Be Good


Writer: J.V. Kelly, Barney Cokeliss; Director: Barney Cokeliss; Producer: Johann Insanally.

Joe is an amiable slacker who wakes up after his 30th birthday and realizes that he has never done anything worthwhile. He sets out to do some good in the world, starting in his London neighborhood. Things don’t go to plan.  Be Good is a Ridley Scott Associates production.

11 min

Bathtub to Happiness


Writers/Directors: Nadine & Norbert Keil; Producer: Nadine Keil

Victor and Marie have never met before tonight. But several chaotic coincidences later they both find themselves in the same bathtub. Without any clothes on. On top of all that, the bathtub they are sitting in starts to glow and hum in very un-bathtub-like ways…

You guessed it: Victor and Marie are sitting in an enchanted bathtub, one that will make their destiny… the bathtub to happiness!

27 min

Back to Life


Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Salva

Animated Frankenstein Monster has a few things to say about being brought back to life. A cartoon by the creator of Max the Hero and voiced by Nashville standup comedians Ryan Williams and Sean Parrott.

3 min

The Assassin Project


Writer/Director: Hal Jordan; Producer: Monique Yamaguchi, Nick Rossier.

Recruited out of high school because of her unique problem solving skills, Seattle Leary throws herself into a unique line of work: assassination. The nature of the work is literally cut-throat, which initially appeals to her but eventually grows old. After deciding she wants more out of life than dealing death, Seattle attempts to step away from the business, but finds that walking away is not that easy.

14 min

Animated American


Writer: Tim Talbott; Director: James Baker & Joe Haidar; Producer: Susan Cohen

The future is about to collide with the past. Eric, a digital-loving executive on a mansion hunting expedition finds himself crossing swords with his realtor, Max, an out of work toon rabbit. Like it or not, Max will make Eric see things through the eyes of an “Animated American.”

15 min



Writer: Andrew Jenner; Director: Nathan Bezner; Producer: Madison Geer.

Every single day is the same for Casper Stipend. He wakes up, he goes to work, he cleans a lonely women’s room at the end of a deserted hallway in an indistinct building of sorts. Every day he cleans, and every day he finds the same filth and bizarre objects clogging his one duty; from dolls to bibles, there is nothing this commode won’t chuck at him. As he becomes more unhinged and disconnected from his own societal realities, he finds a connection in the last place he would’ve looked.

18 min


Writers: Wes Young, Ryan Goff, Bob Herron, Randy Foos; Directors: Wes Young, Ryan Goff; Producers: Wes Young, Ryan Goff, Bob Herron, Randy Foos.

The reanimated infestation has reached a crisis point, overwhelming both local law enforcement and federal agencies. Left behind, alone, and abandoned by the authorities, the three survivors must deal with the multitude of ravenous undead just steps behind them.

17 min

The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives


Writers: Brett Simmons, Opie Cooper; Director: Justin Lutsky; Producer: Justin Lutsky, Clint Carmichael, Keegan Wilcox.

When lives are on the line… When there’s danger at every turn… When clichés run amuck… Sometimes the best thing to do is call Mulligan. Ace Mulligan! No matter how villainous the madman… How numerous the henchmen… How sexy the damsel, one thing is for sure: Ace Mulligan will always come out on top. Sometimes.

Starring Patrick Warburton (The Venture Brothers, Family Guy, The Tick, Men In Black II), The Action Hero’s Guide To Saving Lives takes you behind the scenes of Ace Mulligan’s perilous and not-always-successful mission to stop the bad guys, get the girl, and save the day. It’s not always easy being an action hero.

15 min

2009 Film Festival Awards

Best Short Film: Hector Corp.
Best Animated Film: Mythic Journeys: The Bone Orchard
Honorable Mentions: Animated American & The Price to Pay & Rosfeld

Animated Comedy

1st Place: Chroma Chameleon
Enter The Sandbox
Snuggle Time

Animated Fantasy

1st Place: Mythic Journeys: The Bone Orchard
The Peasant and the Root

Animated Science Fiction

1st Place: Theosaurology

Animated Short-Short

1st Place: X-Mess Detritus
Loser pays, Winner stays
Tiny Legs of Fire


1st Place: Interpretation
The Assassin Project


1st Place: The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives
Animated American
Be Good

Dark Comedy

1st Place: Hector Corp.
The Baby Shredder Song


1st Place: Striking Metal
Springbringer: Songs from the World of New Nature
Tree of Knowledge


1st Place: Bathtub to happiness
Death in the Garden
The Hunt For Gollum


1st Place: On Edge

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Death In Charge

Magic Realism

1st Place: That’s Magic!
In The Rope
Mrs. Brumett’s Garden

Science Fiction

1st Place: Enigma


1st Place: SHADOW.NET
First Kill
The Price to Pay