It’s About Time

Producer/Director/Writer: Jerry Rector

Tick, tick, tick.  Time is not on the side of a captive.  Tick.  And as the torturer comes, time only becomes worse. Tick.  For the sadist has a way, he has a way of making a prisoner…

1 min

Into The Maelstrom

Producer: Marc Ferrero; Director: Peter Sullivan; Writer: Benjamin Sztajnkrycer

Responding to a distress signal on board the long-lost vessel The Maelstrom, two detectives make a shocking discovery: the crew has been brutally slaughtered. The only survivor is a frightened boy who might be the key to finding the killer.

Into The Maelstrom was produced for the 48 Hour Film Project, a competition where teams are given forty-eight hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film between four and seven minutes long.  Starring Eric Etebari, Bru Muller, Jesse Walker.

8 min

Imperial Chopper

Producers/Director: Cristofer Adrian; Writer: Johnathan Simmons

It is a time of prosperity for the Empire. Swoop Bikes are all the craze for high ranking officials seeking a symbol of status and prestige. Sith County Choppers (S.C.C.) specialize in custom-built bikes for anyone who can pay the price.

In this episode The Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, comes to the crew of S.C.C. to build his personal Swoop Bike. Sparks fly, tempers flare and employees die as the colorful crew build the ultimate swoop bike under the pressure of the Dark Lord.

15 min


Producer/Director: Jason Gottlieb

There is a pool of light that sits atop a cliff which is the life-force of two robots and the downfall of a smoke cat. In order to move freely and leave the shadows the cat must block off the robots’ access to the light. Likewise, the robots must have access to the light or they will perish. While the robots possess some of the light in their lantern they have a defense against the cats attacks; but when their light runs out will they be able to stop the cat before it destroys them?

6 min

I’ll See You in My Dreams

Producers: Paula Diogo, Filipe Melo; Director: Miguel Angél Vivas; Writers: Melo, Vivas, Ivan Vivas

In a village inexplicable haunted by a plague of zombies, Lucio is the one man who can fight them. No one is safe in this dark near-future, when even loved ones can be transformed into horrible demons who seek to kill and eat you. This situation is temporarily forgotten in the local bar, where the inhabitants of the village take refuge, pretending that things are normal.  Well, almost normal.  But things aren’t normal, and those that drink in that dark pub demonstrate the one truth in life: the one thing that is worse than a mindless monster, is a human.

20 min


Producer/Director/Writer: Murray Triplett

A legendary soldier returns from a mission to recover an artifact that may save his people. But he returns to betrayal and a greater threat in the shadows. A young priest must find his courage to save the artifact from slipping away, as all who surround him become victims to the evil that now haunts them.

20 min

I am Stamos

Producers: Robert Peters, Alex Eastburg; Director: Rob Meltzer; Writers: Eastburg, Meltzer

There’s only one John Stamos…and his name is Andy Shrub. When character actor Andy Shrub makes a wish to look like a leading man, he magically begins to photograph as John Stamos, provoking the unholy wrath of Stamos. Starring: Robert Peters, John Stamos.

18 min


Producer: Mark Currie; Director/Writer: Rachel Wang

Iris (Shirley Anne Field) met her true love, Percy (Kenny Lynch) in a nursing home, when she was already old and frail. She wishes she had met him earlier. A former scientist, Iris sets out to make a time machine from a wheelchair, go back to the past, and meet Percy in her heyday. Heyday is a touching modern fairytale about treasuring moments with the person that you love.

10 min

Herman, The Legal Labrador

Producer: Jeremy Parker; Director/Writer: David Blumenstein

A man is dead, and the police have picked up Danny Hoang. The evidence is compelling, but is Danny innocent? Herman, The Legal Labrador thinks so! Herman, the city’s top canine defense attorney, has legal knowledge, cunning and a shiny, healthy coat, and a little sniffing leads him to a secret, powerful brotherhood of crime, comprised of, among others, the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Ku Klux Klan, the Scientonomists, the Shriners, the Market Researchers of America and the entire nation of Ireland. But can a group of the evilest people in the world really be behind this frame-up, or is the truth far stupider?

22 min


Producer/Writer: Chris McKinley; Director/Writer: Drew Barnhardt

Meet Herbie Duck. He’s nice. Well meaning. He likes people. But he has a problem. A big one. He doesn’t want to do what he does. At least, not so much. He wants what we all want, to be happy. And he’d like someone to be happy with. Herbie meets Rosie. She’s young. Too young. Rosie is looking for her lost mother. Herbie is looking for Rosie. She might be Herbie’s last chance, or his next victim. Who’s to say? Not Herbie. He doesn’t say much. Starring Reggie DeMorton, Gena Shaw.

19 min


Producer: Michael Capiraso; Director/Writer: Marcus Wagner

It’s All Hallows Eve in Coney Island! Many screams cut through the calliope of this urban playground, but not every cry is one of joy. Our fable begins with two trick-or-treaters: Sara the precocious kitty-cat and her little pumpkin Joey. The two are denied entrance to the Freakshow by Mr. Fingers, the ten-in-one’s sinister barker. The costumed kids sneak their way inside, Joey wanting treats and Sara seeking freaks. As this tall tale gets told a lesson does unfold – curiosity can kill a cat and no pumpkin is ripe until its fat! Starring Erik Frandsen, with Alice Cooper as the voice of Pirate Jack. Fine out more at

9 min

Final Sale

Producer: Gina DiSanto; Director/Writer: Julie Hermelin

It’s a short form action/comedy about two best friends, Jane, the conservative traditionalist, and Isabell, the sassy ballbuster, who are shopping for dresses to wear to a friend’s wedding. When they both eye the same red dress tempers flare, barbs are exchanged, and a kung fu show down ensues. But, this face-off isn’t just a fight about a dress, it’s a comedic tale about the shifting dynamics of friendship and the power struggles therein. Starring Felicia Day, Cerina Vincent.

12 min


Producer/Director/Writer: Yoh Komaya

Anjo, a life insurance sales agent, meets a potential client named “D”. D has a special ability to spot a lie, and discovers Anjo has committed a crime and is trying to cover it up. Thus begins his conquest for the truth. As D follows the lies of everyone he meets, he gets closer to the heart of the truth, or what he thinks is the truth. Will the true intention of D be revealed when he discovers the truth behind Anjo’s crime? And who is D really?

55 min

The Cost of Living

Producer/Director/Writer: Max Hochrad

For next to nothing, a young woman manages to rent an amazing apartment. She soon discovers though, that the apartment manages to make its money back very quickly…

This film sets out to satirize the way in which our world is moving, at least in terms of what we might experience on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with advertising, it’s just that maybe we need a break from it sometimes.

10 min

Cost of Living

Producer/Director/Writer: Jonathan Joffe

What would you pay to live forever? That is the question posed by Cost Of Living, a short film starring William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man, The X-Files).

Set in the near future, when a man dying of cancer attempts to purchase a new body, he is forced to decide just how much he is willing to pay for immortality.

An engaging script, powerful performances, and stylish effects make this short film a must see for everyone.

11 min

Confederate Zombie Massacre!

Producer: Agustin Fuentes; Director/Writer: Devi Snively

A romantic horror comedy that tells the very true story of a fictitious battle during the Civil War in which the use of homemade chemical weapons results in mayhem of zombie-astic proportions! Heads fly, breasts heave and love is in the polluted green air. Features Dragon*Con favorite, Nikki Taylor Melton.

17 min

The Commission

Producer/Director/Writer: Josh Greene

An old-school movie studio has cornered a third of the world box office by cranking out a series of Jesus-ploitation films. However their latest, a noir-thriller called ‘The Big Sheep’ (featuring Christ as a Bogey-esque private detective) isn’t testing so well.

With profits falling and Corporate breathing down their necks, it’s up to eleven crotchety, old Studio Execs to find a solution and revive the franchise. But when a mysterious Stranger appears with an outrageous plan to fill every seat, the old-timers are faced with an even bigger dilemma than the bottom-line.

9 min

Colour Blind

Producer/Director: Kurt Breitenmoser; Writer: Steve Coates

After a horrific accident, Milo wakes in the notorious Morton Hospital, a place where patients inexplicably disappear without a trace. When the bandages are removed from his eyes, Milo discovers he has been bestowed a psychic gift. Can he rely on this sixth sense to save himself from the sinister forces of the hospital? Will he succeed in escaping with the help of nurse Bettina, before his arranged ‘transfer’?

Things are not what they seem. Colour Blind is a chilling film that explores the fallibility of human perception and the consequences of reading people the wrong way…

30 min

Cold War

Producer/Director/Writer: Brian Garrigan

A high tech mix of “old meets new” with art direction and character design influenced by 1930’s sci-fi pulp magazines and vintage advertising posters, Cold War is a tribute to Warner Brothers and Mad Magazine. All these influences are brought together by cutting edge 3D animation. Key framed by hand without motion capture and created by two students at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan for their Thesis film project. Cold War seeks to veer away from standard student films and get back to the roots of animation, namely comedy.

There are no ninjas or evil clowns in this piece―just a self-contained universe inhabited by two foes from rival nations. Their rivalry is the basis for their slap stick brand of humor.

4 min


Producer: Michael Hagerty, Director: Karl T. Hirsch, Writers: Hirsch & Michael McColl

Ken’s workaday routine, which includes having a few cocktails each night, has left him marginally bored and lifeless. One day, his routine is interrupted. When his regular liquor store is closed, he finds a flyer for Circus Liquor—a nearby store with a giant neon clown at its entrance. When he begins to drink from the store’s liquor, strange things start to happen. He begins to have vivid hallucinations of an Evil Clown, following him, coming closer as the nights progress. As the Evil Clown gradually approaches, the liquor’s appeal becomes stronger—ultimately becoming more important than his girl, his job, and his sanity.

20 min