To A Man With A Big Nose

Producer/Director/Writer: Cecilia Aranovich

To A Man With A Big Nose is a 2D animated short film based on a poem by Spanish author Quevedo. It is in essence a visual adaptation of Quevedo’s sonnet. The premise of the story deals with a man who is troubled because he is stuck to a disproportionally big nose. While we look at the portrait of this unfortunate man through the poem’s comparisons and metaphors we realize that the nose is a character with a mind of its own that dominates the man attached to it. The attempts of the little man to get rid of the horrible nose end up in failure. The ode to the big nose takes us through a journey of fantastic transformations and turns, always dragging the poor man along.

4 min

The Three Rs

Producer: Chris Hobbie; Director/Writer: Nathan Voltz

A light-hearted short film with a bit of a dark side. Done in the style of 50’s educational film, this production pokes a little good-natured fun at some of humanity’s most universal values.

We join our story as five young people are driving toward the beach down a seemingly abandoned road, blissfully unaware of anything but themselves, when a twist of fate suddenly thrusts them into the midst of a moral crossroad. Luckily they have the disembodied voice of the narrator to steer them in the right direction.

13 min


Producer: Michael Lucas; Director/Writer: Christopher Mill

Thirty-Five is a short horror film about a young boy’s fears becoming a reality. In a suburb much like any other, Jake and his family have just moved into number 35. When Jake complains to his mother that there is something under his bed, she reassures him that there is nothing to be afraid of. Jake, however, is about to prove that parents aren’t always right.

10 min

Terror In The Outer Zone

Producer: Darius Shahmir; Director: Benji Gillespie; Writers: Shahmir, Gillespie

Here is the tale of three heroes who have been chosen to defeat darkness and determine the fate of the world. In recent months terrible things have been triggered all around the globe due to the recent return of an ancient god, the dreaded, Yim Yahm! Long thought to be dead and banished from our world. His Demons and servants of evil have begun rising from every corner of the earth to terrorize humanity.

Based loosely on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, Terror In The Outer Zone is a fun filled, sci-fi romp that is a welcome return to the old serials that we used to love so much.

12 min

Teenage Superhero Pregnancy Scare

Producer/Director/Writer: Steven Tsapelas

When Superman gets Wonder Woman pregnant on prom night, he insists that she “take care of it.” Wonder Woman seeks the help of Batman to find the right back alley abortionist for the job. Done in the style of an after school special, this short features the cheesiest superhero costumes of all time.

12 min

Surly Squirrel

Producer: Pranay Patel; Directors/Write: Peter Lepeniotis

A discarded pizza slice becomes the Holy Grail to a pack of starving park animals.  A rat and squirrel launch a clandestine operation to get the slice, without any of the other park animals finding out, but their greed disrupts the natural order of the park once their plan is discovered. Simultaneously, across the street from the park, a bank heist turns into a huge gunfight between bank robbers and police. These two worlds collide in an uproarious farcical romp of comic cartoon mayhem.

11 min

Stephen King’s Gotham Café

Producer: Julie Sands; Directors: Jack Sawyers; Writers: Sands, Peter Schink, Bev Vincent

The attractive young couple has hit a point in their marriage where it’s time to divorce. At the beginning of Stephen King’s Gotham Café, the pair decides to meet in a ritzy restaurant with her lawyer and put an end to their suffering. Once there, they find out that their real misery is only beginning.

Gotham Café examines the death of a relationship, addiction and the age old question of the existence of fate.

15 min

Staring at the Sun

Producer/Director/Writer: Toby Wilkins

Clay Roberts is a Scottish expatriate cautiously navigating the new life he has made for himself in America. Having left his past far behind him, he obsesses about always being in the loop, about being one step ahead. When uncertainty looms large in his life he follows the questionable advice of The Smokers and seeks clarity from an unlikely source. Frustrated by the fortune teller’s refusal to reveal her vision of his future, Clay becomes so obsessed with finding the truth. Starring Alec Newman.

19 min

Star Wars: Revelations

Producer: Dawn Cowings; Director: Shane Felux; Writer: Cowings

Seers once shaped the path of the Jedi Order. But their visions grew unreliable and the Jedi came to distrust those with the ability. Seers hid their visions or left the Order forever.

In the wake of the Temple’s destruction a power struggle has emerged between Darth Vader, the dark Lord of the Sith, and Zhanna, the Emperor’s Hand. Each seeks to eliminate the last of the Jedi and gain the Emperor’s favor.

Caught between them is one woman who cannot deny the truth of her visions as all race to possess an ancient Jedi secret.

47 min

Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day

Producer: Dom Zook, Directors/Writers: Faye Hoerauf, Jessica Baxter

An unexpected snowstorm strikes Seattle, rendering its population helpless. To make matters worse, the dead have risen from their graves to prey on the city’s unsuspecting citizens. From the confines of their living room, four movie club geeks try to make sense of the chaos. A knock at the door signals the arrival of a street-smart mechanic. This dashing stranger manages to translate the foursome’s geeky musings into a plan of action; they must get to the television station so that they can tell the population of Seattle how to kill the zombies. Starring Justin Alley and Ben Dunn.

14 min


Producer/Director: James Oxford; Writer: Joseph Anaya

Smart Card, is a tale of a utopian future where every aspect of your life intergraded into one system. Convenience and simplicity is the product and Smart Corporation does the packaging. Robert Sharpe (David Kreigel) has been living this care free life. Everything is perfect, until he encounters a philosophical vagrant (Bret Roberts) at a local fueling station who steals the one item you can not do without, his Smartcard.

16 min


Producer/Director/Writer: Bennett Cain

Seed is the story of a dark and mysterious room tucked away behind a door that rarely opens and the unimaginable things happening within. A young boy, full of curiosity, discovers it and its terrible secrets.  He witnesses the ancient machines, humming and pulsing as if they were alive, and the manufacture of a peculiar substance that is eagerly ingested by the strange inhabitants lurking within. Through his own choice, he learns the dire truth of this substance and finds himself forever bound to it.

7 min

Rattus Pistofficus

Producer/Writer: Nigel Christensen; Director: Josh Reed, Sam Reed

Larry, a small, orange rat and Josh, a big ugly man, fight for the right to a place to call home. A breathtaking portrayal of the rise of the underclass in the eternal struggle of the proletariat for dignity and compassion in a selfish, unfeeling world.  Well…with a rat.

5 min


Producer/Director: David Brocca; Writer: Frank Miller

An emaciated war criminal lives in filth as Death comes knocking on his door. From Frank Miller’s Lost, Lonely, & Lethal comes a bone-chilling tale of revenge.  An absolute must see for fans of Sin City.

3 min

Rainbow’s End

Producer: Jason Wolk; Director/Writer: Chris Mancini

Small time crooks Sam, Phil and Thomas can’t get a break. They’re out of money and out of options. Their boss is coming by and they don’t have the money they owe her.

Luckily, Thomas has caught a Leprechaun. An honest to goodness Leprechaun! Now all they have to do is figure out how to get his pot of gold and all three of them will be on easy street. Of course, no one has gotten a Leprechaun’s gold in over 700 years. Still, that little fact doesn’t stop the three from trying.

15 min

Prayers From Pelham

Producer: Lane Skye; Director/Writer: Ruckus Skye

Aaron returns to his hometown to find his ailing Aunt Enid only has a few days left.  His problems escalate when the town busybody spreads the word that Enid will take prayers straight to God for anyone who asks.  As the house fills with people anxious for Enid’s service, Aaron is torn between controlling the situation and dealing with the loss of his Aunt.  In this charmingly innocent comedy, we see that things rarely happen the way we set out and usually it’s for the best.

27 min

Portrait of a Zombie

Producers/Writers: Robert Paraguassu, Bradley Bailey Director: Paraguassu

A touching and informative short documentary chronicling the life of an adolescent zombie growing up in suburbia. It’s tough being a teenage zombie, but few have examined how difficult it is for the rest of the family. This is a deeply sentimental story that speaks to the heart, not the…brain…

9 min

Pirates Vs. Ninjas

Producer: Graham Moore; Director/Writer: Ben Epstein

Arrr! In 1505, the Ninjas trapped the Pirates in the legendary mists of the Bermuda Triangle. But now, a break in the Triangle’s spell has allowed a single Pirate to escape—unaged after 500 years. When this anachronistic Pirate washes to the shores of New York City, he is lost in a time and place he does not understand. Meanwhile, the last remaining Ninja in New York, her true identity a secret, senses the return of her natural enemy, and the two come together for a final battle. But as blades clash, romantic sparks fly. Will love win out, or will nature take its course? Place ye bets!

8 min

Pee Shy

Producer: Leslie M. Evers; Director: Deb Hagan; Writer: Kathy Hepinstall

A boy becomes so frightened by his scout leader’s campfire stories that he humiliates himself one night, and becomes the object of the scout leader’s vicious humor….until the troop encounters something truly terrifying in the woods. Starring Riley Kershaw, Nick Offerman, Pat Finn.

15 min