2007 Film Festival Awards

Best Short Film: Jakob and the Angels
Best Animated Film: Operation: Fish
Honorable Mention: Thanksgiving With the Kranzes

Animated Comedy

1st Place: Whale
Clicker Clatter
Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!

Animated Drama

1st Place: When The World Goes Dark
Everything Will Be OK

Animated Horror

1st Place: Puppet
Georgie’s Wish
The Intruder

Animated Fantasy & Science Fiction

1st Place: Operation: Fish
Alien for Christmas
Art’s Desire

Action & Suspense

1st Place: Forged
Rest Stop for the Rare Individual
Roma Sub Rosa: The Secret Under the Rose


1st Place: Lullaby Crossing
The Laborer
Vengeful Spirit


1st Place: Monster Job Hunter
The Love Box
The Time Machine

Dark Comedy

1st Place: The Fifth
My Friend Sam


1st Place: Jakob and the Angels
The Henchman
Ordinary Angels


1st Place: Para-Normal
Iron Bird

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Zombie Love
Cannibal Flesh Riot
Night of the Hell-Hamsters


1st Place: 07
The Ring of Ultimate Power
Thanksgiving With the Kranzes

Magic Realism

1st Place: Enter the Dragonfly
Belinda’s Swan Song
Vanished Acres

Science Fiction

1st Place: D-I-M, Deus in Machina
Face Machine
Great Detective


1st Place: A Little Night Fright
Blue Dreams Downtown

Additionally, we presented five awards determined by the audience. The Filmmaker’s Choice award was given to the film receiving the most votes from attending filmmakers. The remaining four awards were voted on by the audience in general, and as the processes used for figuring festival audience awards can never stand up to rigorous inspection, we took things light from the start. The voting for these none-too-serious awards had no rules, and yet the results certainly made sense to us.

Filmmaker’s Choice:
Zombie Love

Audience Awards for films containing:
Insanely Brilliant Original Song: Zombie Love
Kick-Ass Fight: Forged
Deliciously Twisted Relationship: Daddy Why?
Overall Joyously Perverse: The Boy Princes: A Tragedie Most Monstrous

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