A Big Mission

Written, Directed, and Produced by Longyin Zhou and Yujie Chen

In this 3D animated comedy, a baby devil must secure his recent promotion by killing all of humankind. Unfortunately, the furniture in his new house makes it impossible for him to go to work! Will the baby devil complete his big mission?

5 minutes

Irrational Thoughts

Directed, Written, and Produced by Andrew Racho

Irrational Thoughts is Andrew Racho’s cartoon series about the ridiculous, dumb thoughts that he usually thinks of while in the shower, in traffic, or on the toilet making bears. Started as a self-challenge to produce 52 shorts in a year, Andrew takes on the topics of thunder blankets, swiping on friends, the argument that ensues when trying to pick a place to eat, and imagining friends having sex. You don’t want to miss this! Or season 3 of Jessica Jones. That show is pretty cool, too.

7 minutes


Directed, Written, and Produced by Ashley Padilla

Are you really at a sleepover if it doesn’t involve some good old fashioned demon-summoning? Hodgie and Podgie decide to spice up their slumber party with some Ouija board fun, and to no one’s surprise but their own, they summon a demon! He’s not just any demon, though. He’s the infamous Ouija demon, ZOZO, and he doesn’t have time for dumb little kids. This should teach them not to mess with black magic. Right?

3 minutes

Tutorial > SKIP?

Directed, Written, and Produced by Thy Vo, Ryan Imm, and Sydney Seekford

You know that feeling? The one where all you want to do is jump right into a new game and kill some stuff, but that damned NPC just won’t stop talking? Well, this is that feeling, animated. New player BigD1999 rushes head first into a video game, sword a-swinging. Will a well-meaning (if a little annoying) tutorial guide be able to slow him down long enough to avoid certain doom?

4 minutes