Akemi and Tarou

12 Kilometers

Directed by Kayla Mitchell

Inspired by the Japanese tales of the kitsune, Akemi and Tarou follows the antics of a dog, Tarou, chasing a fox, Akemi, only for the fox to suddenly disappear. Magical hijinks ensue, leading to a run in with a giant water monster, the Umibouzu. Will Tarou end up catching his prize, or will he find something even better?

4 minutes

Bosatsu – Year of the Dragon

Written/Directed/Produced by Sid Ahl A.K.A Siddharth Ahluwalia

Fugen Bosatsu who has the Bodhisattva status is one of the 8 deities of Buddha,
protecting the Dragon and the Snake. He enters Jake’s dreams to guide him towards
his true identity.

Jake, born in the Year of the Dragon often gets visions from his past. He doesn’t
know what they are but somehow feels they are real. He remembers nothing from
his past and just seeks answers to his visions.

6 minutes


Written by Ty Primosch & Karen Mathieson; Directed by Ty Primosch; Produced by Karen Mathieson

A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.

Currently an artist at Blue Sky Studios, Ty Primosch is credited on Ice Age, EPIC, RIO2, Peanuts & upcoming movies. Corky is Ty’s debut independent short animation. It was animated out of his apartment, over a 6 year period.

While the short was generated with a computer, every object, sound, and surface was carefully created with imperfections to achieve a handcrafted style for a magical storybook feel. This handcrafted style was also woven into the original score where composer Tyler Durham incorporated kitchen items as instruments.

6 minutes


Written/Directed by Brett Foxwell; Produced by John France

Ten years in the making, Fabricated is a stop-motion animated miniature epic. It is the story of the machines left behind by a dying industrialized society. From a pile of bones and scrap metal, a creature named Oto is assembled and sent off. As he makes his way through an old world that is dying and a new world struggling to be born, Oto begins to sense that he may have a part to play in the evolution of his imperfect kind.

19 minutes

Ogress of the Gravelbank

Written/Directed by Neil Christopher; Produced by Louise Flaherty & Neil Christopher

Inuit oral history is filled with strange beings and supernatural creatures. One of these feared land spirits is the Ogress of the Gravelbank. This cruel being was known to lure children into her lair, and trap them there. All that perish in that cave remain there as spirits or animated corpses.

This short vignette introduces viewers to this malevolent spirit who is unknown to all but the people of the far north.

3 minutes

Revelation – the City of Haze

Written/Directed by Mao Qichao; Produced by Zhu Tinghua

In a dystopian future a dark age has occurred. In the city, inequality and misery prevail, and insurgents are thrown down by storm troops in medieval patrols. In the midst of misery there is a child who must fight for his life before hope can sprout. Epic sci-fi steampunk in micro format.

14 minutes