Writer/Director: Alex Ferrari; Producer: Kyra Ozuna

Cyn is a twisted tale about Cynthia, a young woman who is taken away by two psychopaths (Mr. Sugar and Otto) in the middle of the night to an old abandoned kindergarten. Cyn quickly turns the tables on them and soon the night becomes a cat and mouse mind game. While this drama is unfolding, a lone figure watches from a close circuit monitor. Who is Cynthia and what the hell is going on?

5 min


Writers: David Lyons, Helen Lyons, Jeanne Simon, Mark Simon; Producer/Director: Mark Simon

A group of clumsy rainforest creepers secretly become super heroes who stumble through rescuing their fellow creatures from the sabotage of the sinister creeper at the local festival.

6 min

Clicker Clatter

Writer/Director: Benjamin Radford; Producer: Edward Summer

Clicker Clatter is an animated short that exposes TV journalism and TV for the wasteland that it is. From scare-of-the-week programming to Katie Couric’s stupid interview questions and the frustration of scrambled porn, nothing is safe in this sharp satire! Mike Reiss, writer/producer for The Simpsons, calls Clicker Clatter: “smart, funny, and beautifully executed.”

6 min

Chiayi Symphony

Producer/Director: Stefano Giannotti

The project was born casually from an even more casual trip in Taiwan in August 2006. The idea of the symphony poured out from a river spring in the mountains, at the margins of a little tea-field, where a woman was launching fertilizer in handfuls, with a beautiful wide gesture; the natural soundtrack of the place was composed by cicadas, a very peculiar kind of, listenable only in the Alishan mountains; Thus, the idea of the symphony, taking from the classic symphony only the style of the titles, and not the structure (8 movements intervalled by interludes, instead of 4 movements like in the the eighteenth-nineteenth century symphony).
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59 min

The Celery Stalker

Writer: Lisa Ferber; Director: Zooey Park

A game of truth and lies: three neurotic women, a bookstore, and the benefits of eating your veggies.  Park states: The Celery Stalker was inspired by my ex-girlfriend. I could never be sure if she was telling the truth. Her lies and half-truths were always entertaining, though.

6 min

Cannibal Flesh Riot!

Writer/Producer/Director: Gris Grimly

Cannibal Flesh Riot! is a black comedy about unusual friendships, culinary tastes and the repercussions for feasting on the dead. A stylish modern film that mixes verbal wit, stop motion, and B-Horror from the ‘50s Drive-in era.

Stash and Hub, two redneck ghouls, take a journey through an ancient graveyard to do what ghouls have done for centuries: grave defiling, necrophilia, and cannibalism. On their midnight walk, they rant about their idiosyncrasies. But this morbid journey to feast on the dead does not unfold as it has the numerous nights before. Stash and Hub have raided the resting place of the deceased one too many times and the dead do not take lightly being fed on for centuries.

This film is a cinematic representation of rock and roll, EC horror comics, drunken philosophy and a barnyard hoedown. Taste the flavors of 50’s B films, German Expressionism and stop motion effects.

29 min

Blue Dreams Downtown

Writer/Producer/Director: Raiya Corsiglia

A black and white, silent world, Winter in Coney Island. A down on his luck drifter falls in love with a woman in an old photograph. That night a storm comes and as he drifts off to sleep under his favorite bridge, the woman in the photograph comes to life.

3 min

The Boy Princes: A Tragedie Most Monstrous

Writer/Producer/Director: Darren Herczeg

Sebastian, Balthazar, and Marion are simply the most boyish nine-year old boy princes that have ever lived. Tended to by their faithful, Indian manservant, Pasha, the boys have never known poverty, nor pain, nor despair. But when they must decide who among them is the most boyish, nothing short of blood, war, rape and murder awaits. The boys decide to hold a competition, and serving as judge is the mysterious Cousin Evelyn, a masked recluse who holds a grudge against the princes for disfiguring his face when they were toddlers. Evelyn immediately plays the boys against one another, and enlists the aid of the lusty lady Bernadine to systematically strip his dainty kin of their vaunted innocence. But the price of revenge is high, too high. For no one—not Sebastian, Balthazar, and Marion, not Evelyn and Bernadine, not even Pasha—can escape an impending tragedy of woefully monstrous proportions.

27 min


Writer/Director: Raphaello Kotziamanis

John T. Rex is a cop at the top of his game. Nobody likes his methods, but he always delivers the goods. When Rex discovers the secret hide-out of the internationally wanted criminal Ken Oh, He does what he does best: Taking out the trash! A Real Hero, Real Ninjas, Real Warlocks, Real Bullets, Real Explosions! It all adds up to Real Action Reloaded! Action has a new name: John T. Rex.

9 min

Blood of the Cross

Writer/Producer/Director: Todd Lubitsch

So you’re Jesus, but what you really want to do is direct. Sure, being Jesus is difficult, but try shooting a film with no money. It’s a struggle to keep his crew together while staying in character. He’s truly a director with a messiah complex. Blood of the Cross… for those seeking direction.
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12 min

The Big Pull

Producer/Director: Galen Carter-Jeffrey

A man finds a string in his nose.  That’s it.  Just a string—a string that never seems to end. This is twisted, sick, horror comedy, all in two minutes.

2 min

Belinda’s Swan Song

Writer/Director: Alicia Witt; Producers: Alicia Witt, Nathan Foulger

A musical theatre singer takes the stage for her final performance in this 16 minute one-woman film. As Belinda sings and addresses her audience for the very last time, we see that all is not as simple as it seems—and get a glimpse into the inherent love/hate relationship between artist and audience.

16 min

Ambassadors Day

Writer/Producer/Director: Dave Kellum

Before sundown, two diplomats must defuse a volatile international dilemma. Thousands of years in the future the remnants of the human species have moved indoors to escape the wrath of an environment turned hostile. Many generations have passed, and all that’s left of communication between these isolated sanctuaries of humankind are the Ambassadors.

Long after the End of The World has passed into myth, two envoys meet to exchange the weekly numbers of their people. It is a day like any other in Rendezvous Zone Eight-Seven Northwest, until one of the Ambassadors is ordered to shoot the other.
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20 min


Writer: Holly Martins; Producer: Jessica Wethington; Director: Jack Swanstrom

1972. An American soldier is captured and tortured in Vietnam. At the height of agony, he suddenly finds himself home, living an idyllic life with a loving wife and children that he’s never seen before.
As he struggles to take in what’s happening to him, he discovers the cruel pain of war isn’t over after all. As the clock strikes midnight every night, he is back in Vietnam where his torture resumes a few minutes each time. Escaping will take his wits, and require a gun. Stars David Morse & John C. McGinley

22 min

D-I-M, Deus in Machina

Writers/Producers: Axel and Henning Ricke; Director: Axel Ricke

At the end of the twenty-first century society has given up on the illusion of happiness for everyone. Another ideal has taken its place: your usefulness for society has become the measure of all things. Based on its own rating of the citizens, a dehumanized system distributes goods and services to the inhabitants of it’s world.
Lutz is not cut out for this. He is a romantic aficionado of nostalgic 2D-films of the twenties century. Instead of paying his dues to society, he prefers to sit in front of his antique DVD player and immerses himself in a world where there is still freedom, adventure and heroism. Soon his romantic inclination gets him kicked out of university and loses him his prestigious enrollment at the institute for neuro-informatics. Without perspective or status he finds himself in a situation with no way out.

But Lutz has a plan, and with a little help from his one true friend Jannik, he’s ready to defy the system and win a future.

29 min

Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!

Writers/producers/directors: Benjamin W. Neidenthal, James Davis, Matt Corcoran

Every small town has a mad scientist. Unfortunately for Jamestown that man is Dr. Docatto, the world’s worst inventor. After years of severe failure, Dr. Docatto is about to throw in the towel when he comes up with an idea so wild, so nutty, and so hair-brained, that he is sure it will secure his place in the history books! It’s simple; he will create the world’s first Anti-Gravity Propulsion machine based on the theory that cats always land on their feet.

Without testing his theory, he invites colleagues, the media, and the citizens of Jamestown to witness the unveiling.
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14 min

Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle

Writer/Director: J Zachary Pike; Producer: Marc Dole;

Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle combines the best of reality TV with a fantasy setting. Twelve contestants, including six stereotypical fantasy heroes and six monsters, compete in a series of dangerous elimination challenges for a million gold pieces.
Starring the voices of Billy West and Richard McGonagle.

4 min

Enter the Dragonfly

Writer/Director: Nir Paniry; Producer: Emerson Jaco

Enter the Dragonfly is a comedic fantasy tale about a 12-year-old boy named Bruce that has a vivid imagination to say the least. Although academic subjects like math should be Bruce’s focus, his thoughts instead are completely centered around his favorite obsession…kung-fu movies. When his teacher sends him to deliver a note to the principal, the adventure begins.

23 min