2016 Film Festival Awards

The Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival awards ceremony took place on Monday, September 5th. Clips were shown from each of three finalists in the categories of Animated Comedy, Animated Fantasy, Animated Science Fiction, Action, Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Fan Film, Fantasy, Foreign Language, Horror, Horror Comedy, Science Fiction, as well as Feature. The finalists, as well as the winners, are listed below. Best Animated Short and Best Short Film were chosen from the 1st place winners in the genre shorts categories.  An Honorable Mention was given to a film that, due to particularly intense competition, did not place first in its category. The Spirit of Dragon Con was awarded to a filmmaker that embodied the overall essence of both the film festival and the convention.  This was a juried competition.

Best Short Film: Keep Going
Best Animated Film: Ginger & Snapper
Honorable Mention: Till the End of the World
Spirit of Dragon Con: Trip Hope (The Invitation to Armageddon

Animated Comedy

1st Place: Ginger & Snapper
Finalist: Built to Serve
Finalist: By the Horns

Animated Fantasy

1st Place: Under The Apple Tree
Finalist: The Brothers Brimm
Finalist: Raising a Nuisance

Animated Science Fiction

1st Place: The Great Silence
Finalist: Gears in the Garden
Finalist: Virus Scan 


1st Place: You Can’t Hear Me. You Can’t See Me.
Finalist: Eliza
Finalist: TENGU Birdmen of the Mountains


1st Place: The Invitation to Armageddon
Finalist: Friendlies
Finalist: Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time—Ep. 29—The Goblin Forest

Dark Fantasy

1st Place: Corvalo
Finalist: As They Continue To Fall
Finalist: The Fisherman’s Wife


Fan Film

1st Place: Committed
Finalist: Izzo (B.O.B.A.)
Finalist: Link


1st Place: Split Ticket
Finalist: Eleanora: The Forgotten Princess
Finalist: Love, Work & Other Demons

Foreign Language

1st Place: Keep Going
Finalist: Quenottes (Pearlies)
Finalist: Till the End of the World


1st Place: Wan Mei (Perfect)
Finalist: The Maiden
Finalist: Night of the Slasher

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Portal to Hell!!!
Finalist: Nuts
Finalist: O Christmas Tree

Science Fiction

1st Place: Beautiful Dreamer
Finalist: Listeners
Finalist: UFO Diary

Feature Film

1st Place: Virtual Revolution
Finalist: Bubba the Redneck Werewolf
Finalist: Legend Of The Lich Lord

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