The Candy Shop

Written by Charlie Wetzel; Directed/Produced by Brandon McCormick

Twelve-year-old Jimmy works hard selling newspapers to help his family survive during the depression. His world seems brightened by the new candy shop that opens across the street and by its bizarre owner (Doug Jones – Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy), but Jimmy quickly figures out that something is wrong, and that the candy is not what it appears to be. A fairytale/parable about the child sex trafficking.

30 min


Written/Directed/Produced by Matt Dallmann

A Woman sits in a fetal position on a leather chair. She blankly stares into the distance as she flicks open her silver Zippo lighter… “They think it’s the terrorists.” She flashes back to a memory of an exploding building. A Middle Eastern man tortures her against a pole. Again in leather chair, “But it wasn’t… it was me.”

5 min

Time’s Up, Eve

Written by Patrick Rea & Jon Niccum; Directed by Patrick Rea; Produced by Patrick Rea, Ryan Jones, & Jon Niccum

In the 1940s, Eve flees shadowy figures in the bleak metropolis where she has been surviving since they first arrived. Though now among the hunted, Eve is one of the lucky few to have avoided being dealt a dark fate by her pursuers. “It’s amazing how little is left after someone loses their soul,” she explains. “They feel nothing. No pain. No joy. Emptiness.” Vowing she won’t end up like the others, Eve attempts a daring escape from the city, armed with the one thing that still gives her life hope.

13 min

The Absence

Written/Directed by Alex Demille; Produced by Alex Demille, Dane Reiley, & Dagmar Weaver-Madsen

An assistant manager in the Records Department of Black House Securities, is sent on a mission to a mysterious and barren rural landscape. There he crosses paths with an eleven-year-old boy who is beginning to wake up to the dark forces devastating his town. The bureaucrat confronts the truth behind his company’s work and must choose whether to continue to obey his messianic boss.

29 min

Winter’s Tale

Writer: Gardner Linn; Producers: Mike Serrao, Jessica Mason, Anna Mackowiak; Director: Nick Hiltgen.

Charlie Winters is a young imaginative boy on his most exciting adventure yet, the search for the mythic razor blade apple. His search takes him through all of the typical suspects but by the time he exhausts his list he realizes that there is a very thin line between what he thinks is real and what is just in his imagination.

14 min


Writer/Director: Jeremy Boxen; Producer: Norma Mendoza.

Henry is an overworked business consultant. On the job 24/7. A slave to his cell phone. Working the long hours to support himself and his wannabe novelist girlfriend, Jasmine. So when his cell phone becomes permanently stuck to his head and won’t…stop…ringing… he tries to ignore the problem. Tries to continue life as usual.

But as Henry’s condition worsens it threatens his career and his relationship with Jasmine, forcing both of them to re-evaluate their lives and their places in the universe.

19 min

The River on Randolph Street

Writer/Director: Zahik Rizvi; Producers: Zahik Rizvi, Babak Naghi, Zak Rizvi.

Jude and Rebecca’s weekend trip to Vegas leads down a dark road of desperation, where a chance encounter with a stranger leads to one last game… a game where the stakes are eternal.

18 min

Shamus the Myth

Writer/Director: Raymond Carr; Producers: Chris Marshal, Erica Jamison.

This is a world where haunted houses thrive. Labeled as Paranormal Infestations, the governments of the world try their best to keep things under control, but all they can do is quarantine the areas. A group of fugitive known as the Aggressive Change Movement tries to change the world by fighting back, lead by a mythological man who no one really knows. The media praises him, the government hunts him, his peers respect him, but none of them know who or what he is. Shamus Fleming is a man on a mission, a man with a secret.

24 min