Claang: L’Origine (Claang: The Origin)

Director/Writer: Stefano Milla

Claang is a simbol: four snakes form an oval where two fighters are fencing. This image represent the arena where every day, everyone fights to give a sense to our lives. Claang is the origin of all arenas… Is the origin of all our fights…

6 min

Circle of Freaks

Producer/Director/Writer: David Popolow

All are welcome to visit the Circle of Freaks. We enjoy your company and want you to stay a while! Come see the Dog boy! Watch the Worm boy get under your skin! And don’t forget to greet the unhappiest Clown on earth!

But first let me tell you of the story of a little boy who happened upon the Circle of Freaks. Lured by his curiosity, he entered, expecting to have a good old jolly time. He liked to cruelly taunt the freaks and did not consider the consequences.

So who is the Real Monster? You decide.

6 min

The Big Thing

Producer/Director/Writer: Carl Laudan

1850: First mass-production of vulcanized rubber condoms.

1851: Patent given for an “Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure” (zipper)

1889: The Eiffel Tower is completed for the Parisian World Fair

But, one detail that the history books never mention is that the World Ended that same year in 1889, in Paris. Just then, Lucifer & Archangel Michael hatched a plan, followed it through, overcoming perilous obstacles, and got the job done. For the first time, our film documents and re-creates the End of the World as it really occurred.

9 min

The Babel Trunk

Producer/Director: Bram Tihany; Writer: Ed Cohen

Alone in a room with no entrances or exits a man sits silently at a typewriter, a man whose only known function is to type. When he unwittingly begins questioning his purpose, dramatic repercussions are inflicted on his surroundings, provoking a visit from his coworkers upstairs and below. Their subsequent clash ignites a race against time as the three struggle to reach an agreement before their reality is thrust into complete chaos. An imaginative and dark satire, The Babel Trunk explores a surreal world of sideways logic and deceitful appearances.

20 min

Apartment 206

Producer: Jon Stout, Director/Writer: Gregory Zymet

Two fatal victims of a traffic accident wake up in an ominous apartment surrounded by darkness. Their only contact with the living world is through old televisions that broadcast the one thing they cherish back on earth. They “plug in” to their past lives and attempt to manipulate them. Eventually, they both realize the things they crave can only be gotten when they confront the black void outside.

29 min


Producer: Stacy Patterson; Director/Writer: Christian Davis

A beautiful redhead is sitting at the bar of a crowded nightclub when a drunk propositions her. She politely says she’s waiting for her husband, but the drunk continues to move in. In need of a contingency plan, she grabs a passing stranger as her ‘husband.’ One look at her, and the stranger happily plays along until the drunk gets the hint.

The redhead and the stranger have a few drinks, then a few drinks more. The chemistry between them is intense. When they move outside to fulfill their passion, the action takes an unexpected twist and thrusts them into a violent criminal plot where nothing, and no one, is as it seems.

15 min


Producer: Andrew Allan, Dave Berggren, Director: John Karliss, Andy Lalino; Writer: Lalino

When reporter Dana Diamond goes in search of the ultimate story, she gets more than she bargained for. On a riot-torn Halloween night, Dana is lured into a decrepit house by a sadistic transient and kidnapped by an incestuous family.

Inside, Dana endures the most brutal and unspeakable ordeals imaginable, mentally and physically tortured to the limit, as she hallucinates monsters emerging from the garbage piles, including a humanoid being made of rotting meat pieces. Will Dana survive the unrelenting attack of her merciless tormentors?

32 min

Farmer Brown

Producer/Director/Writer: Charlie Cline

The American farmer is an icon of hard work and determination in the face of tremendous odds. One constant during the farmer’s struggle is his imperturbable attitude in the face of these challenges. ‘Farmer Brown’ presents a typically stoic and hardworking denizen of the heartland, as we follow him addressing every challenge, from typical farm chores to decidedly atypical supernatural incursions, with the same matter-of-fact demeanor.

4 min


Producer/Writer: Eric Richter, Director: Anthony Sumner

Tom just popped “the question” to Suzi and she couldn’t be more excited. Everything seems perfect at first, but is Suzi all that she seems? When Tom wakes up finding himself tied and bound in a plastic covered room, he soon learns exactly what Suzi expects their life together to be like. As she literally cuts away the flaws in their relationship, Suzi makes it clear that this marriage will not be without sacrifice. Hanging helplessly from the rafters, Tom clings on to consciousness as Suzi carves away at his masculine imperfections. Is this really happening? Many of the graphic scenes in Jitters will test the stamina of audience members.

13 min

Jedi House

Producer: Errol Oktan; Directors/Writers: Oktan, Heather Harris

A Jedi trains for four years at the Jedi Academy in the hopes of becoming a Jedi Knight. For some, it can take decades. In this faux trailer from SpatCave Films, we see what College life might be like for some Jedi training at the Academy. From panty raids to parties, and everything in between, will Jedi House be able to graduate in just four years? Will they somehow pass the Jedi Trials? Will the Hippies get their underwear back? Will Kegboy find his clothes? Will Yoda expel them? Will Pinki the Hutt finally find a girl? All these questions and more get answered in this short trailer.

9 min

The Neighborly Thing

Producer/Director: Samantha Light; Writer: Michael Simon

A chilling tale about a man’s overzealous obsession with his upstairs neighbor. When the man encounters a young street-couple inhabiting his neighbor’s house, his territory is threatened. He intrudes himself on them causing an imminent, and possibly deadly, confrontation.

11 min

Marebito, Ju-on, Spider Forest, Starship II, and Shadows Light

The DCI Film Festival 2005 offered five feature screenings. Two were the hottest new Asian films—the Lovecraftian J-horror Marebito, from the director of Ju-on, and the Korean supernatural thriller Spider Forest.  We also had test screenings of the comedy Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses and the bloody God of Vampires. Finally, late night we offered Shadows Light, a tale of exorcism, demons, and a djinni.


Producer/Director/Writer: Jimmy Sariya

At motels, strangers come and go. Sometimes bad things happen and they, forever, remain behind closed doors.

After the dark storm dies, Mary, a lost soul, checks into room 208. Unrest is born as her life crosses with Jessica’s. Soon after, anyone who enters 208 will discover why…

14 min

Zombie Skunk Ghouls Preview

Producer/Director: Mark Smith

Deadbeat Skunk types his first screenplay overnight, a sci-fi/horror story entitled Zombie Skunk Ghouls of Deadly Doom (From Beyond). His friend Sezquatch reads the first draft aloud, and is left speechless. Little do Deadbeat’s friends, Girth Grizzly and Thurman Q. Porcupine realize, the script is about to be purchased by a struggling Hollywood studio.

3 min

2005 Film Festival Awards

Best Short Film: Apartment 206
Best Animated Film: The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello
Honorable Mention: Turn

Animated Comedy

1st Place: Rattus Pistofficus
Herman, The Legal Labrador*
The Love Train
Surly Squirrel*
Timmy’s Lessons in Nature: Lessons 1-3
To A Man With A Big Nose
Zombie Skunk Ghouls Preview

Animated Fantasy & Science Fiction

1st Place: The Mysterious Geographic
Explorations of Jasper Morello
Cold War
Joy Comes in the Morning
Knights in the Enchanted Museum*
Valley of Gwombi*

Animated Horror

1st Place: Little Dead Girl
Circle of Freaks
L’amour est…*


1st Place: Final Sale
I am Stamos
It’s About Time
Pirates Vs. Ninjas*
Prayers From Pelham
The Three R’s*

Extreme Horror

1st Place: Means To An End


1st Place: Apartment 206
The Babel Trunk
The Big Thing
Claang: The Origin
The Commission*
Nie solo seiN (Never even)
Rainbow’s End


1st Place: Colour Blind
Legion The Word Made Flesh*
I’ll See You in My Dreams
Stephen King’s Gotham Café
Thirty Five
We All Fall Down

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Pee Shy
Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day*
To Psigio (The Fridge)


1st Place: Confederate Zombie Massacre!
Imperial Chopper*
Jedi House*
Mosquito: Behind the Scenes Preview
Portrait of a Zombie
Teenage Superhero Pregnancy Scare

Science Fiction

1st Place: Cost Of Living
The Cost of Living
Farmer Brown
Into the Maelstrom
Star Wars: Revelations*
Terror In The Outer Zone


1st Place: D
Kyoto Nocturnes, Part I: Elegant Slaughter
Le Manian
The Neighborly Thing
One For The Road
Staring at the Sun*


The 2005 D*CIS Film Festival Jury consisted of:

Fran Burst-Terranella
An Emmy-winning filmmaker with over 700 credits, Fran is a founding member of IMAGE and Women in Film-Atlanta, has served on the Governor’s Film and Video Advisory Board, is currently on the Board of NATAS’ Southeast chapter, and has earned more than 100 national and international awards. She is also on the Digital Media faculty at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Bob Coughlin
A professional writer and editor since 1967 as well as a long-time film festival director, Bob has produced film segments for Jon Ludwig’s Heaven Hell Tour and other projects at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts, worked with Jim Henson on The Muppets Take Atlanta, and produced, written, and scored several short films, including the 1988 documentary Bob Smith and Howdy Too.

Doc Ezra
With a near-encyclopedic knowledge of bad action movies, and a superhuman capacity for cynicism and sarcasm, Doc joined the SDI fold at where he has been a contributor for nearly a decade, writing his own weight in DVD Reviews. He has also served as a former contributor to Corona’s Coming Attractions.

Matthew M. Foster
Your not-very-humble Festival Director and Film Critic.