Written/Directed/Produced by Brian Burroughs

Written/Directed/Produced by Brian Burroughs

Meet novice sadist Jack Marbellous, and observe as he sets out on his lifelong journey to becoming a violent, dangerous maniac. Watch as he grows into a teenage nightmare, with ever increasing disregard for the property and lives of others, always discovering bigger and more creative ways of destroying things.

At a time when he should rightfully be thrown into an asylum, bizarre circumstances converge to instead encourage his destructive ways, and propel him into a position of authority and influence. Be afraid!

10 min

Genesis Antipode

Writer/Producer/Director: John Robinson

Jeffrey and Rebecca, two polar opposites, are forced to come to terms with each other amidst the desolation of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Initially meeting Jeffrey on a blind date, Rebecca is completely disinterested in him, while Jeffrey thinks that he’s found a lasting partner.  A devastating virus will change both their outlooks.  Told through alternating timelines, the film chronicles their relationship, from their awkward first date up to the point at which they are finally able to find a common ground.
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16 min

Eel Girl

Writer: Paul Campion; Producer: Elisabeth Pinto, Jennifer Scheer; Director: Paul Campion.

In a secure military laboratory, a scientist has become obsessed with the half-human half eel creature he’s studying. When she beckons him to her, it’s the call of a siren…

5 min