Writer/Director: Jeremy Boxen; Producer: Norma Mendoza.

Henry is an overworked business consultant. On the job 24/7. A slave to his cell phone. Working the long hours to support himself and his wannabe novelist girlfriend, Jasmine. So when his cell phone becomes permanently stuck to his head and won’t…stop…ringing… he tries to ignore the problem. Tries to continue life as usual.

But as Henry’s condition worsens it threatens his career and his relationship with Jasmine, forcing both of them to re-evaluate their lives and their places in the universe.

19 min

The River on Randolph Street

Writer/Director: Zahik Rizvi; Producers: Zahik Rizvi, Babak Naghi, Zak Rizvi.

Jude and Rebecca’s weekend trip to Vegas leads down a dark road of desperation, where a chance encounter with a stranger leads to one last game… a game where the stakes are eternal.

18 min

Safe House

Writer/Producer/Director: Stephen Sherrard-Griffith.

Safe House looks into the world of two spies from different religious and political backgrounds who are sent to kill each other but learn in the confines of an international safe house they can form a friendship. It is film noir and like Sin City meets The Bourne Ultimatum.

15 min

Safety First: the Rise of Women!

Writer/Producer/Director: Mac Kelly.

The most depraved safety film ever made in the history of the motion picture industry.

Boobs, bums, buffoons and high-rise safety converge in this lecherous romp where women run the office and men run scared. Remember, when an emergency strikes, stay calm! Or else you’ll end up like that stupid man!

“If this film saves just one life or prevents just one twisted ankle, I’ll have done my job.” — Mac Kelly

50 min

Shamus the Myth

Writer/Director: Raymond Carr; Producers: Chris Marshal, Erica Jamison.

This is a world where haunted houses thrive. Labeled as Paranormal Infestations, the governments of the world try their best to keep things under control, but all they can do is quarantine the areas. A group of fugitive known as the Aggressive Change Movement tries to change the world by fighting back, lead by a mythological man who no one really knows. The media praises him, the government hunts him, his peers respect him, but none of them know who or what he is. Shamus Fleming is a man on a mission, a man with a secret.

24 min

Small Talk

Writer/Producer/Director: Chris Rogers.

Small Talk is a comedy about a beautiful woman named Vanessa in search of a night of wild and unabashed fun. Although she is incredibly sexy, seemingly outspoken and may look like the type that would be a regular in the Hollywood scene, she was really quite opposite. After coming across two different guys, Thomas and Casey, she decides to do something she’s never done before. These men meet for the first time, lured by this vixen, into a night that they won’t soon forget.

19 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Harley Hay

SMARTphone explores what happens when a techno-nerd with the latest gadget magically transforms a Plain-Jane in a coffee shop, and then finds out that he’s not the only one with a Smartphone.

3 min

Straighten Up And Fly Right

Writer/Director: Jesse Costello; Producers: Jesse Costello, Juan Carlos Rojas, Martin Fullone, Diego Ramírez.

Jimmy Lamont and Frank Lockwood are two career criminals who think they’ve pulled off the perfect bank heist until some divine intervention causes them to rethink their best-laid plans. Like touched by an angel, perhaps, but only if that angel was a cranky Busby Berkeley.

15 min


Writer/Director: Jon Spira; Producer: Hank Starrs

In the middle of nowhere, a smartly dressed man wakes up to find himself firmly planted in a cornfield with no idea of who he is or how he got there. A curious stranger who claims to be a farmer happens across him, helps him out of the ground and offers to take him to the nearby train station. As their supposedly short, and increasingly verbose, journey stretches into hours, the ‘Suityman’ harbors suspicions of his guide and the apparent truths he might be hiding. Beckett meets The Wicker Man in a very British story of mistrust and unimaginable truth.

15 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Dagan Taylor.

On a planet ravaged by climate change and war, a bizarre meteor shower struck the surface. It was said the crystal meteors were gates to a dimension of superhuman power. But all who sought out the mysterious crystal spheres never returned…all except one.

SuperHUMAN shatters the limitations of micro budget filmmaking with spectacular combat scenes packed to the limit with breath-taking visuals and brutal realism. Boasting award winning visual effects SuperHUMAN could be one of the most impressive independent action shorts ever made.

10 min

Iggy goes to Grad School

Writer/Producer/Director: Yfke van Berckelaer.

The world is a cruel place. Evil lurks around every corner, seducing the innocent and corrupting their minds. In this cautionary tales, a young girl (Iggy) tries to safely make it through the dangerous paths of Grad School. Will she be able to hold her own during these stressful times and withstand the call of sex, alcohol and drugs? Or will she waver from the righteous path and fall into the clutches of temptation?

2 min

Iggy goes to Hollywood

Writer/Producer/Director: Yfke van Berckelaer.

In the sequel to the critically acclaimed Iggy goes to Grad School, our young heroine (Iggy) tries to make it in the world’s most sinful place; Hollywood. Find out if she can stay true to her vision, or if this glamorous Babylon will cause genius to turn into madness.

3 min

Indiana Jones and the Relic of Gotham

Writers/Producers/Directors: Ryan Schile, Brian Finifter.

The year is 1939. Artist Bob Kane takes his girlfriend on a hike and stumbles upon an ancient artifact with extraordinary powers. Before long, he finds himself caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse between a winged demon and a laughing jackal. When Kane returns home without his girlfriend, the authorities bring him in for questioning. With no evidence and no one else to turn to, world renown archaeologist Indiana Jones is asked to investigate the mysterious artifact. Little does Dr. Jones know that government agents are hot on the trail, determined to keep the ancient power of the relic a secret.

30 min

Insanity du Jour

Writer: Nancy Knight; Producer: Aimee Wise; Director: Deirdre Walsh.

Insanity du Jour is a story about choice. In a crumbling relationship given public exposure, the film quickly moves to the one moment where the stakes are high and a decision is needed. Dr. Masters has been accused of sexually assaulting one of his female patients. Hannah, his wife, has moved out. What is to be lost and gained is deftly portrayed by lead actress, Sheri Mann Stewart, as she carries the story on her soul’s journey into the belly of the whale and out again.
15 min

Invisible Master

Writer/Producer/Director: Mike Fisher.

Invisible Master is the story of an unusual man in an odd environment who must complete a mission with mind-blowing consequences! The animation is the work of creator Mike Fisher who has been creating cartoons for Starlog Magazine for over 15 years. Mike also produces cartoons for Animation Magazine featuring his character 3-D Pete!

4 min


Writers: Ryan Spindell, Bradford Douglas Hodgson; Producer: T. Justin Ross; Director: Ryan Spindell.

In the deep south of 1960’s Florida, down canopy roads, amongst blooming live oaks, rests a quiet place of healing. Kirksdale Hospital, a decaying mental asylum, provides patients with a calm environment to ease their inner turmoil. At least on the surface.

When a tormented mental patient escapes the facility, Molly Walker a misunderstood teenage girl, and Darryl Pearl, a lecherous sheriff’s deputy, must face their inner demons in a fight for their sanity and their lives.

22 min

Leave You In Me

Writer: Michael Darin Cohen; Producer: William Grant; Director: Dutch Doscher.

Leave You in Me opens with a devastating admission at a moment of great intimacy. After the initial anger softens into exhaustion, Steven and Fiona begin the fight after the fight. Still naked and in bed, they challenge one another’s easy rationalizations and expose the false idealism at the heart of love (and betrayal). As night becomes a new morning, the couple faces an inevitable crossroads: to leave each other or to forgive. What happens next is so destructive it might just save them.
19 min