The Sparkle Lite Motel

Writers: Sarah Dodd, Cory Kinney; Producer: Cory Kinney, Mel Weisbaum; Director: Cory Kinney

Newlyweds George and Anna check into a questionable motel expecting a night of marital bliss. Once in the room, the couple begins to see manifestations of their parents. Anna is visited by her mother, Sidura, a demure sophisticate who does not approve of her daughter marrying this boy from the wrong side of the tracks. George begins to see his father, Tavish, a coarse, Scotsman who teases his son mercilessly.

As Anna and George’s relationship is tested by Tavish and Sidura, the couple quickly figures out that there is something very wrong with room 24 and The Sparkle Lite Motel.

15 min

The Pit and the Pendulum

Writer: Matt Taylor, Edgar Allen Poe; Producer: Marc Lougee, Susan Ma; Director: Marc Lougee

Our hero, the victim of the Spanish Inquisition, is brought before a tribunal, condemned, and sentenced to the dungeons to await his death. Explored throughout this film is the central question: is it death that is the most harrowing, or the means by which it is brought about?

From this premise, we watch our hero struggle to understand his quandary in order to find hope and faith, all the while discovering the fiendish machinations his captors employ, to ratchet up the pressure in their efforts to unhinge him.

7 min

Mime Massacre

Writer/Director: Colin Decker; Producer: Colin Decker, Jennifer Jang

The Mime Massacre is a tale of one man’s lifelong mission for vengeance on all mimes that leads him to where the story begins, the mother of all mime gatherings, the Mime Workshop.  Penetrating the mime lair, the mad man’s years of both hatred and unwitting respect for the craft of mime, culminate in explosive mayhem. The Mad Man uses the one method the mimes are powerless against, the dark side of mime.
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6 min

The Fishing

Writer: Michael Aronson; Director: Dawn Boyd

After buying a house in the country, newlyweds Mark and Karen live in fear of a local fisherman who they mistake for a killer. As emotions run high, the tables turn to reveal the killer in us all.

7 min

Face Machine

Writers: Justin Simms, Lynne Pjeturss Kamm; Producers: Stéphanie Chapelle, Isabel Gomez-Moriana; Director: Justin Simms

In the distant, dystopian future, the Earth’s atmosphere is too polluted to breath.  The only way for humans to survive is by wearing elaborate air filters, which permanently obscure their faces. When he learns the love of his life is getting coupled to the chief chemist, a scientist buys airtime from the head of the underground and convinces his lover to follow him to an air chamber in order to do what the government has outlawed: remove their masks and for the first time look at each other’s faces.

15 min

Happiness is Blowfish (Fuku)

Writer/Director: Maninder Chana; Producers: Michael Patrick, Tommy Chang

Big Boss has been betrayed. Akito, a young mobster has tried to go it alone, but has failed and has crawled back for forgiveness.

Big Boss though is not having any of it. He’s going to make an example of the young man who insulted him with an elaborate plan to feed Akito blowfish, a delicacy that Akito has an affinity for. He’s ensured the fish hasn’t been cut right making it poisonous. But Akito isn’t going to go easily.

12 min

The Love Box

Writer: Ira Nayman; Producer/Director: Christopher Cordell

The Love Box is a comedy that follows the struggle of Samuel (Mathew Lemche) as he meets his girlfriend Poppie’s (Caroline Lesley) family for the first time. A normally daunting task that is further complicated by the fact that Poppie’s parents own the largest family run, adult intimacy store (porn shop) in the world. Samuel is forced to deal with an androgynous sibling, porn star dinner guests, and a crash sex-ed course by Poppie’s father.
The Love Box reminds us all that it’s not what we are but who we are that truly matters in life.

23 min

Tit For Tat

Writer/Producer: B.F. Painter; Director: Adrien van Viersen

This kinetic martial arts short has two gals engaged in hand-to-hand combat to determine who works the Farm, and who escapes to the Big City. Gemini nominated composer Peter Allen’s exhilarating score punctuates this action flick choreographed by renowned stuntmen Mike Desabrais and Heath Stevenson (Fantastic Four, Xmen, Night At The Museum).
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5 min


Writer/Director: Jeremy Boxen; Producer: Norma Mendoza.

Henry is an overworked business consultant. On the job 24/7. A slave to his cell phone. Working the long hours to support himself and his wannabe novelist girlfriend, Jasmine. So when his cell phone becomes permanently stuck to his head and won’t…stop…ringing… he tries to ignore the problem. Tries to continue life as usual.

But as Henry’s condition worsens it threatens his career and his relationship with Jasmine, forcing both of them to re-evaluate their lives and their places in the universe.

19 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Harley Hay

SMARTphone explores what happens when a techno-nerd with the latest gadget magically transforms a Plain-Jane in a coffee shop, and then finds out that he’s not the only one with a Smartphone.

3 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Dagan Taylor.

On a planet ravaged by climate change and war, a bizarre meteor shower struck the surface. It was said the crystal meteors were gates to a dimension of superhuman power. But all who sought out the mysterious crystal spheres never returned…all except one.

SuperHUMAN shatters the limitations of micro budget filmmaking with spectacular combat scenes packed to the limit with breath-taking visuals and brutal realism. Boasting award winning visual effects SuperHUMAN could be one of the most impressive independent action shorts ever made.

10 min

Casting Call of Cthulhu

Writer/Producer/Director: Joseph Nanni.

If dread Cthulhu wants a role in Joseph Nanni’s short, he’ll have to line up and audition like everyone else. Casting Call Of Cthulhu, takes us behind the scenes of a horror movie where an exasperated director auditions would-be monsters for his next film. As it turns out, none of the applicants have what it takes to frighten anyone. One guy has claws for hands and the scary thing is he thinks that’s normal. There’s also fishgirl who can’t perform under hot lights. The director’s frustration mounts as the endless parade of pathetic auditions continues. For him, the stars are wrong. The film culminates when a creature straight from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft walks in and blows the room away.

8 min


Writer/director: Colin Cunningham; Producer: Madison Graie.

Centigrade is a contemporary thriller about a Man (Colin Cunningham – Stargate SG-1) who lives in an old, busted up camper trailer, but wakes up one morning to find himself (and it) rolling down a desert highway. Taken hostage aboard this rolling nightmare, he will have to use his wits in order to survive. Centigrade reminds us of our own mortality and perhaps even the possibility of Judgment Day.

15 min


Writer/Director/Producer: Sean B. Conly.

Jabbawaki is the story of a monster’s love, and a journey of self discovery. Inspired by summers spent on the majestic shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba and the magical winters of North Ontario, Sean uses his interest in folk art and storybook illustration, as well as his love of a good tale, to bring to life the challenges of this love-struck and unlikely hero. Illustrated in Photoshop, and animated in After Effects, this film was constructed in a series of virtual dioramas. Scored by Sean with throwbacks to folk and classical music, it is all tied together with a haunting narration by Peter Longworth.

12 min

The Icebox

Writer/Director: Michel Tremblay Jr.; Producer: François Bonneau.

Charles learns he has lung cancer but he doesn’t seem to care. Bored by life, he decides to play an underground game. Whatever the outcome is, everything will be fine.

The Icebox examines the horrors that can arise from the misuse of scientific developments.

18 min


Writer/Director: A.J. Bond; Producer: A.J. Bond, Amy Belling.

hirsute (hir·sute) (hir´soot) [L. hirsutus] shaggy; having abundant or excessive hair.  1621, from Latin hirsutus “rough, shaggy,” related to hirtus “shaggy,” and possibly to horrere “to bristle with fear.”

Kyle, a young scientist, is struggling to build a time machine when he is confronted by an arrogant future version of himself. Shocked to discover that his future holds a preoccupation with body-hair removal and boiled eggs, Kyle vows to change the course of his life.

15 min