Dark Roast

Directed by Pete Yagmin; Produced by Pete Yagmin; Written by Pete Yagmin

Directed by Pete Yagmin; Produced by Pete Yagmin; Written by Pete Yagmin

A supernatural horror-comedy about a Reaper who falls in love with the mortal she was assigned to usher into the after-life. When she doesn’t follow through, her presence causes an imbalance in the natural order of things leading to a string of unfortunate events which cause her love interest to question the relationship. In turn, he learns a valuable lesson in respect when the reaper is disappointed to find Shaun is just like every other man she’s encountered, alive or dead.

3 minutes

Better The Devil

Directed & Written by Alessandro Pulisci; Produced by Erica Simons, Ariana Minolli

Directed & Written by Alessandro Pulisci; Produced by Erica Simons, Ariana Minolli

A drunken devil sits by a lake waiting for his ride back to hell, as he hears someone conjuring him in a nearby house. In the house, a girl and her friend torment her younger sister by reading from an occult book, but little do they know the devil is real, and he is thirsty for a nightcap.

Meanwhile, robbers have schemed to invade the house, but have come at the wrong time, and must face not only an intoxicated Lucifer, but a mistreated satanic little sister who only wishes to please.

8 minutes

Better The Devil (Teaser) from Alessandro Pulisci on Vimeo.

Death Has a Son

Directed & Written by Zack Ogle; Produced by Peter Davis

Directed & Written by Zack Ogle; Produced by Peter Davis

Not looking to die young, Natalie makes a tawdry bargain with the Reaper: sex for her life. Six years later, Death has a mousey kid on his hands whose only friends are made of felt. Though apprehensive and terrified, Death’s doing his best to fill the role of Daddy Reaper, but how close can a father and son get with the touch of Death in the way?

9 minutes

Werewolf In A Girls Sorority

Werewolf In A Girls Sorority

Written by Alex Barbatsis & Andy Mogren; Directed by Andy Mogren

This satire of college and werewolf movies is a melting pot of bloody deaths, sexy situations, explosions, werewolves and love at first sight.

Barksdale University is typically a very safe place. But last month’s killing of a young couple on a full moon has people worried, especially detective/wolf expert Will Funter who is in town to investigate Moon Studies 101 teacher Dr. Howell.

The girls at the sorority house are taking the death of their sister pretty hard, and they’re going to get over it the only way they know how, throwing a full moon party- after all, it’s tradition. ‘Every full moon!’ as they say.

Twenty two minutes of that, what could possibly go wrong?
Watch the Trailer.

22 min.

The Post-Lifers

The Post-Lifers

Written/Directed by Greg Kovacs; Produced by Nathan Hawkins & Brad MacMillan

The dead have risen and want your brains! Or do they? This hard-hitting mockumentary chronicles a group of zombies during a world-wide infestation. Tremble with fear and laughter as you are taken along an exclusive journey into the unknown and undead. It’s zombies like you’ve never seen them before…articulate.

14 min.

Reverse Parthenogenesis

Reverse Parthenogenesis

Written/Directed by Javier Grillo-Marxuach; Produced by Devon Kliger, Jessica Mills & Sarah E. Baker

In this satirical look at love, marriage, and the pitfalls of potential parenthood, a happily married couple undergo genetic testing before deciding whether to have a baby. The results are bizarre, comical, and ultimately bloody when their test reveals a dark and improbable secret that could change the very course of human history and bring about the end of civilization as we know it. From the Emmy Award-winning writer/producer of the TV series Lost and staring Amber Benson and Adam Busch (both of Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

17 min.

Shoreditch Slayer

Shoreditch Slayer

Written/Directed by Simon Levene; Produced by Mavreen Brown

Vampires have hunted humans since the dawn of time. Yet with rising inflation, soaring unemployment and higher taxes, it is vampires who are currently struggling for survival.

The 20th century was a golden age for the undead; a little known fact is that real vampires have often appeared in horror movies. Cinema offered a chance at cash, glamor and respectability.

However, after years of steady income, the vampire film craze ended, largely due to the over-saturation of Twilight, Buffy, etc. This left many out of work and unprepared for a life outside of cinema.

This comedy/horror mockumentary follows five vampires as they attempt, at all costs, to look for new sources of income. However, getting paid or not, the killing never stops.

2 min.

The Quiz


Directed/Produced/Written by Daryl A. Moon

As a man and woman go through the time-honored tradition of the magazine quiz, the poor man does quite well until he is forced to answer honestly about the Zombie Apocalypse. A relationship will be tested by its greatest, historic enemy: the truth.

3 min

Life After Death

life after death

Written/Directed/Produced by Patrick Peacock

After killing her husband, Fred, in a failed attempt to collect on a hefty life insurance policy, Maggie Dedmon had trouble maintaining the lifestyle to which she and daughter Emma had grown accustomed. So, naturally, she had Fred re-animated and sent him back to work to earn a salary.
 Now, Maggie has an insurance agent on his way to the Dedmon’s house to review and sign off on a new life insurance policy for the previously deceased Fred. And Maggie is ready to collect the benefit as soon as possible!

12 min


Written by Jason Witter & Ryan Denmark; Directed by Ryan Denmark; Produced by David C. Valdez & Joshua Sallach

Kathy is a mature, professional woman who still sleeps with her cuddly teddy bear Vincent. One night, when a burglar invades, Kathy’s home comes alive with magical surprises. To his horror, the intruder learns that not everything is as it seems and Vincent may not be so cuddly after all.

11 min

Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story

Written by David Dewes & Jenny Stolte; Directed by David Dewes & Ted Campbell; Produced by David Dewes, Jenny Stolte, Marcia Stolte, & Matt Olsen

Shortly after humanity has put down a zombie outbreak, the last two zombies left ‘undead’ are looking for their place in the world, while one lonely zombie hunter’s new-found fame and glory can’t fill the hole in his heart left by the recent loss of his undead love.

Can the zombies avoid a gruesome second death at the hands of chainsaw-wielding mobs and find a place where they can live in peace? Can the zombie hunter complete his quest to rid the world of zombies or will his past relationship with his prey cause him to falter? Can any of them hit the high notes?

37 min


Written/Directed by Luke Asa Guidici; Produced by Kimberly Browning

In 1950’s rural America, a postman’s first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him of her family’s horrible tragedy.

8 min