Mercury Inspection

Writer/Producer/Director: Lesley Wisley

The time has come, and today is inspection day in the factory. Before packaging and shipping, every thermometer must be tested to make sure that they function properly and that their mercury rises. As the metal doors open and the belts begin to move, thermometers flood out in single file into the testing room. They march up to their inspection platforms, the meter lights turn on, and they await the moment that their fate will be revealed.

3 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Kelsey Wander

We all have had our bad ideas, but putting those ideas into action separates those who are senseless from those who are not.  When Benny sees the biggest coin he has ever seen, he does not choose the best method of obtaining it. Thus, making his choice and outcome Centsless.

7 min


Writers/Director: Zach Parrish

Bananas is a humorous short story of a test subject monkey, named Bruce. The story explores the urges of greed. Bruce really wants a banana. But, when he is given a banana, he wants more. The story explores just how far Bruce will go to satisfy his greedy desires.

2 min


Writer/Director: Sharon Colman; Producer: Jamie Wolpert

Nominated for the 2006 Academy Award, Badgered is the story of a Eurasian badger who only wants to be left in peace so he can nap.  If only he can get the crows, and the military, to leave him alone.

7 min


Writers: David Lyons, Helen Lyons, Jeanne Simon, Mark Simon; Producer/Director: Mark Simon

A group of clumsy rainforest creepers secretly become super heroes who stumble through rescuing their fellow creatures from the sabotage of the sinister creeper at the local festival.

6 min

Clicker Clatter

Writer/Director: Benjamin Radford; Producer: Edward Summer

Clicker Clatter is an animated short that exposes TV journalism and TV for the wasteland that it is. From scare-of-the-week programming to Katie Couric’s stupid interview questions and the frustration of scrambled porn, nothing is safe in this sharp satire! Mike Reiss, writer/producer for The Simpsons, calls Clicker Clatter: “smart, funny, and beautifully executed.”

6 min

Dr. Docatto’s Reprise!!!

Writers/producers/directors: Benjamin W. Neidenthal, James Davis, Matt Corcoran

Every small town has a mad scientist. Unfortunately for Jamestown that man is Dr. Docatto, the world’s worst inventor. After years of severe failure, Dr. Docatto is about to throw in the towel when he comes up with an idea so wild, so nutty, and so hair-brained, that he is sure it will secure his place in the history books! It’s simple; he will create the world’s first Anti-Gravity Propulsion machine based on the theory that cats always land on their feet.

Without testing his theory, he invites colleagues, the media, and the citizens of Jamestown to witness the unveiling.
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14 min

Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle

Writer/Director: J Zachary Pike; Producer: Marc Dole;

Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle combines the best of reality TV with a fantasy setting. Twelve contestants, including six stereotypical fantasy heroes and six monsters, compete in a series of dangerous elimination challenges for a million gold pieces.
Starring the voices of Billy West and Richard McGonagle.

4 min

The Greyhound

Producer/Director: Allan Plenderleith

The Greyhound tells the story of an old man and his dog, a greyhound who has never had the chance to fulfill his true potential. Although he loves his owner, the dog has had to endure a life of very slow, tedious walks to the betting shop, every day ending in misery. Until something tragic changes everything forever.

8 min

Kleeman and Mike in Jaime’s Taco Shop

Director: Randall Christopher

Every once in a while a cartoon comes along with the most amazing skateboarding animation ever. After watching the animated cat throw down giant kickflips, you will weep with unbearable joy. You will probably consider killing yourself because nothing you could ever experience in life could possibly top the sublime feeling you’ll get from watching this cartoon, even the first time you heard that album by that band with the guy with the weird eye, and how when you heard that Dixie Chicks song covering Fleetwood Mac you really liked the it but knew you could never admit it to anyone.

6 min


Producer/Director: Hyojong Chun

Three sprinters compete to win in a race. Each player has a different motivation for success, and those motivations deliver completely different results. The animation Race is a story about life, and the race within the film is used as a metaphor. The sprinters run to win, but cannot see what is beyond the success of their accomplishment. It is a fable stating that it is more important to live with the right vision and direction than to live obsessed with only speed.

7 min

Sperm! The Motion Picture

Writers: Chris Gortz, Ricky Sprague; Producer: Chris Gortz; Director: Ricky Sprague

With the aid of a mysterious doctor, Guy Johnson is shrunk to microscopic size and sent on an odyssey into his own testicle. Thrill with Guy as he discovers new vistas within himself. Feel his mounting terror as he confronts his own sperm, who demand the right to be treated as more than just the instruments of his pleasure. Wonder at the depth of emotion as they demand to be treated as his equals. How far would you go for adventure? What would you give up for pleasure? These questions and many others are answered in Sperm! The Motion Picture.
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5 min


Director: Rob Wicksteed

A conservative suburbanite struggles to remove an unwanted whale from his front garden. However, when he decides to call in the professionals, he discovers that the solution to the situation is a lot easier than he thought. The problem is, that in this world, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

5 min

Tofu the Vegan Zombie: Zombie Dearest

Writers: William Vaughan, Lee Stringer; Producer: William Vaughan; Director: Lee Stringer.

Professor Vost has been keeping a deep, dark secret from his daughter Addie about her deceased mother, Fiona. Unfortunately, a curious Tofu lets the cat out of the bag. Will Addie be cool with what happened to mom?

8 min

Zany Dick!

Writer/Producer/Director: Ricky Sprague.

An eccentric, bald surgeon grafts a sexual deviant’s penis onto the pianist husband of a woman he loves.  Zany Dick! is a parody of “transplant tragedies” such as Eyes Without A Face, Santa Sangre, Choice Cuts, The Beast With Five Fingers, and, most specifically, Mad Love.

3 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Nicole Mitchell.

Within the walls of this zoo, an overbearing zookeeper maintains order by arranging the animals to his liking. His absolute rule begins to falter, though, when he encounters a blobby little penguin.

5 min

Max the Hero

Writers: Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, Michael J. Nelson, Mike Salva; Producer/Director: Mike Salva.

Animated comedy about a super hero who is kind of a jerk. Oh, and his roommate is also his arch-villain enemy. Written/performed by Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, & Michael J. Nelson (of TV’s Mystery Science Theater 3000). Produced/directed by Mike Salva in Nashville. Music by John Mark Painter (score composer of “Hoodwinked”) & singer/musician Corn Mo.

13 min