Awaiting Lazarus


Written/Directed by Orok ‘metalduke’ Duke; Produced by Marta Henriquez

A secret society with a keen interest in the occult gathers for one of its regular ceremonies. Its members are tricked into performing a forbidden ritual and unleash a dangerous spirit in the house. Each member struggles to survive the night, and unravel the traitor amongst them

23 minutes

The Blood of Love


Written/Directed by Jeff Meyers; Produced by Keith Jefferies, Jonathan West, Arden Morris

Devastated by the death of her husband, a young woman finds solace in technological magic when she is given a secret machine that can bring him back to life for short periods of time. The sacrifices this device requires are severe. The durations of his return are short. And they’re growing shorter.

19 minutes

The Case of Evil


Written/Directed/Produced by Neal Hallford & Jana Hallford

When a down-on-his-luck blues musicians travels to the country
to buy a guitar he suspects was stolen from him many years earlier, he
finds that its hoodoo-practicing owner is reluctant to hand over the
instrument, and she’s got something more on her agenda than a simple sale.

11 minutes

Devil Makes Work


Written/directed by Guy Soulsby; Produced by Pete Ryan

Devil Makes Work is a visually dark and sinister short film illustrating the devil’s twisted view of humanity; our hopes and dreams, life, love, and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success.

7 minutes



Written by Sam and Lee Boxleitner; Directed by Lee Boxleitner; Produced by Lee Boxleitner, Sam Boxleitner, Mike Dempsey, and Matthew Laumann

A foolhardy security guard has the night from Hell, when his curiosity sends him investigating what goes on… Downstairs…

18 minutes

I Dare You


Written/Directed by Eli Klein; Produced by Galit Klein & Shani Pitaru

I Dare you to enter the world of the zombies and make it out alive.
I Dare you to bring proof of encountering the undead!
An enigmatic plague erupts and proves unstoppable as the dead suddenly resurrect and contaminate the living. The army begins executing the infected to stop the outbreak. Eventually the situation is controlled and life returns to normality, or so it seems.
There are rumors that some infected people were taken to quarantined military outposts for dark and unknown purposes.
A group of friends decide to play a dare game: dare to go inside a quarantined area and dare to bring back proof of an actual zombie encounter.
Our story follows Terry, a brave and resourceful young woman and Jeff, her cocky opponent. They are completely unaware of the shocking dangers ahead.

18 minutes

Mojave Junction


Written/directed by Christian Jean; Produced by Christian Jean, Allison Samon, Race Owen

A Fistful of Dollars in The Twilight Zone. The Good, The Bad and Cthulhu. Set in 1899 in the sunbaked desolation of the high desert, Mojave Junction is a supernatural western telling the story of McTeague (Race Owen), a scoundrel who absconds with a treasure of stolen gold only to be tracked down by Marcus (Ed Marinaro), a wiry ‘ole prospector whose impulsiveness far outweighs his intelligence. Watch from the edge of your seat as these rock-ribbed adversaries clash in an escalating battle of wills, and recoil in horror as something sinister lurking among the dunes renders a final judgment on their greed.

13 minutes



Written/Directed by Chloe Okuno; Produced by Lisa Gollobin

A dark, coming of age thriller about a 16-year-old misfit named Maddy who lives alone with her grandmother in a small town in Texas. When Maddy crosses paths with an older, charismatic Stranger–a fellow misfit who’s passing through town–her quiet, monotonous life takes a dangerous turn.

21 minutes



Written by Michael Dahlquist, Jan-Michael Losada, Sam Shapson, George Oz, Collin Kelly; Directed by Michael Dahlquist aka Mike Diva; Produced by Maxwell James, Trip Hope

A man locked in a room faces inter-dimensional terror.
Thresher was a finalist in the Guillermo Del Toro & Legendary pictures “House of Horrors” competition.

8 minutes



Written by Wes Campbell, Walt Guthrie; Directed by Matt Green; Produced by Matthew McGahren, Richard Rosenthal, Herschel Horton, Robin Hall & Walt Guthrie

A woman with a terrifying secret is questioned about the events of a night that ended in murder.

6 minutes