Screening Blocks

Below are the screening blocks for the 2017 event. All information is tentative. Films are listed alphabetically, not in screening order within a block. All screenings take place in the Hyatt Learning Center except as noted.

Friday 10:00 am

(Hanover C—E)
Short Shorts

Friday 11:30 am


Friday 02:30 pm

Science Fiction I

Friday 04:00 pm

Georgia Horror

Friday 07:00 pm


Friday 11:30 pm

Science Fiction Comedy Feature

Saturday 11:30 am


Saturday 02:30 pm

Dark Comedy

Saturday 05:30 pm


Saturday 07:00 pm

Science Fiction II: Outer Space

Saturday 08:30 pm

Fan Track Screening (Galleria 8, Hilton)
Independent Films from Asia

Saturday 10:00 pm

Animation I

Saturday 11:30 pm

Horror I: Horror Can Be Fun

Sunday 11:30 am

Fan Films

Sunday 02:30 pm


Sunday 07:00 pm

Animation II

Sunday 10:00 pm

Science Fiction III: Robots

Sunday 11:30 pm

Horror II

Monday 02:30 pm

By Audience Request