Jason’s Nightmare

Written by Walt Guthrie; Directed by Matt McGahren; Produced by Matt McGahren, Walt Guthrie

It’s Friday the 13th once again and Jason Voorhees has wiped out yet another band of camp counselors. But this time, in an old shack located deep in the woods, the surviving Final Girl is going to discover Jason’s own horrific nightmare: his mom! Prepare yourself for a hectoring guilt trip into terror!”

8 minutes

Ruins and Reckoning

Directed by Joel Musch; Produced by Joel Musch, Mike Donlan; Written by Joel Musch

Writer/Director/Producer: Joel Musch; Producer: Mike Donlan

Their planet was being destroyed. Republic armies had been sent to aid in evacuating the planet. A law abiding general is keeping prisoners captive during the evacuation and our protagonist is in love with one of them. An epic skirmish begins between the two as our protagonist fights for her!

9 minutes

Batman Evolution

Directed by Peter Cornwell; Produced by Eric Gable, Michael David Lynch, Peter Cornwell; Written by Eric Gable

Directed by Peter Cornwell; Produced by Eric Gable, Michael David Lynch, Peter Cornwell; Written by Eric Gable

Witness how the 60’s Batman became the Dark Knight in this action packed parody. Featuring Eric Gable portraying Batman doing authentic Ninjutsu moves never seen on-screen. Also starring Joel Hebner as Black Mask and Mark Erman as Robin with stunt team 87Eleven playing henchmen in this slick knockout black comedy action fest!

6 minutes

A Light In The Darkness

A Light In The Darkness

Written by Fed Wetherbee & PJ Tamayo; Directed by Fed Wetherbee; Produced by Renee Otero & Wendy Dye

On a small planet in the Outer Rim. A young boy watches the Jedi who saved his people be killed by the very clones who once fought by his side. Years later, as a member of an insurgency against the empire, he and his team hatch a new plan to take back their planet by drawing the attention of the newly formed rebel alliance. Armed with the fallen Jedi’s light saber, they battle to strike fear into the local imperial garrison and overthrow their despotic governor. Their silent attacks give birth to a legend, and the people speak of a phantom Jedi whose spirit has returned.

As the story spreads they manage to draw attention to their forgotten corner of the galaxy, but who will arrive first, the rebel alliance or the empire?

40 min.



Written by Babacar Ndiaye; Directed/Produced by Drew Giles

Chaos has taken over Gotham City and only one man can bring it to order! Commissioner Gordon couldn’t do it, Batman couldn’t do it, Bruce Wayne couldn’t do it. Only former DA Harvey Dent can get the job done. Judge, jury, executioner at the flip of a coin. Justice is served Harvey’s way!

5 min

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday


Written by R.K. Brooks, Trevor Garner; Directed by Keith Brooks; Produced by Anthony McHie, Keith Acton, Shawn Borsky, et al.

Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to take out a specific target. Kill the man, get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only one on the job.

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17 min



Written/Directed by Brad Cannady; Produced by Brad Cannady, Josh Miller, Hunter Kallenbach, Steven Aleck

Two men find themselves trapped and on the run from a nightmarish creature.

3 min

ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining


Written/Directed/Produced by Paula Rhodes, Stephanie Thorpe

ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining tells the story of a tribe of elves on the distant World of Two Moons who find themselves driven from their forest by humans and must find a new home. Based on the classic comic series by Wendy and Richard Pini, ElfQuest is known for its magical artistry and for being a vanguard of the indie/fantasy scene.

5 min