Directed and Written by MK Hill; Produced by MK Hill and Sean O’Brien

Benson is an autonomous algorithm that claims it can predict anyone’s death down to the day. Flaherty is a down-on-his-luck cop with evidence of the secret to Benson’s stunning accuracy: Benson kills its clients.

7 minutes

At the End of the World

Directed by Fon Davis; Written by Fernando Perez and Suzy Stein; Produced by Arielle Bachfeld and Taylor Bibat; Co-Produced by Renando Perez and Suzy Stein

In an apocalyptic future, a lonely government worker finds solace in a hopeful soldier during the very last World War. But their future together is threatened when the soldier is sent back into battle.

13 minutes


Directed by Jackie Perez; Written by Jackie Perez, based on a work by Stephen King; Produced by Brian Campeau

Federation Officer Shapiro crash-lands on a desert planet with no sign of water, life, or escape. Her crewmate Rand is no help, and resigns to his fate on the hypnotic alien dunes. Locating the ship’s emergency beacon is their only hope, but when a salvage crew answers their distress signal, it’s already too late.

14 minutes

Face Swap

Directed and Written by David Gidali and Einat Tubi; Produced by Keren Hantman

A guy convinces his wife to try out a new A.I. technology to spice up their sex life, but he ends up getting a bit more spice than he bargained for.

This short film may not feature internationally recognized A-list movie stars, but with the help of machine-learning AI algorithms, our actors may seem a bit familiar. A cautionary science fiction satire, Face Swap is arguably the first narrative film using the “deepfakes” process as a storytelling tool.

5 minutes


Directed, Written, and Produced by Kieran Moreira

In the not-so-distant future, a headstrong scientist, Gill, test pilots a prototype teleportation suit in the middle of the desert. Over the radio, her overbearing partner and engineer argues with Gill about unauthorized software changes. Eager to prove herself right and him wrong, Gill missteps, and the suit malfunctions. Now fighting with her only lifeline, Gill must avoid disaster and fix the suit as it teleports her at random across the globe.

9 minutes


Directed by Ben Alpi; Written by Ben Alpi and Kevin Rubio; Produced by Jyotika Virmani

In a looming future where social media dominates our culture, the world’s ultimate online celebrity struggles to sustain her popularity while confronting a corrupting virus that reveals just how fragile—and threatening—her world may be. When her every smile, move, and word is monetized, how much will fame cost?

15 minutes


Directed and Written by Ryan Patch; Produced by Joanne Vo

In the near future, Mia, a young social worker, travels to a small community to administer behavior-modifying “patches” that guarantee happiness. Her convictions are questioned when Kaleigh, a precocious 10-year old girl, refuses to accept the patch.

12 minutes

Third Kind

Directed by Yorgos Zois; Produced by Antigoni Rota and Squared Square; Co-produced by Stelios Kotionis and Sinisa Juricic

The human race has long abandoned Earth and found refuge in space. Three archaeologists return to the abandoned planet to investigate the source of a mysterious, five-toned signal.

33 minutes


Directed by Charlie Stauffer; Written by Charlie Stauffer; Produced by Megan Messmer, Autumn Bailey, and Camara Davis

Ben needs to finish his work early so that he can apologize to his girlfriend. But a strange virus spreads through his office – a virus that makes coworkers sing and dance uncontrollably, with deadly results. Can Ben survive long enough to connect to his girlfriend in this new, musical way?

12 minutes