Elder Sign

Writer/Director/Producer: Joseph Nanni.

If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe, then you need Elder Sign—H.P. Lovecraft’s aeons old remedy for cosmic dread.

2 min


Writers/Producers: J. Andrew Molloy, Pat Corcoran; Director: J. Andrew Molloy.

Deadspiel is the “Greatest Curling Zombie Film Ever Made,” In the pantheon of the Zombies in Sports subgenre, none have come close to capturing the gritty realism of life and (un)death in the sometimes ugly world of small town curling as Deadspiel. Chronicling the epic struggle for playoff survival between the human Team Olmstead and the once human Team Romero, this film transcends the confines of its genre to tell a tale of hope and acceptance and remind us all of the simple beauty of a rock sliding down a sheet of bumpy ice.

8 min

A Christmas Tale

Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Chen.

Leroy Moore reminisces of a Christmas when he was eight years old, and how it was that particular year he discovered the true magic of Christmas. After seeing the girl next door and immediately falling in love with her, Leroy is determined to get her a Christmas present despite having no money. With whatever advice his family gives, he tries to find her a present while learning what the true magic of Christmas really is.

12 min


Writer: Michael Aronson; Director: Dawn Boyd; Producer: Dawn Boyd, Michael Aronson.

Life is for the birds. They require so little. Every day gathering their lives from the wind. Doron has no wind. If only he could harness the voice of every bird, every jay, every sparrow. Could he funnel their song inside his soul? Could he survive another day? An enigmatic story about a man’s relationship with his surroundings both natural and artificial.

7 min