Death in the Garden

Writers: Edmund Jory, Michael Chrisoulakis; Director/Producer: Michael Chrisoulakis.

The stillness hanging over the Chifley gardens is shattered by the girlish scream of the groundsman, mortified after coming face to face with Death itself.

Fleeing to his master, in search of aiding his escape, the aging Baron offers to stand in the young man’s place.

So both men begin a journey from where neither intends to return—one to the farthest shore; the other to Death in the garden.

11 min

Death In Charge

Writer/Director: Devi Snively; Producers: Greg Reeves, Heather Smith.

Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s Death…When violent media, handguns and nihilism are ubiquitous, who fears the Reaper? In the tradition of E.C. Horror Comics, this cautionary tale examines life through the eyes of Death who gets derailed when an impatient single Mom carelessly mistakes the scythe-carrying cloaked one for her tardy babysitter and leaves Death to care for her precocious 9-year-old daughter for the evening. Whitney teaches Death about life’s many marvels through violent video games, macaroni & cheese, and the magic of Sea Munkees. But when Whitney reveals some dark tendencies of her own, it’s up to Death to lighten things up before returning to the grim duties that lie in wait?

15 min


Writers/Producers: J. Andrew Molloy, Pat Corcoran; Director: J. Andrew Molloy.

Deadspiel is the “Greatest Curling Zombie Film Ever Made,” In the pantheon of the Zombies in Sports subgenre, none have come close to capturing the gritty realism of life and (un)death in the sometimes ugly world of small town curling as Deadspiel. Chronicling the epic struggle for playoff survival between the human Team Olmstead and the once human Team Romero, this film transcends the confines of its genre to tell a tale of hope and acceptance and remind us all of the simple beauty of a rock sliding down a sheet of bumpy ice.

8 min

Mythic Journeys

Written, Directed and Produced by Steven & Whitney Boe.

Will you know who you are when you die or will death have to tell you?

Mythic Journeys is a multi-layered masterpiece; a unique fusion of documentary, animation and story. Interviews are interwoven with multicultural artwork and a Hi-Def stop-motion adaptation of an ancient tale where a noble king is charged with the grim task of delivering a corpse to a mysterious sorcerer. Showing how mythology and story can change the world, award-winning filmmakers Steven & Whitney Boe engage the audience with a thought-provoking, unpretentious, and often humorous style that captures the essence of what it is to be human. Mythic Journeys boldly affirms, “Every life is a story and that story can change the world.”

Featuring the work of Brian and Wendy Froud, Michael Granberry and the voices of Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, and Lance Henriksen.

George’s Intervention

Written by JT Seaton & Brad C. Hodson. Directed by JT Seaton. Produced by JT Seaton, Brad C. Hodson, & David Nicholson

9 out of 10 interventions are successful… This is the 1

George’s friends have gathered for an intervention… George’s intervention. You see, George is a zombie. And his friends are hoping to convince him to stop eating people and to enter ‘zombie rehab’. With the help of a professional interventionist, George’s friends confront George regarding his ‘addiction’.

But, over the course of the night, George’s friends begin to disappear. Have they given up hope that the intervention will be successful? Or have they become dinner?

Following in the tradition of such critically acclaimed cult smashes as Shaun of the Dead and Dead and Breakfast, George’s Intervention takes a unique and darkly comic view of the world of the undead.

From Inside

Written & Directed by John Bergin. Produced by John Bergin & Brian McNelis.

We All Fall Down

Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is the tale of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train slowly transcribing its way across a bleak, apocalyptic landscape. Flood, war, starvation, and a plague of death threaten the train’s passengers. Cee struggles through these dangers while coping with the memory of her lost husband and the imminent birth of her child.

The Death of Alice Blue

Written/Directed by Park Bench. Produced by Alex Appel.

And You Thought You Had a Dead End Job

Something strange is going on behind the doors of Raven Advertising. It’s Alice Blue’s first day on the job and already she has set her sights on creating an impressive ad campaign for an important American wine company not to mention the agency’s top creative director, Stephen. However the Agency has other plans for her.

Reluctantly she befriends a group of co-workers who call themselves “The Resistance” led by one lovelorn chap named Peter. Peter is convinced something very sinister is at work at Raven and Alice is somehow the key to unraveling the mystery.

With the help of The Resistance, Alice discovers ancient secrets and her own genetic predisposition to being a vampire. But in the end, despite the powerful forces allied against her, Alice will abide by no ones rules but her own.

That’s Magic!

Writers: Brandon McCormick, Charlie Wetzel; Director/Producer: Brandon McCormick.

That’s Magic! follows a disillusioned magician who seeks his own answer to find what is ‘magic’ in the world around him.

15 min

realTIME – it’s just a game…

Writer: Christopher Klein; Director/Producer: Steffen Mueller

A spy ring infiltrates an internet online game with real missions. Heidingsfelder is an addicted nerd and walks into the trap. He accomplishes the illegal assignments for bonus points. A journalist is collecting evidence and suddenly becomes a mission target herself.

26 min

A Conscience Will Kill You

Writer/Director: Salvatore Lumetta; Producers: Steve Groff, Salvatore Lumetta.

A wife’s assumed infidelity and a killer’s bout of conscience, lead to a husband’s vengeance, a romantic interlude and a hit man’s untimely demise, in this homage to Italian sex comedies.

9 min

Clowns Vs. Ninjas

Writer/Director: David Brocca; Producer: Albert Brocca.

A Japanese warlord has grown bored with the usual mayhem and murder. Craving a different form of twisted fun he orders his thugs to organize the ultimate bloody battle—a troop of unsuspecting clowns versus a pair of ninja assassins.

9 min

Chroma Chameleon

Writers: Marc Adler, Scott Biear; Director: Warren Grubb, Marc Adler; Producer: Marc Adler.

Chameleons don’t just dance, they “chrome”—an explosive combination of crazy moves with wild bursts of color changing. A timid chameleon, named Hue, has dreamed of dancing with the other chameleons since he was knee-high to a newt, but he can’t change colors. When Hue attends a dance party, he finds himself unexpectedly thrown on stage, his shortcomings exposed to all.

4 min

A Christmas Tale

Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Chen.

Leroy Moore reminisces of a Christmas when he was eight years old, and how it was that particular year he discovered the true magic of Christmas. After seeing the girl next door and immediately falling in love with her, Leroy is determined to get her a Christmas present despite having no money. With whatever advice his family gives, he tries to find her a present while learning what the true magic of Christmas really is.

12 min

Cheap Date

Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Bell.

Intimate moments are difficult when you have roommates.

Cheap Date was written for The Runties, a traveling puppet show that toured with Lallapalooza in 1993.

6 min


Writer: Michael Aronson; Director: Dawn Boyd; Producer: Dawn Boyd, Michael Aronson.

Life is for the birds. They require so little. Every day gathering their lives from the wind. Doron has no wind. If only he could harness the voice of every bird, every jay, every sparrow. Could he funnel their song inside his soul? Could he survive another day? An enigmatic story about a man’s relationship with his surroundings both natural and artificial.

7 min


Writer/Director/Producer: Duong Tran.

65 million years ago, forces of good and evil waged a galactic battle in a struggle for nuclear power. When a nuclear device finds its way to prehistoric earth, a cataclysmic event will change history forever.

7 min


Writer/Director: Michael David Lynch; Producer: Michael David Lynch, John Bosher.

Ordered to evacuate Earth on the eve of an Alien invasion, a lone “Hero” named Calik must decide between his sworn duty to flee, or defy his instructions, and battle the imminent threat and attempt to save our world.

10 min

Brother’s Keeper

Writer/Director: Martijn Smits; Producer: Nick Jongerius, Daniel Koefoed, Philipe Wentrup.

Elias brings home women for his brother, Romero, to kill. Romero is deformed and lives in the cellar. But when Elias brings home Eve, their evil pact ends up in bloodshed.

15 min


Writer/Director/Producer: Frank Fearon.

A retelling of old moral tales. Bridge blends elements of far eastern and American cinema into a bedtime story and a wild ride. This short features fantasy, action, and comedy in its tale of four travelers who discover a tunnel into a mystical world. They explore and come upon a bridge that spans a vast, misty swamp. They set off across it, ignoring the seemingly inconsequential 25c toll request at its entrance: not a clever plan.

10 min



Writer/Director: Brendan Bellomo; Producer: Daniel Spence.

Bohemibot is a Student Academy Award winning Sci-Fi drama, which combines live-action and CGI.

After centuries of rampant industrialization, the two remaining races of planet Zednok had to endure cybernetic modification to survive their toxic world. The struggle for dwindling resources finally plunged them into endless war. All were made to serve.

The great harpist Bohemibot served as a pilot. But like all on Zednok he was ultimately shattered by the war. Relegated to working in a military facility that recycled enemy bodies, each night Bohemibot would purge his nightmares and shoot them into outer space.

This story has been reconstructed from his dreampods and is presented in the language of Zednok.

26 min