Screening Blocks

Below are the screening blocks for the 2019 event. All information is tentative. Films are listed alphabetically, not in screening order within a block. All screenings take place in the Hyatt Learning Center.

Friday 1:00 pm

Opening 2019

Friday 04:00 pm

Science Fiction I: Space, Robots, & Rules

Friday 05:30 pm

Fantasy I: A Little Magic, A Little Romance

Friday 07:00 pm

Comedy I : Comedy is a Dark Business

Friday 10:00 pm

Chinese Horror

Friday 11:30 pm

Horror I: Demons, Psychos, & Ancient Evils

Saturday 11:30 am

Fan Films & Parodies

Saturday 01:00 pm

Animation From Around the World

Saturday 04:00 pm

Science Fiction II: Dark Futures & Escape

Saturday 05:30 pm

It’s a Weird World

Saturday 07:00 pm

Comedy II: Just Laughter

Saturday 10:00 pm

Fantasy II: Pagan Magic & Folk Monsters

Saturday 11:30 pm

Horror Feature

Sunday 10:00 am


Sunday 11:30 am

Superheroes & Monsters vs. Society

Sunday 02:30 pm

D&D / Horror Documentaries

Sunday 05:30 pm

Science Fiction III: Gaming, AI, & Social Media

Sunday 07:00 pm

Fantasy III: Mixed Magic

Sunday 10:00 pm

Action & Sci-Fi

Sunday 11:30 pm

Horror II: Monsters, Lunatics, & Modern Terrors

Monday 02:30 pm

By Audience Request