Written and Directed by Christopher Folino.

Gamers is a comedy about the lives of four hapless friends (and one obsessive interloper) and how they evolve over a 23-year span. It centers on a single day when they are about to break a world record for hours spent role-playing a game called DND, or Demons, Nymphs, and Dragons. The sacrifice, the obsession, the blind dedication… This is their true story.

Featuring performances by John Heard, Beverly D’Angelo, William Katt, and Kelly LeBrock, as well as the voices of Michael Bell and Richard Blade.

Sunday, Sept 3 at 11:30 PM in the Learning Center.

Dork of the Rings

Directed by Timothy Alan Richardson. Written by Timothy Alan Richardson, Michael Kouroubetes, James Pickens.

It began with the forging of the Dork-mart Credit Cards.

Three were given to the Elfises, musical, good-looking…flashiest of all beings. Five were given to the Dweeb Lords, great programmers and porn surfers in their parents’ basements. And four were bestowed upon the race of guys, who above all others, love to buy stuff.   But they were all suckers.

In the land of Lardor, in the stuffy offices of Bank Boom, the Dark Executive of Dork-mart, Lord Mauron, forged a Master Card…er, a Master Ring, to control all others. Circular credit. Endless in its power.

Ummm.  Suffice it to say that the story goes on like that for a while.  In the end, The One Ring came into the possession of a drunken Throbbit named Bobo Buggins who, upon finding it, stuck it down his trousers next to his ‘precious.’  And so the fate of Muddle-Earth came to rest in the crotch of a twit.

Sunday, Sept 3 at 1:00 AM in the Learning Center, immediately following the Parody and Fan Film shorts block.

Forgiving The Franklins

Written and directed by Jay Floyd

There’s More Than One Way To Be Born Again

Our premiere screening in 2006 was Jay Floyd’s masterpiece, Forgiving the Franklins.  This crowd favorite at SunDance is wonderfully twisted, sexy, and more fun then you’ve had at the theater in a long time.

Forgiving The Franklins is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic story of a repressed, God fearing southern family who undergo a radical spiritual change putting them at odds with the conservative values of their community

The Franklins are a stereotypical North Carolina Family: Frank is a lawyer, Betty is a homemaker, and the high school-age kids, Caroline and Brian, are a cheerleader and a football star, respecttively.  An auto accident turns their world upsdie down.  In a state somewhere between life and death, Frank, Betty, and Brian meet Christ who, for reasons known only to him, removes from them the burden of Origional Sin.  Left out of the equation is Caroline who, in the throes of adolescence and real bodily pain from her injuries, must figure out why her family has suddenly and ravenously embraced their repressed sexuality.

Forgiving The Franklins may upset some, while the most adventurous will find it funny, sexy, and unforgettable.

Sunday, Sept 3 at 8:30 PM in the International Ballroom South

School of the Holy Beast

The Most Beautiful and Controversial Film Ever Made

Generally the film is lumped into the “Nunsploitation” genre, a grouping of films primarily made in Europe in the 1970s and ’80s that involved sex and violence inside a convent. They tended to be period pieces and almost always had scenes of lesbian encounters, flagellation, and demon possession. But shoving it into this niche is like saying The African Queen is a “boat movie” and Schindler’s List is a “war picture”; it is accurate, but doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes, it has some amorous nuns and whippings, but the aim is higher than mild eroticism, or even criticism of church power and sexual repression (don’t take that to mean the stimulating moments and the accusations of hypocrisy aren’t relevant and part of the package).

So, there’s plenty of hefty concepts here, but this is no philosophy lecture. It is quick moving, entertaining, and shocking.

This movie isn’t for everyone. Love it or hate it, you won’t forget it.

Yesterday was a Lie

A groundbreaking new noir film, Yesterday was a Lie is a “soulful and thought provoking journey” (Talking Pictures). Award-winning writer/director James Kerwin “weaves a tale of intrigue and metaphysical darkness” (Ain’t It Cool News) that teases the boundaries of reality.

Written & Directed by James Kerwin.

Kipleigh Brown stars as Hoyle, a girl with a sharp mind and a weakness for bourbon, who finds herself on the trail of a reclusive genius. But her work takes a series of unforeseen twists as events around her grow increasingly fragmented… disconnected…surreal.

With a sexy lounge singer (Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and a loyal partner (Mik Scriba) as her only allies, Hoyle is plunged into a dark world of intrigue and earth-shattering cosmological secrets.

20 Years After

Directed by Jim Torres. Written by Jim Torres & Ron Harris.

Azura Skye (28 Days, One Missed Call) stars as Sarah in this post-apocalyptic fairy tale about a young woman’s journey to deliver the first child born in 15 Years. Michael (Joshua Leonard of The Blair Witch Project, and Prom Night) is the lone voice of the airwaves. He broadcasts dim and distant messages of hope mixed with the music he scavenges from the dead. Together they will embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of the Southern Corridor and into the unknown future.

Q&A with Jim Torres and producer Susannah Torres  after the screening.

Vampira: The Movie

Directed by Kevin Sean Michaels.

From Pin-up to TV Star to B-Movie icon
Vampira: The Movie documents the life and career of Maila “Vampira” Nurmi, the “glamour ghoul” and horror movie hostess. Impossible to forget, Vampira was famous for her 17-inch waist (still a Guinness records), tight black dress, and long black hair, all patterned after Morticia from The Addams Family.

Her cult status was secured with her appearance in Ed Wood’s 1956 low-budget Plan 9 From Outer Space.

The film features interviews with Nurmi, Sid Haig, Julie Strain, Kevin Eastman, Forrest J. Ackerman, Debbie Rochon, Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, Bill Moseley, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, Jerry Only of The Misfits, and many horror hosts.

And if all that doesn’t summon every genre movie fan alive, the film’s score was written and performed by Ari Lehman, the first Jason of Friday The 13th.

Friday late night at 1:00 AM.

The Signal

Written and Directed by David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry.

It’s New Year’s Eve in the city of Terminus and chaos is this year’s resolution. All forms of communication have been jammed by an enigmatic transmission that preys on fear and desire driving everyone in the city to murder and madness. In a place once marked by conformity but now sent into complete anarchy, the rebellious Ben must save the woman he loves from the bedlam in the streets as well as her crazed sadistic husband. But the only way he can tell who to trust or who has given in to violence is by uncovering the true nature of The Signal.

Told in three parts from three unique perspectives by three directors, The Signal is a sci-fi/horror/thriller that imagines a world where everyday anxieties become the catalyst for inhuman terror. The Signal is a horrific journey towards discovering that the most brutal monster might actually be within all of us.

Saturday at 4:00 PM.  Q&A with 10 members of the cast and crew following the screening.

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake

Directed by E.R. Nelson. Written by E.R. Nelson & Nathan Phillips.

E.R. Nelson makes an unforgettable directorial debut with Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.

Kirk Redgrave (Kirby Heyborne) and Flint Weaver (Trenton James), outcasts and loners in their landlocked home, have dreams to become the best pirates the world has ever seen. They take the pirate code to heart and set out for a life of pillaging and plunder. Still, pirate life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, until they stumble across a long lost treasure map that has the power to not only fulfill their wildest pirate dreams, but curse them as well.

Now all they have to do is find the treasure, break the curse, get the girl, defeat the evil pawn shop owner (Larry Bagby), and show themselves to be true pirates. Pirates of the Great Salt Lake is a tongue-in-cheek, camp comedy/fantasy that vividly captures the dreams of youth and  explores the human plight of acceptance.

Saturday, 7:00 PM.  Q&A with director E.R. Nelson after the screening.

Blood Car

Directed by Alex Orr. Written by Alex Orr and Adam Pinney

Save gas…drive Blood Car
In the near future gas prices have reached astronomical highs nearing $40 a gallon. One man, Archie Andrews, an environmentalist elementary school teacher, is trying to discover an alternate fuel source. While experimenting with wheat grass, Archie accidentally stumbles upon a solution. That solution turns out to be blood. HUMAN BLOOD!

Sunday, 11:30 PM.  Q&A with writer/director Alex Orr after the screening.

Mythic Journeys

Written, Directed and Produced by Steven & Whitney Boe.

Will you know who you are when you die or will death have to tell you?

Mythic Journeys is a multi-layered masterpiece; a unique fusion of documentary, animation and story. Interviews are interwoven with multicultural artwork and a Hi-Def stop-motion adaptation of an ancient tale where a noble king is charged with the grim task of delivering a corpse to a mysterious sorcerer. Showing how mythology and story can change the world, award-winning filmmakers Steven & Whitney Boe engage the audience with a thought-provoking, unpretentious, and often humorous style that captures the essence of what it is to be human. Mythic Journeys boldly affirms, “Every life is a story and that story can change the world.”

Featuring the work of Brian and Wendy Froud, Michael Granberry and the voices of Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, and Lance Henriksen.

George’s Intervention

Written by JT Seaton & Brad C. Hodson. Directed by JT Seaton. Produced by JT Seaton, Brad C. Hodson, & David Nicholson

9 out of 10 interventions are successful… This is the 1

George’s friends have gathered for an intervention… George’s intervention. You see, George is a zombie. And his friends are hoping to convince him to stop eating people and to enter ‘zombie rehab’. With the help of a professional interventionist, George’s friends confront George regarding his ‘addiction’.

But, over the course of the night, George’s friends begin to disappear. Have they given up hope that the intervention will be successful? Or have they become dinner?

Following in the tradition of such critically acclaimed cult smashes as Shaun of the Dead and Dead and Breakfast, George’s Intervention takes a unique and darkly comic view of the world of the undead.

From Inside

Written & Directed by John Bergin. Produced by John Bergin & Brian McNelis.

We All Fall Down

Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is the tale of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train slowly transcribing its way across a bleak, apocalyptic landscape. Flood, war, starvation, and a plague of death threaten the train’s passengers. Cee struggles through these dangers while coping with the memory of her lost husband and the imminent birth of her child.

Red Victoria

Written & Directed by Tony Brownrigg.

A Comedy of Horrific Portions

Jim (Tony Brownrigg) is a writer, down on his luck because his emotional dramas just aren’t selling. Jim begrudgingly agrees to write a horror script when his agent insists that’s the only way to make ends meet, but he lacks the inspiration for this unfamiliar genre. What he needed, was a muse.

But little did he know a muse was watching, an undead one named Victoria (Arianne Martin).

After introducing herself to a shocked Jim, she begins her work. Intent on teaching Jim about horror, she begins killing his friends and family. Jim, after enlisting the help of a true horror fanatic named Carl (Edward Landers), attempts to both write, and scheme to put an end to this murderous muse once and for all. Can Jim finish his horror movie to Victoria’s satisfaction before everyone he knows is slaughtered?

Q&A with Tony Brownrigg, Edward Landers, and Arianne Martin  after the screening.

The Death of Alice Blue

Written/Directed by Park Bench. Produced by Alex Appel.

And You Thought You Had a Dead End Job

Something strange is going on behind the doors of Raven Advertising. It’s Alice Blue’s first day on the job and already she has set her sights on creating an impressive ad campaign for an important American wine company not to mention the agency’s top creative director, Stephen. However the Agency has other plans for her.

Reluctantly she befriends a group of co-workers who call themselves “The Resistance” led by one lovelorn chap named Peter. Peter is convinced something very sinister is at work at Raven and Alice is somehow the key to unraveling the mystery.

With the help of The Resistance, Alice discovers ancient secrets and her own genetic predisposition to being a vampire. But in the end, despite the powerful forces allied against her, Alice will abide by no ones rules but her own.