Snuggle Time

Writer/Director/Producer: Angela O'Sullivan.

It’s bedtime and everyone needs their favorite toy to snuggle with in order to sleep. Snuggle Time is the story of a little girl, a vampire, and the stuffed toy lamb that is caught between them.

5 min

Revenge Academy

Writer: Alan Steadman; Director: Andrew W. Jones.

Within the walls of Hunter Duke Academy lurks the world’s most dangerous after school club. Dedicated to death, war and vengeance, this group of malicious students must now face their greatest adversary: Public Relations.

Revenge Academy is an irreverent, blood-soaked comedy about selling out and getting even.

13 min

Lucy Wants To Kill Herself

Writers: Andrea Brookes, Craig Brookes; Director: Andrea Brookes; Producer: Craig Brookes.

Lucy wants to kill herself is a flabbergastingly amazing animated surreal black comedy about a melodramatic writer/poet and her pet cats expeditious attempts to keep her from suicide.
Lucy is the quintessential suicidal writer/poet. Lucy doesn’t quite belong in this world and seeks sanctuary within the surreal breach between life and death, not that she’s very successful at embracing death for long. Her cat, Mishima, who hates Lucy’s self destructive behavior only a little less than he hates being left alone, could have been a good reason for her to stay around if she weren’t so self absorbed.

13 min


Writer/Director: Will Adams; Producers: Rory Lowe.

A lone astronaut attempts to terraform a hostile planet with a malfunctioning robot as his only companion. Every small success the Terrafarmer enjoys is decimated by the robot’s stupidity in a classic chalk and cheese comedy double-act.

2 min

Hazel’s Hips

Writer: Oscar Brown Jr.; Producer: Brandon Schultz; Director: Kobina Yankah

Sultry waitress Hazel is a balm to every males eyes and grist to their fantasies.  Hazel’s Hips is a music video for one of  jazz vocalist Oscar Brown Jr.’s most famous songs.

3 min

Zombie Skunk Ghouls Preview

Producer/Director: Mark Smith

Deadbeat Skunk types his first screenplay overnight, a sci-fi/horror story entitled Zombie Skunk Ghouls of Deadly Doom (From Beyond). His friend Sezquatch reads the first draft aloud, and is left speechless. Little do Deadbeat’s friends, Girth Grizzly and Thurman Q. Porcupine realize, the script is about to be purchased by a struggling Hollywood studio.

3 min

A Giant Mistake

Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Ricca

A man drunkenly mistakes a loud and obnoxious giant for a loud and obnoxious baby, then tries to do some thing about it. With his friends at his back and delusions of grandeur ahead of him he pops his caller and steps up to taunt the loud hulk…and gets results…DO NOT TAUNT A GIANT!

4 min

Chroma Chameleon

Writers: Marc Adler, Scott Biear; Director: Warren Grubb, Marc Adler; Producer: Marc Adler.

Chameleons don’t just dance, they “chrome”—an explosive combination of crazy moves with wild bursts of color changing. A timid chameleon, named Hue, has dreamed of dancing with the other chameleons since he was knee-high to a newt, but he can’t change colors. When Hue attends a dance party, he finds himself unexpectedly thrown on stage, his shortcomings exposed to all.

4 min

A Christmas Tale

Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Chen.

Leroy Moore reminisces of a Christmas when he was eight years old, and how it was that particular year he discovered the true magic of Christmas. After seeing the girl next door and immediately falling in love with her, Leroy is determined to get her a Christmas present despite having no money. With whatever advice his family gives, he tries to find her a present while learning what the true magic of Christmas really is.

12 min

Cheap Date

Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Bell.

Intimate moments are difficult when you have roommates.

Cheap Date was written for The Runties, a traveling puppet show that toured with Lallapalooza in 1993.

6 min

Back to Life


Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Salva

Animated Frankenstein Monster has a few things to say about being brought back to life. A cartoon by the creator of Max the Hero and voiced by Nashville standup comedians Ryan Williams and Sean Parrott.

3 min