicable zombie uprising turns ‘reality’ on its head.

    Writer/director of the film, Patrick Franklin, will also be in attendance to answer questions following the movie. “Pushin’ Up Daisies” is set in Georgia and features footage from several small Georgia towns including Washington, Crawfordville and other surrounding communities.

    Complimentary tickets to the film can be obtained by visiting the Rockledge Clubhouse at 2075 Powers Ferry Rd, Marietta, Ga. 30067 or you can RSVP to Free popcorn and beverages will be served at 6:30 p.m. – 30 minutes prior to the movie in the Rockledge party room directly across from the theater. The film starts promptly at 7 p.m. in the Rockledge Movie Theater.

    Rockledge Clubhouse, 2075 Powers Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA. 30067

    Dragon*Con Presents: Animation On June 10th

    Don’t miss our second free “Dragon*Con Film Festival Presents” screening on June 10th at 7pm.  Come out to see some of the best animated films from Dragon*Con’s history and a few from our future.

    Films include:
    Enter the Sandbox
    Back to Life
    The Bone Orchard

    Voice talents will include Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, and Lance Henriksen.

    2075 Powers Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30067.

    From Atlanta:
    I-75 North to Cumberland Blvd exit. Take right at end of exit ramp. Travel approx. 1 mile and take right at Akers Mill. Go approx 1 mile and take left on Powers Ferry Rd (under the bridge). Rockledge is approx. 400 yards ahead on the right (You will see the large Clubhouse at the front of the community). The movie theater is on the 3rd floor of the clubhouse.

    Deadline Tomorrow: May 28th

    Only one more day to submit to the 2010 Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival.  Don’t miss your chance,

    We will start making decisions in about a week (and finish in some unknown quantum twisted time later) and post the selected titles here.

    Dragon*Con Staff Meeting

    Come one, come all.

    The Dragon*Con all staff meeting starts in a mere 3 hours.  the festival staff is full, but if you want to chat, or offer your skills, come on down to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.