Apartment 15

Written by Paolo Ferrara; Directed/Produced by Mattia Puleo

Written by Paolo Ferrara; Directed/Produced by Mattia Puleo

In response to an advertisement, four co-workers visit an apartment for rent. It is completely empty, so they decide to leave, only to realize they’re locked in. They are trapped with no way to get in touch with the outside, and then one of them disappears…

17 min


Written/Directed/Produced by Andrea Giomaro

Serena is a doctor in a city hospital. Her life is quite and systemic until the day she has a call from the priest of the small village of Betania. He informs her that her grandfather has passed away. Serena takes a symbolic and actual journey to that strange and forgotten town, where death is not so well defined.

24 min

Claang: L’Origine (Claang: The Origin)

Director/Writer: Stefano Milla

Claang is a simbol: four snakes form an oval where two fighters are fencing. This image represent the arena where every day, everyone fights to give a sense to our lives. Claang is the origin of all arenas… Is the origin of all our fights…

6 min

Frattura (Fracture)

Writers: Omar Pesenti, Veronica Borgo; Producer/Director: Omar Pesenti

A man chases a girl during the night; after having murdered and massacred her, he gets up in the morning from his bed (close to a woman) as if nothing has happened…

9 min