Directed by Steven LaMorte; Written by Veronica Roy, Amy Schumacher, Juliette Kendall; Produced by Veronica Roy, Amy Schumacher, Juliette Kendall, and Steven LaMorte

After the Jedi are all but wiped out, Adi Gallia desperately searches for survivors. Forced to take refuge in a strange cave, Adi finds her friends held captive by a mysterious evil. To save them, she must confront the darkness within herself.

5 minutes

The Lightsaber Maker

Directed and Written by Jeremy Brown; Produced by Jessica Rivers and Lori Zei

If you need a lightsaber (and you have the money), Valin Horn is your man. A former Jedi, Valin’s previous life was all but erased, forcing him to reinvent it doing the thing he knows best: building lightsabers. Follow Valin through his process as he navigates difficult clientele, incompetent droids, and his own daddy issues in this silly love letter to the Star Wars EU.

12 minutes

Star Wars: The Toys Awaken

Directed, Written, and Produced by Raymond Montemayor

On the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a seven-year-old girl’s Star Wars toys come to life. They learn who they are and set off on an adventure to help their young companion as she heads out to watch The Force Awakens.

7 minutes

X-Men: JV Squad

Directed by Nicholas Szabo; Written by Nicholas Szabo; Produced by Brian Gililland

Benjamin discovers he has a strange ability that makes him the perfect addition to the world’s most underrated superhero team.

10 minutes