Batman: Retribution


Written by T.J. Garland, Keith brooks, Brad stephens; Directed by T.J. Garland,Dave dipietro; Produced by T.J. Garland, Keith brooks

A psychopathic killer by the name of Victor Zsasz terrorizes a family. As the maniac toys with the little girls, a dark avenger from the shadows stops him before he can finish the job. Strongly influenced and based on a scene in the Batman: Cacophony series written by Kevin Smith.

6 minutes

Breakfast with Clark


Written by Brandon Delaney; Directed/Produced by Taylor Giddens

Clark and his Girlfriend, Lois, sit down for a quick breakfast. As he makes casual conversion Lois braces for an awkward “talk.” As she breaks the news to Clark that things are not what they once were, he assumes the cause can only be…Bruce. It’s always about Bruce.

8 minutes

Kragos the Dishonored


Written/Directed/Produced by David Maddox

Kragos, a dishonored Klingon warrior, manages to reclaim his warrior spirit and complete an unfulfilled mission with help from a wily Ferengi named Pong on a world populated by intense Vulcans, a treacherous Romulan, and highly breakable Cylons in this bizarre Star Trek fan film parody.

12 minutes

Prelude to Axanar


Written by Alec Peters, Christian Gossett; Directed by Christian Gossett; Produced by Neal Fischer, Carter Smith, Jhennifer Webberley

Prelude to Axanar is an independent Star Trek project that tells the story of Captain Kirk’s hero, Garth of Izar, during the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It is shot as a documentary and is the back story for the forthcoming feature Axanar.

21 minutes