Writer/Director: Alex Ferrari; Producer: Kyra Ozuna

Cyn is a twisted tale about Cynthia, a young woman who is taken away by two psychopaths (Mr. Sugar and Otto) in the middle of the night to an old abandoned kindergarten. Cyn quickly turns the tables on them and soon the night becomes a cat and mouse mind game. While this drama is unfolding, a lone figure watches from a close circuit monitor. Who is Cynthia and what the hell is going on?

5 min


Writer/Producer/Director: David No

Darak is an aging Sword Master—Juda, his brilliant apprentice son. In a drama of startling consequence, Juda recounts the events that lead to the destruction of their relationship and finally the ultimate challenge—a death duel. Both men love each other, although neither of them know it. In a world lost in time, the metal of loyalty, honor and family are tested as the tragedy is played out.
Martial arts actor, David No (Matrix Reloaded, Mr Nice Guy) makes his directorial debut with this epic tale, and a new genre in Australian cinema is born.

38 min

Noir Total

Writer/Producer/Director: Francois Jamin

A man wakes up in a flat with a huge hangover, and finds the dead body of a girl in the bathtub. Not remembering anything from the night before, he calls a friend to help him to get rid of the body, but soon, things don’t go as planned, and his troubles get worse…
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15 min

Rest Stop for the Rare Individual

Writer/Producer/Director: Roberto Bentivegna

After being berated by his Acting Coach, struggling actor Paul Denby embarks on a new line of work. His infatuated colleague George Sheperd offers him a part-time gig while he is out in L.A. Desperate for cash, Paul finds himself in the confines of the infamous Chelsea Hotel, locked in a room with a strange old man who has a unique role in store for him.

14 min

Roma Sub Rosa: The Secret Under the Rose

Writer: Jim Thalman; Producer: Matt Walsh; Director: Michael Fischa

On the eve of war, a politician’s empty words echo the glories of war, as a generation of battle hardened veterans decide that the murder of a politician is a wiser course of action that to knowingly march thousands to their death. Set in southern Italy 212 B.C.

The Secret Under The Rose is the birth of Ma’fia, the death of politicians, and the dawn of an Empire. Una Cosa Nostra

28 min

Tit For Tat

Writer/Producer: B.F. Painter; Director: Adrien van Viersen

This kinetic martial arts short has two gals engaged in hand-to-hand combat to determine who works the Farm, and who escapes to the Big City. Gemini nominated composer Peter Allen’s exhilarating score punctuates this action flick choreographed by renowned stuntmen Mike Desabrais and Heath Stevenson (Fantastic Four, Xmen, Night At The Museum).
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5 min