Job Interview

Directed by Julia Walter; Produced by Jakob Vogt, Daniel Rohm; Written by Julia Walter

Directed by Julia Walter; Produced by Jakob Vogt, Daniel Rohm; Written by Julia Walter

When Lisa applies for a job everything seems to be turning out pretty well. Until the boss, Marie, starts asking strange questions and the job interview turns out to be a little different than expected…

10 minutes

Mack Blaster—The World in the Crosshairs

Directed by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Produced by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Written by René Schweitzer

Directed by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Produced by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Written by René Schweitzer

Sometime in a distant, apocalyptic future, the brutal, inhuman bounty hunter Mack Blaster stumps through the bleak desert. On a stonewall he discovers the wanted poster of the worst women slaughterer of all time: Ringo “The Butcher.” Hunting down Ringo is a matter of honor for Mack Blaster, or whatever comes close to honor for him. His way leads him to the down-and-out capital city, through biker gangs, and into a whorehouse, always bathed in blood. So much blood. Really, you will not believe all the blood. Honest.

18 minutes

The Cold Heart

Written/Directed by Hannes Rall; Produced by Michael Meier & Hannes Rall

Written/Directed by Hannes Rall; Produced by Michael Meier & Hannes Rall

The Black Forest in the 19th century: A young and poor charcoal-burner desperately wants to become rich. He trades his warm heart for a cold stone to the evil spirit of the forest.

A cautionary tale about the effects of greed on the human soul. Based on a darkly romantic German fairy tale.

29 min



Directed by Daniel Vogelmann; Written by Lukas Becker, Mathias Brod, Daniel Vogelmann; Produced by Mathias Brod

For retired couple Winfried and Lydia, the day begins like any other. Lydia is aggravated with her husband and Winfried takes refuge in nature. While he collects flowers, Winfried walks deeper and deeper into the woods. In the woods he finds a beautiful yet unconscious woman next to a tree. He brings her home to his wife, Lydia not knowing that she is anything but human.

A mystery about sex, death, and flowers.

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21 min

Zero Killed

zero killed

Directed/Written/Produced by Michal Kosakowski

Zero Killed delves into the minds of seemingly average people who agree to participate in video dramatizations of their darkest desires to murder another human being. This documentary revisits the horror through interviews with these would-be-killers and clips of the dramatizations made ten years before. Zero Killed depicts how violence takes place on both camera and in our minds.

80 min



Directed by Kyra Buschor, Cynthia Collins; Produced by Phillip Wolf, C. Cramer-Clausbruch

Day in, day out, Mr. Grimm is busy with his job as the Reaper, harvesting people’s lives. One day, his monotonous existence is interrupted by the door bell. It’s a little girl. She wants her cat back. Little does she know that she’s the next life on Mr. Grimm’s list.

7 min

Invasion from Planet Schrump

Written & Directed by Nadine Keil; Produced by Daniel Schmidt & Lucia Scharbatke

Since Romy`s little brother has gone, her mother changed. When Romy and her best friend Moritz secretly watch a campy old invasion movie, they discover why: Romy`s mum is an alien! Embarking on a search for proof they hurl themselves into an extraterrestrial adventure.

29 min

Quartered at Dawn (Viergeteilt im Morgengrauen)

Written/Directed by Norbert Keil; Produced by Roland Lippoldmüller

“I heard something,” he says and tries to peek through the foggy windows of his car. But she will not have any of this nonsense, and takes his face and guides it towards her open blouse, giggling with anticipation.

It is winter, the snowy landscape tranquil. But Marc and Sarah are not cold, their cheeks are flushed, their breath is heated.  And so they do not notice the car crashing nearby. The driver is hurt badly; she barely makes it out of the wreck.

“I’m positive I heard something,”‘ Marc says again, but Sarah once again directs his attention back to herself.

Another car arrives. The injured woman gets nervous, looks for her gun, tries to shoot – but too late: the axe rips the gun from her hand.

“You didn’t hear anything, no matter how sure you are.” Sarah moans.

And while they continue their little outing in the back of the car, they’re unaware that there was something after all… and it might be coming for them as well.

14 min

D-I-M, Deus in Machina

Writers/Producers: Axel and Henning Ricke; Director: Axel Ricke

At the end of the twenty-first century society has given up on the illusion of happiness for everyone. Another ideal has taken its place: your usefulness for society has become the measure of all things. Based on its own rating of the citizens, a dehumanized system distributes goods and services to the inhabitants of it’s world.
Lutz is not cut out for this. He is a romantic aficionado of nostalgic 2D-films of the twenties century. Instead of paying his dues to society, he prefers to sit in front of his antique DVD player and immerses himself in a world where there is still freedom, adventure and heroism. Soon his romantic inclination gets him kicked out of university and loses him his prestigious enrollment at the institute for neuro-informatics. Without perspective or status he finds himself in a situation with no way out.

But Lutz has a plan, and with a little help from his one true friend Jannik, he’s ready to defy the system and win a future.

29 min


Producer: Julia Gerhardt; Director: Tobias Suhm.

Using surreal and bizarre images, Voigtkampff deals with a disenchanted man, whose only reason for staying alive is his exorbitant hatred towards his tormentors. When the day of revenge has finally come, his vast detestation will make him even put up with the deaths of 6.519 million people. Persecuted by nightmares continuously reminding him of the terrible events of his childhood, he is driven to his payback, resulting in an immensely destructive showdown. Always hoping to be able to return to peace and quiet….

14 min


Writer/Director: Henning Ricke; Producers: Marc Meester, Axel Ricke, Henning Ricke, Michael Harmata.

In 1972 NASA launches the Pioneer 10 satellite. On board it carries a golden plaque with an engraved message for extraterrestrial intelligent life: The symbolic picture of our solar system and the image of a man and a woman.

For the inhabitants of Rosfeld encounters of the third kind are not on their daily agenda. A lot more pressing is the question why rival neighboring village Bisiningen has once again won the local football tournament. All attempts by Rosfeld’s mayor Berger to change his insignificant village’s fate have failed for years. The small world of Rosfeld is turning upside down, when unexpectedly an alien spaceship materializes over the rooftops of the village. Now mayor Berger sees his chance to eternal glory. He will make the first interstellar contact! And this time NOBODY will question Rosfeld’s right to a place in the history books! What Berger does not take into account while planning the reception is, that everything the alien life form knows about mankind fits on a small golden plaque…

30 min

realTIME – it’s just a game…

Writer: Christopher Klein; Director/Producer: Steffen Mueller

A spy ring infiltrates an internet online game with real missions. Heidingsfelder is an addicted nerd and walks into the trap. He accomplishes the illegal assignments for bonus points. A journalist is collecting evidence and suddenly becomes a mission target herself.

26 min

Bathtub to Happiness


Writers/Directors: Nadine & Norbert Keil; Producer: Nadine Keil

Victor and Marie have never met before tonight. But several chaotic coincidences later they both find themselves in the same bathtub. Without any clothes on. On top of all that, the bathtub they are sitting in starts to glow and hum in very un-bathtub-like ways…

You guessed it: Victor and Marie are sitting in an enchanted bathtub, one that will make their destiny… the bathtub to happiness!

27 min