Logan Must Make Star Wars

Directed by Nathan Blackwell; Produced by Nathan Blackwell; Written by Nathan Blackwell, Craig Curtis

Directed by Nathan Blackwell; Produced by Nathan Blackwell; Written by Nathan Blackwell, Craig Curtis

Logan is thrown back to the year 1974 where he accidentally kills George Lucas. Now, to ensure that the greatest sci-fi trilogy is made, he must impersonate Lucas and make Star Wars himself. This film was written, shot, and edited in 48 hours.

5 minutes


Directed by Carlos del Rosario; Produced by Zack Abramowitz, Alex Valderana; Written by Carlos del Rosario

Directed by Carlos del Rosario; Produced by Zack Abramowitz, Alex Valderana; Written by Carlos del Rosario

Pop culture addicts Zack (Zack Abramowitz) and Manny (Matt Steiner) attend an engagement party where groom-to-be Roy (Devin Klos), a former “mega-geek” has turned normal in an effort to pursue a happy future with beautiful vegan baker, Emily (Maya Murphy).

When learning that at a vegan party there is no meat, a delirious Manny falls into a stupor where he meets his guardian angel, Serra (Shannon Kendall). After given sage advice, Zack decides that he must save Roy from himself which leads to an epic laser sword battle!

A sci-fi/fantasy comedy with loving references from Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica, Losers is an explosive story not to be missed! Co-Starring Jordan Gosnell (Nashville, Gossip Girl), Chaka DeSilva, Diana Cherkas, and Joe Cummings.

22 minutes

Boome & Slade

Directed by Eric Jaffe; Produced by Monika Kluziak; Written by Eric Jaffe

Directed by Eric Jaffe; Produced by Monika Kluziak; Written by Eric Jaffe

After the money-grubbing pigs at the network decide to cancel their television series, out-of-work sitcom characters Boome & Slade invade the mind of their creator, an aging screenwriter named Bryan, to prevent him from moving on to original material. Boome & Slade are in and there isn’t a meth cook, vampire, or zombie that’s going to stop them.

12 minutes

Life of Zoozle

Directed & Written by Chloe Lind

Directed & Written by Chloe Lind

Zoozle, a human personification of an online search engine, tries to live a normal life while constantly being bombarded by people asking questions. The only place he finds peace and silence is in areas with no cell phone service, like under an overpass. The pressure takes a toll on Zoozle, but at his breaking point, he meets someone who sees past his encyclopedic knowledge and expresses interest in Zoozle as a person.

4 minutes

Rock Jocks

Rock Jocks

Written/Directed by Paul V. Seetachitt; Produced by Sheri Bryant & Craig Lew

Gamers.  Geeks.  Heroes.

A group of dysfunctional government employees find themselves responsible for shooting down asteroids that are headed for earth. The cast includes Felicia Day, Jason Mewes, Doug Jones, Robert Picardo, and Garrett Wang

Mr. Foley

Mr. Foley

Written/Directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman; Produced by Mary McCarthy

Mr. Foley wakes up in a hospital to find his whole life is being sound-tracked with sound effects added in front of his eyes. He starts to panic as he doesn’t know the score…

4 min.

How To Kill Your Clone

How To Kill Your Clone

Written by Ed McWilliams; Directed by Jack McWilliams; Produced by Asori Soto

Dick wants to kill his out of control clone, but due to their identical physical and mental abilities, he must hire the third party, Clone Killer Corporation, to do his dirty work.

5 min.

Pillow Fight

pillow fight

Written/Produced by Hollie Olson; Directed by Chris Wilson

Two sisters engage in a pillow fight that turns epic. Along with intense, hectic, and humorous fight choreography, this short has had great reviews as fast, funny, and wildly entertaining.

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5 min



Written/Directed/Produced by Stephen P. Sherwood

Danny is intrigued when he learns of a place where he can indulge his geekiest fantasies. Welcome to Nerdvana!

10 min

Jess Archer vs. The Ex

jess archer

Written/Directed by Amy Taylor; Produced by Chris Haak

Jess Archer and her best friend, Chase Pollard, used to be two peas in a pod. They stood up for the little guy against the tyranny of school security officer Turner, a fascist nightmare whose major weapon is the threat of detention. But then Chase got interested in girls and abandoned Jess on a particularly important mission against Turner to go make out with his girlfriend in the parking lot. Now, however, someone has stolen Chase’s beloved Phantom comic, he suspects a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, and he turns to the one person he knows can help him get it back: Jess Archer.

13 min

How to Get to Candybar

how to get to candybar

Written by Sean Crouch, Matt August; Directed by Matt August; Produced by Jules Bruff, Rebekkah Sindoris

Three kids, trapped in a middle-American winter, run away from their broken home in search of comfort on the warm beaches of Africa. But after making it hundreds of miles through the driving snow and midnight freeze, reality comes crashing down on their tiny shoulders when they reach the rundown airport and meet the Security Guard who threatens to end their journey. With 9000 miles left to go, worried parents on the way and one junk-yard dog thwarting their plan, getting to Zanzibar will take a miracle.

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15 min

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts—Dragon*Con Edition

Written by CAUTION: May Contain Nuts; Directed by Bruce Pirrie & Dana Andersen; Produced by Camille Beaudoin, Jake Chapman, & Eric Rebalkin

The finest genre humor from the Canadian comedy troupe CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, constructed specially for Dragon*Con. Casting a wide net, these sketch comedians take on zombies, cyborgs, sasquatches, supervillains, and tabletop RPG’s… and also some geeky topics.

30 min

Star Wars: Blasted Behavior

Written by Alexander Galant & Carmen Gillespie; Directed by Alexander Galant; Produced by D. Kirk Teeple & Alexander Galant

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda are brought together for their greatest challenge… a group therapy session. To psychologist, Dr. Aldridge, their actions in the original Star Wars trilogy seem… crazy. Each of them has unresolved issues and soon tempers flare and lightsabers ignite.

9 min

Sudden Death

Written/Directed by Adam Hall; Produced by Melanie Hall & Nick Jones

Nathan Carlson, creator of a drug that allows one to experience love without the dangers of involving other people, finds himself caught in the middle of an outbreak when Los Angeles is infected with Sudden Death Syndrome – a disease that causes death suddenly and whose only symptoms are spontaneously bursting into song and dance. Nathan quickly joins the cure research team where he meets Rachel and Jonathan (Doug Jones), and they rush to find a cure for the disease. In between uncontrollable bouts of song, Nathan unravels a conspiracy involving a high ranking military official (John Larroquette), falls in love, and attempts to save Los Angeles from sudden death… as the city turns into a real life musical all around him.

19 min