Chiayi Symphony

Producer/Director: Stefano Giannotti

The project was born casually from an even more casual trip in Taiwan in August 2006. The idea of the symphony poured out from a river spring in the mountains, at the margins of a little tea-field, where a woman was launching fertilizer in handfuls, with a beautiful wide gesture; the natural soundtrack of the place was composed by cicadas, a very peculiar kind of, listenable only in the Alishan mountains; Thus, the idea of the symphony, taking from the classic symphony only the style of the titles, and not the structure (8 movements intervalled by interludes, instead of 4 movements like in the the eighteenth-nineteenth century symphony).
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59 min

The Celery Stalker

Writer: Lisa Ferber; Director: Zooey Park

A game of truth and lies: three neurotic women, a bookstore, and the benefits of eating your veggies.  Park states: The Celery Stalker was inspired by my ex-girlfriend. I could never be sure if she was telling the truth. Her lies and half-truths were always entertaining, though.

6 min

Happiness is Blowfish (Fuku)

Writer/Director: Maninder Chana; Producers: Michael Patrick, Tommy Chang

Big Boss has been betrayed. Akito, a young mobster has tried to go it alone, but has failed and has crawled back for forgiveness.

Big Boss though is not having any of it. He’s going to make an example of the young man who insulted him with an elaborate plan to feed Akito blowfish, a delicacy that Akito has an affinity for. He’s ensured the fish hasn’t been cut right making it poisonous. But Akito isn’t going to go easily.

12 min

The Laborer

Writer/Director: Darryl Knickrehm; Producers: Darryl Knickrehm, Karl Knickrehm

In a life of work, we work to live life. One businessman has the opportunity to take a step back and look at his life. To his dismay he sees a man who not only labored at work but also in life. The Laborer is a tale of two levels. It is a commentary of the workaholic lifestyles of the world. But more importantly it is the intimate story of a man who is detached from his feelings and as a result has prevented himself from taking the opportunities of life.

20 min

Vengeful Spirit

Writer/Director: John Bradbury; Producers: Rene Amador, Jocelyn Hsu, John Bradbury

After witnessing his family’s death at the hands of the feudal lord Matsudaira, Katsu Takahashi grows up in the shadows wracked with guilt and hate. When the pain becomes unbearable, his animal instinct for revenge consumes him, forcing him to confront his family’s killers.

8 min