Mack Blaster—The World in the Crosshairs

Directed by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Produced by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Written by René Schweitzer

Directed by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Produced by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Written by René Schweitzer

Sometime in a distant, apocalyptic future, the brutal, inhuman bounty hunter Mack Blaster stumps through the bleak desert. On a stonewall he discovers the wanted poster of the worst women slaughterer of all time: Ringo “The Butcher.” Hunting down Ringo is a matter of honor for Mack Blaster, or whatever comes close to honor for him. His way leads him to the down-and-out capital city, through biker gangs, and into a whorehouse, always bathed in blood. So much blood. Really, you will not believe all the blood. Honest.

18 minutes

M is for Mobile

Directed by Baris Erdogan; Written by Baris Erdogan

Directed by Baris Erdogan; Written by Baris Erdogan

A nameless victim finds himself tied on to a chair. His mouth is gagged. He cannot move. He cannot scream. Than a torturer with a mobile phone enters the room…Hands tied. Mouth gagged. A desperate man is at the mercy of a coldblooded torturer who receives his orders as text messages from an unknown person. What will happen next? Will this nightmare ever end?

3 minutes

Blood On The Game Dice

Blood On The Gaming Dice

Written/Directed by Daniel Knight; Produced by Ahren Morris

Another Saturday night, and things are about to get critical at the gaming table.

Having just completed the 9th level to the Labyrinth of Lorzak, the party has now found themselves ambushed by a swarm of gelatinous cubes hell bent on engulfing what’s left of their miserable hides.

While Kat deals with the Orc Shaman in charge, it’s up to Craig and Ryan to hold back the cubes of doom and once again restore freedom to the region!

If only Gus can find his healing potion…

Blood On The Game Dice is a short film for any sized party of levels 2 and over.

12 min.



Written/Directed by Darren Herczeg; Produced by Darren Herczeg, Yfke van Berckelaer

Two men play an evenly matched game of tennis, but all is not what it seems. When the Player in White misses a crucial shot, a group of menacing yet foppishly adorned soldiers storm the court and apprehend him. Later that night, the tennis camp stands assembled for the Kommandant’s final judgment.

4 min

Felix Graves

elix graves

Written by Jeff Meyers; Directed/Produced by Jeff Meyers, Keith Jefferies

Felix Graves is polite, pleasant, and personable. He works for his mother, takes pride in his work, and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Oh, and he kills people for a living. But you couldn’t be killed by a nicer guy. During an assignment where things go wrong, Felix struggles to keep his cool—even as others lose theirs. Why can’t people understand that it isn’t personal?

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15 min

A Life

a life

Written/Directed by Justin Colautti; Produced by Daniel Whidden

Robbie Diner (Guy Bradford) is an atheist, and he’s not afraid to show it. When Christ returns to Earth to renew the copyright on The Bible, he tests Robbie’s beliefs in non-believing—by exploding on his face. Robbie’s faith goes from one end of the spectrum to another, as he sees the light and joins the newly formed Church Of The Injectable Christ.

Director Justin Colautti (Chance Encounters, Official Selection, Hot Docs 2011) feasts on the absurdity of absolutes in a challenging and introspective satire that revels in the opiate of the masses.
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15 min

Psycho Therapy

psycho therapy

Written/Produced/Directed by Lucas Cody Garcia

A young woman deals with her inner demons that aren’t just fantasy anymore. Inspired by writer/director Lucas Cody Garcia’s own past with crippling anxieties, it is a humorous yet horrifying tale about the struggle with irrational day-to-day fears. This process, along with his own experience in actual psychotherapy, became very cathartic for Lucas.

14 min

A Cup of Tea

Written/Produced by Kevin Walsh; Directed by Barrett Amato

When a beautiful young woman sits down at a quaint outdoor café, she has no idea that the jerk who shares her table is no garden variety creep, but a psychopath with a disturbing agenda that gives new meaning to the term ‘hitting on’ her. It’s the age old story of boy meets girl, boy tries to murder girl, boy and girl engage in a surreal courtship dance with the help of a muffin, some honey, and a cup of tea.

11 min

Prom King

Written & Directed by Taylor Cohan; Produced by Matt Clegg

After getting nominated for prom king, a nerd Antoine asks the girl of his dreams to go with him. She says yes, and she wants to go to his house after school so that they can discuss it. Why are all the kids so nice to Antoine? Will he win prom king?

8 min


Written/Directed by Jeremy Smith; Produced by Jamie Kassler

A pseudo-intellectual redneck with the gift of gab has 3 chances to save his job at his brother-in-law’s pawn shop, but can only seal one deal.

7 min

Abra Cadaver

Written by Josh Heisie; Directed by Jay McBeth; Produced by Kurt Ogilvie

One saw, one box, no magic!

A failed magician just needs an assistant to pull off that one great trick. His choice of a streetwise hooker might not have been as clever as he thought.

12 min